YOUTUBE HATES WHITE PEOPLE!…According To News Sites Unable To Understand Jokes. Idiots…

YOUTUBE HATES WHITE PEOPLE!…According To News Sites Unable To Understand Jokes.  Idiots…

Sup’ you beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show, and let’s just jump into it! And the first thing I’m going to talk about today – I’m just going to get it out of the way It was the most requested thing. So many people hitting me up, “Phil what do you think about the biggest YouTuber in the world Pewdiepie, he’s going to delete his channel?” DELETE it! Kill it! Dead! But he said he’s going to do it once he hits 50 million and it turns out he’s only like 350 thousand away. Well there are people arguing, “he’s joking, no he’s lying, no he’s telling the truth!” And then I saw a lot of non-YouTube news outlets just kind of slam Pewdiepie. One headline I saw – this is a real one: “Pewdiepie? More like PewdieWhine” Part of me hopes that the person who wrote that headline has a degree so they just like as they’re writing it out they’re like “I hate my life!” And a lot of the other articles had this air once again of “Being a youtuber is not a real job.” I always get annoyed when I see more of the mainstream places kinda shitting all over youtubers and new media stuff. but also part of me gets it because you know they’re struggling to stay relevant and make money, and all this other new stuff is destroying them And this article goes on to allege not only is PewDiePie just whining and not talking about a very real issue that needs to be addressed, Not only is he whining, but he’s kind of a racist, and they point out this part in his video. YouTube wants my channel gone. They want someone else on top. Someone really extremely cancerous Like Lilly Singh I’m white, can I make that comment? But I do think that’s a problem. And I’m not going to let youtube win I’m not gonna let youtube defeat ME! You think that Pewdiepie really thinks that he’s being effected in a negative way because he’s white. That’s so stupid! Also to people making a big deal about if he deleted his channel, it’s not that big of a deal. He set the record for the most subscribers on a channel and quit so if anyone ever passes him in the future, he’s like ‘eh I quit doesn’t count, put an asterisk next to your number 1 spot’ Also, if he creates a new account, there’s no way that I don’t see him getting anywhere between 2 to 15 million subscribers in that first week And also part of me hopes he does it. Not because I’m like “ugh, I hate that channel’ but because it would be a fantastic test case. Pewdiepie has a channel that has existed for an extremely long amount of time. There’s no way to know that by him having that size, if it hurts him in this new algorithm. So if all the sudden, one of the guys with one of the largest communities on youtube starts a new channel, a new thing that maybe youtube sees as this new up and coming thing, will he pop up in recommended more, will he hit the trending page more, what’s gonna happen? Will it actually hurt him? I’m fascinated to see this. That’s why I’m excited about any change online ever because it’s this big, scary test case in front of millions. And final note I have here, hopefully I’m going to talk to more people at youtube later today but…in the meantime, if you’re someone who has been unsubscribed to a channel Google has reached out and asked that you fill out a form describing your experience It’s one of the surveys. We’ll link to it down below. Hopefully we get some answers from it. And then let’s talk about Amazon Go. Amazon just confirmed some rumors and announced that they are creating a grocery store. And with this announcement, they released a video showcasing how their store will work, by the way the first one will be in Seattle early 2017. You just go into the store, you scan your code, you pick your food, you walk out; that’s it! That’s how you buy there. There’s no cashier, you just get your thing, you leave. So how the hell does it work? Well, they said this, ‘We used computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion, much like you’d find in self-driving cars. We call it just walk out technology. Magic! None of what you said just made sense to myself or many people. There going to be people out there going ‘Well, obviously it’s..’ Shut up, we get it. One percent of you that think you understand how it works, do, the rest go ‘uh, yah’ Probably like an RFID chip, it’s, it’s magic. If we didn’t have Google, you wouldn’t be able to explain 90% of the stuff that we have; records, video cameras, how does something that weighs 750,000 pounds fly through the air? It’s magic! I don’t need to understand it! “Well Phil, they’re gonna be using camera technology, there’s no security, Amazon’s gonna be able to match your face with your buying habits.” Oh damn, Amazon’s gonna know that I love roast beef sandwiches! Guess what? Most of those free websites you use, they know every single thing about you. Your buying habits, your personal beliefs. They don’t even have to put in research, they’re like “What’s your political affiliation, do you believe in God?” “This is information I should share with people on the internet.” One argument I think you could make against this store is the fact that to enter a grocery store you need a several hundred dollar phone. It’s not even the argument that that discriminates against poor people it’s just like “Oh no I forgot my fucking phone at work, I can’t go into the store.” I’m gonna have to wait at the store to give some teenager $20 so I can get like a coffee in some weird twilight zone reverse situation of teenagers trying to get people to buy them beer. That said, don’t care, this is magic. I appreciate this magic. Any technology that allows me to deal with fewer people every single day? Love it. I’m a horrible human being, there’s a reason I only have 3 friends, I only have that much capacity of care. The asterisk to this situation are people that watch my show because essentially we’re friendly. I do love
meeting beautiful bastards that watch the show but if I go into a store and
someone’s like “How you doing today?” You don’t care! Next time
someone you don’t know is going “How you doing?” just say “waffles”. Doesn’t make the
conversation any less meaningful, no one’s not getting information they
really wanted. And the main points of this story: 1) I’m very excited about this
store, very excited to see if it actually works out and what kind of bugs happen
because it is one store, it’s a beta test if it’s successful it makes sense it
will thrive if not it will die. And 2) I probably talked about this story for an
extra 90 seconds that I didn’t need to but I decide to keep it in the video to show
you really how, crazy’s not the right word, weird. Weird with where my mind goes
on something. Sidenote: starting next week I’m just gonna start shoplifting
and if I ever get stopped I’d be like oh don’t y’all have Amaz-, you don’t have
Amazon go? Sorry my mistake. But I questioned along with this story I mean
is this something that you’re excited about or you think this is just going to
be plagued with problems. Then really quick I want to talk about some people
outraged over a story that came out that there were people in New York City
buying trees for $1,000. Reportedly you can get a beautiful 13 foot tree, a
beautiful fir. It’s $750 and with delivery installation with a stand and tip it
would be $1000 and according to a woman running this whole operation she said
the high price tag is because quote “They are not a traditional Christmas tree so
they are hard to get. Not many farmers grow them, to find a good one is
difficult.” And I saw a lot of the reaction around this was like God I fucking hate
people people are so stupid I personally am of the belief that if
someone is ridiculous enough to pay $1000 for a Christmas tree, good. The
person who doesn’t appreciate money should be separated from it. If you want
to pay a thousand dollars for a Christmas tree that’s what it’s worth.
See these oakley’s? I didn’t buy them because I don’t hate money. My
father-in-law owned a bunch of these stores, he gave this to me. People pay $120-200 for these you know stupid that is? For a stupid “O” on the
side of your face which maybe stands for “Oh I hate money.” That is so stupid, but if
people see an opportunity to make money off of people willing to pay $200 for a
piece of plastic and glass, do it. If you’re looking to make a business look at what
rich people don’t want to do, first thing, see if that’s applicable to the middle class
i.e. Uber, Uber Eats, Postmates. Or finally sell them a status symbol something that
they can buy because they’re so fucking superficial that they can be like oh you
don’t have this thing oh I just got this thing because you know I like nice
things it’s weird that you don’t have it I got a thousand dollar Christmas tree
because I just fucking I love this this specific kind of exclusive artisan
Christmas tree their money don’t bitch about it make a business take that money
get that money do it! From there I want to share some stuff I love
today in today awesome brought to you by it’s the last day
if you want to grab any of this goodness it is over tonight at midnight Pacific
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first bit of Awesome is self promo awesome you didn’t catch yesterday
Sunday bonus video I highly recommend you watch it. It’s about parents being enraged at Pixar. I also posted a brand new vlog today where I realized that if there was
an earthquake in California that most of the offices are just screwed, that one of
course on the vlog Channel. Then we got a new trailer for Tom Cruise’s a new movie
The Mummy it looks awesome to me some people said it just looks like Mission
Impossible with magic, I’m fine with that it’s just as simple as Tom Cruise can do
whatever craziness he wants I will still- I will watch his movies because he puts
out good movies at the very least even if they’re not good they’re enjoyable
then we got a brand new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and little
baby Groot! Oh baby Groot’s the hero of this trailer and I’m excited about this
movie but I’m also very intrigued to see how its received I mean the first one
the expectations were so low and then everyone loved it people were like it’s
my favorite Marvel movie. Is it possible for the franchise to maintain that or go
up from there I guess we’ll see also oh my god it was like nerd Christmas Naughty
Dog announced and released a trailer for Last of Us 2 it doesn’t have any
gameplay it’s all pre-rendered there’s really no action but it’s just oh! I’m so
excited! Last Of Us is one of my favorite games of all time also has one of the
most underrated multiplayers ever also it was revealed that Ellie will be the main
playable character and finally to any of the other beautiful bastards that watch
Westworld did you see last night’s episode?! Oh my god I loved it, it’s like
the anti Lost, we actually get some answers before they give us more
questions. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it some people have
said the beginnings too slow I just watched the season. You have plenty of time to
do so because the bad news is that the new season won’t come out till 2018
*sigh* Remember if you want to see the full versions everything I share, the secret
link of the day, anything at all, links as always are in the description down below
And then I want to talk about this crazy story around 25 year old Stephanie Lawson
Stephanie was being stalked, harassed and threatened on her Facebook by her
ex-boyfriend. She went to police over and over her ex-boyfriend had to be arrested,
four times that just between September and December of last year. She had to get
a restraining order then she had to go and have these whole reports about him
violating the restraining order stalking her, threatening to kill her on Facebook.
Like this poor girl she had to go through this except for the fact that it was all
a lie. It turned out that good old Stephanie Lawson created a fake
Facebook account as her ex-boyfriend then sending herself threatening
messages from this account that’s crazy The police finally realized this during this
investigation after this poor guy had just been harassed and arrested several times
under false pretenses and all of this led to Stephanie being sentenced to one year
in prison. So let this just be your friendly daily reminder to not put your dick in
crazy OR let crazy put its dick in you 99% of time, just not worth it in the
long term. Then there are two big pieces of Donald Trump news that everyone’s
talking about first the Dom Trump has picked Ben
Carson to lead Housing and Urban Development. This had some people excited
because they did want ben Carson to be a part of this administration. This had a
lot of people concerned because 1) they either really never really liked ben
Carson also because less than a month ago a spokesman for ben Carson said
quote “Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience he’s never run a
federal agency the last thing you would want to do is take a position that could
cripple the presidency” then cuts today where the ben Carson quote is “I am
honored to accept the opportunity to serve our country in the Trump
administration” and reportedly as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development he will
be- he will be in control of a thirty billion dollar budget. And here’s the thing I
know people gonna say whatever they’re gonna say but I think it’s kind of just
a known if there’s something that a brain surgeon knows it’s housing and
urban development. But joking aside I believe that this makes sense for the
Trump campaign in two ways the first is that I believe Donald Trump holds
loyalty over all other things including experience I mean Ben Carson’s the same
guy that Donald Trump said like if you are a person that believes his stories
you are an idiot but because after all the nastiness Carson stuck by him. Boom! He’s
gonna support him. Also in my favorite ben Carson tweets from Donald Trump “With Ben
Carson wanting to hit his mother on the head with a hammer, stab a friend and Pyramids built for grain storage don’t people get it” And two the
Department of Housing and Urban Development is supposed to provide
affordable housing free of discrimination so by him appointing ben
Carson, for those of you out there who say that you do not see color just to inform
you Ben Carson is a black man because if you consolidate all of this the way that
they’re probably looking at this is one of the most notable black Republicans
out there is now been put into a position to help a lot of the people
that are in inner cities and the thinking around that’s most likely one he has the
motivation to help and to if people say that we’re discriminating obviously we
can’t be even though that’s not really how that would work. And the other bit of Trump news
is that once again Trump went to Twitter to say “Just tried watching Saturday
Night Live unwatchable totally biased not funny and the Baldwin impersonation
just can’t get any worse. sad” And Alec Baldwin responded “real Donald Trump release your
tax returns and I’ll stop” And here’s well say I would honestly have forgotten that
Saturday Night Live was still posting new episodes if Donald Trump didn’t
tweet about it. Also why does it appear that you have so much time to watch a show
that you hate? You’re part of the reason why they were up 7% of the ratings in
comparison to the same day last year Then following one of the largest days
of protests thanks to veterans flooding into the Dakota access pipeline protest
United States denied a key permit for the pipeline resulting in a huge win for
the tribe. News came in that after months of protesting the Army Corps of
Engineers will not grant the permit the assistant secretary for civil works
announced the decision and the army saying it was based on a need to explore
alternate routes there was so much rejoicing in person and online but a
thing that needs to be noted is it’s not over yet. Craig Stevens, a
spokesman for the main coalition so the group of energy industry interest
remains hopeful that this is not the final word on the Dakota access pipeline. In a statement the Energy Group said “The White House is directive today to the
Corps for further delay is just the latest in a series of overt and
transparent political actions by an administration which has abandoned the
rule of law in favor of currying favor with a narrow and extremely political
constituency” But there is also now a fear that once Donald Trump gets into
office that he will complete the original route and many who have those
fears pointing out that Donald Trump actually owns stock in one of those
energy companies specifically Energy Transfer Partners and really as of right
now I think we just we have to wait and see we don’t know where the Trump
administration 100% stands at this point today whether it be the pipeline or
anything else is much different than the situation yesterday so let’s wait to see
what they say. And that’s actually where I’m gonna end today show and remember if you
like this video you like what I do on this channel hit that like button if you’re
new here hit that subscribe button also remember thanks to this new outro screen
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click here. But that said of course as always my name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve
just been Phill’d in, I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow

100 Replies to “YOUTUBE HATES WHITE PEOPLE!…According To News Sites Unable To Understand Jokes. Idiots…

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  2. Stylized Oakleys? I don't see the point.

    I do love me my Oakleys though. Every set of lenses they make meet or exceed the ANSI Z87.1 standard for ballistic impact rating.They also provide a fantastic discount program to LEO, Military, First Responders, and they extend it to the Veteran community too.

    If you have a reason to have good incognito and stylish ballistic eye protection then I personally feel their product is worth the cash 🙂

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  5. amazons convenient and nice but without the checkout counter it may be easier to lose track of the money being spent for those with little prudence

  6. Wow, you would never survive in the South. We actually call it being polite . Your taught the meaning of that word as a young child. Hold onto something this ones big…….we also say Sir and Ma'am , please and thank you…. drumroll please .. we even hold the door open for you and wave if we pass you on a rural road. Not giving a shit about how you treat people is something I don't want to be a part of.

  7. Phil accidentally made a really good point. What's to stop teens from just walking in and buying alcohol? There are no employees at those amazon grocery stores.

  8. That new facial recognition store is actually a very scary concept. It is decreasing the timeline of when we reach the singularity. This may sound dumb to many but I don't personally appreciate an algorithm or artificial intelligence creating a personal database of my face, personal choices, etc. Nor would I ever feel comfortable with an RFID chip that contains all of my monetary info.

  9. Gonna pause real quick on my catch up of you Lord Philip DeFranco, but I work retail, and when I ask a customer "How are you doing?", I actually do genuinely care. Shocking, I know, but it's what I've found out actually helps me do my job better, is know how you're doing and if I can either improve your mood/experience, or just make it better all together.

  10. poor people have smart phones most those so called impoverished hood kids have the latest gear how you get that phone if you so poor i know you dont lease it like i do!

  11. i don't really like amazon go store also because there would still be moms and dads with children that will scream. plus children would just take food and hide it in their pocket or something and then leave with a candy or something that the parent wouldn't approve of

  12. Amazon Go will probably have some issues at the start. Like all technology, there'll be copious bugs, the workflow won't quite be there yet, things like returning items or filing complaints might be worse than it is right now (if that is even possible). But like everything, it'll just need finetuning. But overall, I think such a system would work. Only downside of course is that it's not exactly going to create jobs for people that don't have computer science, engineering or IT degrees that need to do the maintenance on the system…

  13. I really like Phil. I like how he operates his channel. I think he's funny, interesting, intelligent as well as good looking… I like how he involves his wife…but…(chuckles to self) idk, maybe it's the lighting…sometimes he looks like a black-eyed-child to me. 😀

  14. he wants to gut the program. he wants to end this "entitlement program" that we need to thrive as very low income families.

  15. But Phil every now and again crazy hides. Sometimes things are going good and your partner of two years turns to you and says, "I bet babies are tasty!" That's when you realize your screwed. this isn't literal but it's close

  16. Person A: "Where the fucks my phone?!"

    Person B: Buys a shit-ton of food with this stolen phone. Walks out without anyone coming after him

  17. that grocery store is scary! So many people will lose their jobs with that new technology 🙁 I was a cashier for years and if my livelihood relied on that still I'd be terrified. in theory it's cool tech but in practice… oh no job loss

  18. "Donald trump holds loyalty over all" ?!?!?

    NO. False. Are u for real defranco?? Loyalty don't mean shit to this dude, what about all those surrogates (Giuliani, Chris Christie, palin, etc) who stuck by him thru all the bs and were expecting nice cushy jobs come inauguration time, and didn't get jack shit? Not that they should have gotten shit, but I think it's pretty fucking obvious trump does not give a shit about "loyalty" – he expects it but he sure as shit won't reward it, honor it or return it.

    The reason trump appointed Ben Carson to HUD is so obvious: he's black. It's sad but true. Dumb ol Donald saw a black man and thought, "oh perfect, he can be in charge of those 'inner cities' " trump is so fond of denigrating talking about. It really is that simple. To trump urban = black. Plus, the appointment also fills a token black position in the administration, so two birds, one stone for ol donny boy.

  19. I think that type of store would make shoplifting way too easy. Also it could be inclusive only to people who can afford the phone. More importantly, waffles is my new response to every greeting.

  20. While Lilly Singh is one of my favourite YouTubers, I realize it's a damn joke and he isn't insulting her because she's a POC. He makes satirical jokes! For shits sake, people need to stop with the PC bullshit. Not every single thing in the world is racist.

  21. Amazon Store is a good idea, but make sure when you arrive home to check your bank balance. The items you paid say, 20 dollars has become 200. Also, thousands will be out of a job. Thank you.

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  29. well ur pretty fuckin late with the whole walk out system It's already being used all around europe for a year or so and it's actually really good and functional altough it does reduce the amount of cashiers wich might be a problem in a few years

  30. Hey how are you doing? Never heard that. I've heard " hi how are you?" And I smile, and with as much genuine warmth as I have I say I'm good how are you? And they reply. Yeah Phillip de nobrain, just have them say some nonsense snarky shit ("waffles"). because we are all too above it all. Just shit all over common civilities that can brighten mundane and meaningless but inevitable human interaction by inserting some good will and acknowledgement of your fellow human. This guy is such a doofus much of the time. It's disturbing that the internet has created so many like this. Yes Phil. You deserve the no friends you boast about.

  31. Ben Carson went on to try to purchase a $30,000 dining set for his office with tax payer money. Crooked Trump sure knew how to pick the best crooks. He's also removed language from housing guidelines that do not allow discrimination in housing, just as a reminder, he's black! Trump admin ended up approving the pipeline which eventually leaked which is what all protesters feared.

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