Zamboni Driver Who Became An Emergency Goalie Visits TODAY Live | TODAY

Zamboni Driver Who Became An Emergency Goalie Visits TODAY Live | TODAY

100 Replies to “Zamboni Driver Who Became An Emergency Goalie Visits TODAY Live | TODAY

  1. That has got to be the greatest feel good story. I'm not a canes fan, but a Justin Williams fan, but I'm proud of the back-up the back-up goalie and happy for him. I'm glad the canes won. I'd even would have been glad for them if they were playing my team the Capitals. The back-up the back-up goalie deserved it. Good for him.

  2. I'm a huge huge Leafs fan too and I'm actually glad we lost because this is such a great story. If Leafs scored 10 goals on him it would have embarrassed the league. Instead it's both a great story for him and hockey.

  3. What a smile and charitable character this man is! Thanks for interviewing him.
    3rd time in hockey’s history
    1st time on Hockey Night in Canada
    on a Saturday evening with the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS!
    2020 favourite sporting moment no matter what!

  4. When the Lord lays his hands Great things happen. In this case, for this man, it happened on MANY LEVELS! Mom, family, life long dream!

  5. Amazing story I hope to see a Scorsese film about this in 3 years. you played a great game regrouping and battling the nerves amazing job.

  6. What a great and inspiring story, I love it! I just can't believe that 51 people hit the thumbs down button, it must be a mistake. 🤔

  7. I've been a Leafs fan since 1986 and was watching the game. When he came on I thought the Leafs would open the floodgates and hammer everything on net. But the more the game wore on I was hoping David Ayres would do the job and win it. Glad he did. Also need to remember that the Carolina team battled hard in front of him.

  8. Incredible story. This man is so humble and used his 72 hours of fame to help others and not bring attention to himself. God bless David Ayers!

  9. Why does nobody realize that Toronto had to lose that game? Could you imagine if Toronto won that game.. the controversy that would start because David Ayres literally knows the toronto players and works at the arena

  10. unfortunately, his loving supporting wife, has no clue david has been on tinder, hooking up with strays for quickies in tim horton's parking lots all over ontario, for the past 5 years.

  11. What a beautiful kind man! A good hearted Canadian! I feel proud to be Canadian again, especially after all the stress our country is in now!

  12. Great story but they ommitted the fact he has played in the AHL. One level below the NHL.

    His goalie mask has the Toronto Marlies logo on it. The AHL team the Maple Leafs call players up from.

    Most of the media (the Today show included) present the story as if some guy playing pick up hockey was put in an NHL game and don't tell about his hockey credentials.

  13. Dude, soon as he seen his mom, you see him tearing up, that hit home. Always great seeing people appreciate their parents. They're huge gems in many parts of our lives.
    The dude seems awesome and humble, and very well deserving of this awesome little spot of fame. I really wish him nothing but the best, and extremely happy for him.

  14. A happy sport story in the wake of the tragic loss of Kobe, Gigi and the 7 others that lost their lives in that helicopter crash.

    Let us always have more stories like this versus hardship and tragic stories in sport and life!

  15. This is nothing new for hockey fans in Canada. The US will make a big story of it, but Canadians know it's nothing special….they where playing "THE LEAFS."

  16. What a Publicity stunt what a joke anyone who has played hockey or even knows hockey would realize that there are back ups for the back ups for the back ups i am glad i stopped watching sports what a rigged three ring circus

  17. What a man. Such a great story crowned by sharing the spotlight with his Mom and National Kidney Foundation's Carolinas Division. You are a good man David Ayres!

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