‘You’re A Disgrace’: Mike Bloomberg Insults Journalist After Tough Questions | MSNBC

‘You’re A Disgrace’: Mike Bloomberg Insults Journalist After Tough Questions | MSNBC

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  1. Will Warren support Bloomberg's presidency if he wins a contested convention with the most delegates? THAT is after all the way SHE wants to play.
    Bernie on the other hand thinks OUR VOTES should decide who wins.
    We all know how bad Bloomberg is. We are playing with fire by not outright condemning the DNC for changing the rules to allow him to run after he payed them over $300,000 and ran millions and millions of $$$ ADs for the MSM.

  2. there are no actual " journalists " at MSNBC ! these phony , biased, unbalanced " reporters " were Exposed by Our President TRUMP and they prove the Master DJT correct every minute of every day 🤣😆😃

  3. Javi – Wan : THE TRUE BILLIONAIRE IS VERY WELL CLOTHES , unlike trump the FAKE billionaire . BLOOMBERG 2020 🇺🇸💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  4. Bloomberg raised the rent in NYC. Gave a break in taxes to the millionair landlords that do not fix them old roach/rat infested buildings. When asked he said, "they pay the bills." Teachers in the NYC public school system were forced to promote failing children so that it looked good on paper that he fixed a failing school system. He also paid off union leaders under the table to look the other way when renewing the contracts of civil service workers. Specifically, the Administration for Children Services laid off anyone under 5 yrs of employment and then whoever came in new got a lower salary (around 2005-2006). He began to move around to diferrent boroughs the older workers who had seniority causing many to retire or quit and loose their benefits. The ACS was fool of minorities and he replaced them with young white and asian young ladies. Some workers went from having 40 foster care cases to 80 cases in on month. He also gave 46,000 samples "Plan B" pills contraceptives to middle school girls in or around 2012) in black and latino neighborhoods. He used the soda ban to distract the people from what he was really doing. The contraceptives were given the same court day the soda ban was to be heard. Bernie says, "I'll take from John to give to Peter and I'll let you do as you please if you vote for me." But the problem with Bloomberg is that he is the type of socialist that says, "I have a lot of money and I want to give it away but you have to do as I say,". Think about this, what happens when all the money runs out?

  5. Well, I guess it all comes down to this: Do you want a benevolent dictator or a malevolent one ? (and yes, you can always vote for another candidate altogether)…

  6. If you think Donald Trump is dangerous, you have not seen anything yet with a guy like that who is not accountable to anybody.

  7. Badgering buy news media over and over thinking they will get the 10 sec spotlight on NBC news. Stupid. I dont agree with that many terms. But tell the whole story. That news guy asked the same question 10 times and talked over other people at that conference. It will be the 1 and only thing I agree with blumberg on. There ideots.

  8. Bloomberg, the oligarch, isn’t even bothering to hide what he’s doing anymore. He’s just outright trying to buy the election.

  9. I think Bloomberg would be worst than trump. Bloomberg has a facial expressions as if an Alien took over his body. I’m good. I’m finna just watch this Yoda the OG

  10. All the fake news media outlets are repeating the Russia is interfering narrative again and wants Trump, so it doesn't matter what candidate you want I guess. LOL


  12. That's what TRUMP came to wipe out/BLOOMBERG is trying it again/&As for the Russians- they want BERNIE because he is a Socialist/PUTIN fired his whole GOVT.so that he can be president for Life – the way of China – SO YES! Bernie is going to get a lift OFF FROM RUSSIA!!! NOT TRUMP – NO PRESIDENT HAS PuT THAT MANY SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA THAN TRUMP – SO WHY WOULD THEY WANT HIM? GET REAL!!!!

  13. How can people be accusing Bernie of being the Democrat’s Donald Trump when Bloomberg echoes Trump’s vices so resoundingly?

  14. Bloomberg is a king among fools and a lion among sheep. I can't believe how many ignorant comments I'm reading.

  15. I'm confused? What was the big deal about this? Obviously the reporter kept asking the same question that he already answered trying to get a gotcha moment and he shut it down.

  16. "The Original Clinton Chronicles," A documentary on YouTube about the Bill & Hillary Clinton COCAINE CARTEL, the witnesses they murdered (which include 5 teenage boys from Arkansas), Bill's cocaine parties with Little Rock High School cheerleaders while he was governor, and more. @ @ @

  17. "The Original Clinton Chronicles," A documentary on YouTube about the Bill & Hillary Clinton COCAINE CARTEL, the witnesses they murdered (which include 5 teenage boys from Arkansas), Bill's cocaine parties with Little Rock High School cheerleaders while he was governor, and more. @ @ @

  18. Also the debate was poorly moderated. Candidates talking all over each other. Bernie and Elizabeth were allowed to hog the debate time. There were also several times when a candidate would take a strong jab at another candidate and instead of letting the candidate respond the moderator would say next question. MSNBC's reporting lately makes it appear that they are are all in for Bernie and/or Elizabeth. SMH

  19. Bernie Sanders voters will all get right in line with Bloomberg when he wins the nomination. Bernie already said he would support Bloomberg if he got the nomination.

  20. So “ got you “ questions are tough questions ?
    “ got you “ questions are the proof of a pathetic journalist and nothing else

  21. I don't think Mike is the worse politician/candidate at there yet, he is clearly not the leader we need. Bloomberg get out of the way!

  22. If you're gonna be a billionaire ya have to exploit a few workers, actively participate in discrimination, muzzle a few, many, A LOT of women, insult the press…….😉

  23. In Nevada Debate, the Bloomberg Myth Explodes on Live TV

  24. Some comparisons between Bloomberg and Trump. Bloomberg made mistakes and is not afraid to own them and apologized. Trump on the other hand said he can’t be prosecuted if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue. Bloomberg is successful in running his business while Trump had filed several bankruptcies. Bloomberg uses his personal funds to run this election while Trump is using donations (and owes ‘favours’) from shady sources. Trump has no clue about the economy while Bloomberg was an accomplished mayor in NYC and managed to overcome and bring people together during the tragic 911 event. Bloomberg philanthropies has invested millions to help low income countries and established health initiatives while Trump is stealing money from taxpayers thru his numerous golf events in his property (google and see it for yourself). The list is too long

  25. Has the whole of America succumbed to the manipulation of whoever has the most money 💰. Has it always been that way or is it now just so blatant. Little men of little power wanting more power and even more money 💵

  26. Somebody got bribed in the DNC, because they changed the rules to allow Bloomberg to enter the debates. The rules were that a candidate must have 200 thousand individual donors to qualify in the debates. Bloomberg didn't have enough donors to qualify, but they changed the rules for him and did away with that requirement. What about all the other candidates that played by the rules and were not allowed to remain in the debates due to too few donors? Shouldn't they allow those people like Corey Booker to rejoin the debates now? The DNC is corrupt as hll

  27. Are we going to trade one racist, misogynistic tyrant for another. The propaganda campaign was effective but the back story is disqualifying.

  28. Do that's good give him another term if he is fixing the problem that you people like to say can't be solved like homelessness you do deserve Trump it's just a reflection of your unrelenting mean spirits

  29. Are all billionaires delusional? They have had their butt kissed for so long and so much they must think it tastes like chocolate ice cream.

  30. So he was buying his 3rd Term as Mayor already. Now he wants to buy into the presidency. Do we really want this repugnant man as head of the USA?

  31. So, when Bloomberg gets questioned after trying to shaft NYC into giving him an illegal third term .. he deflects .. THEN he tries to bully the reporter "You're a Disgrace". Is this a guy who has the temperament to be leader of the free world ? .. I think not.

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