WWE NEWS -Vince McMahon Furious About WWE Unseen Footage That Leaked Online/WWE Raw 2 September 2019

WWE NEWS -Vince McMahon Furious About WWE Unseen Footage That Leaked Online/WWE Raw 2 September 2019

Here’s your news for
September 3rd 2019
WWE NEWS -Vince McMahon Furious About WWE Unseen Footage That Leaked Online
WWE Raw 2 September 2019
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Lets see what you have in
store today Becky Stuns Stone cold
Steve Austin!!! SPOILER: Unaired WWE Raw
segment that Vince McMahon
Is Furious About!!! Bailey’s expected Heel Turn Seth Rollins Says Becky Lynch
Is Still Recovering From Sasha
Banks’ Chair Shots
More On Backstage Fight At
AEW All Out WWE Superstar On Being Told
She Was Ugly Every Day Usos’ Expected WWE Return Alicia Fox’s Current Status
with WWE WWE Superstar Explains Her
New Twisted Character On
Fox’s Havenbrook CM Punk On The Rock Calling
Him During Fighting With My
Family Filming Triple threat semifinal match
set for WWE King of the Ring
tournament We’re kicking off with some news
from ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s
new show, as the Hall of Famer recently aired his episode with
The Man Becky Lynch. Hanging with the reigning RAW
Women’s Champion, Austin and
Lynch spoke about their lives and careers in wrestling, as well as
the comparrisons some fans have
made about their characters. The episode clearly had a lot of
wrestling fans tuning in, so it made
sense that the pair would use wrestling moves, as Lynch would
even deliver a Stone Cold Stunner
to the Rattlesnake himself. It’s been many years since Austin
took his own finishing move, and
though he retired in 2003 and hasn’t wrestled since, it’s great
to see the former World
Champion can still take a bump when
needed. Monday Night RAW news now,
as Seth Rollins prepares for
one of the biggest nights of his career at Clash
of Champions in less than
two weeks. Not only will Rollins team with
Braun Strowman to defend the
RAW Tag Team titles against Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler,
but the Architect will later defend
his Universal Championship that
same night against the
Monster Among Men. According to a recent WWE video,
tensions between the pair clearly
boiled over, as a heated argument backstage led to
Strowman shoving his
partner through a wall. What is interesting in all this is that
the video was uploaded online
before it happened on RAW so it seems this was a pre-taped
segment that was shown to fans much earlier then it was
supposed to be. This theory is certainly helped by
the fact that WWE very quickly
deleted the video from their social media, as it seems someone
backstage made a major
mistake. With next week’s edition of RAW
being the go-home show for
Clash of Champions fans can expect something big
from the pair before their two
huge title matches on September 15th in
Charlotte, North Carolina. More news from the RAW Tag
Team Champions now, as though
Rollins and Strowman tried to sign the contracts to make their
Universal title match official, this
didn’t go quite according to plan. Unless you’ve literally started
watching wrestling today, you’ll
know that WWE contract signings in the ring never go well, and this
week’s saw the OC make their
presence known. Before either man could sign the
contract to make the Universal
title match official, the documents were torn up by AJ Styles, some
thing that ‘Stone Cold’ Steve
Austin didn’t approve of. Calling out Michael Cole, who
was supposed to be moderating
the signing the Texas Rattlesnake called Cole
one hell of an announcer, but a
pretty poor moderator. Later in the night, Austin would
send another tweet out,
suggesting that on next week’s go-home show, they have
another contract signing,
this time moderated by the former World
Champion himself. This idea clearly got fans talking,
as moments later, a tweet from
WWE’s official account confirmed that the Bionic Redneck will
serve as moderator for the
signing between the Beast slayer
and Strowman next week. Next week’s show will take place
in Madison Square Garden, a
place Austin is very familiar with as fans can only wonder what
the Hall of Famer will do when
RAW arrives at the World’s Most Famous
Arena. Whilst Strowman and Rollins were
unable to sign their contract this
week, one Superstar who made a major impact on RAW, was none
other than the SmackDown
Women’s Champion Bayley. Appearing on the red brand
thanks to the WWE’s Wild Card
rule, Bayley started her night at odds with her old friend Sasha
Banks, who said that the Hugger was being over-shadowed despite
being the top star in SmackDown’s
Women’s Division. Banks would also go on to give
a mention to Vince McMahon for
her position in the company, thanking the controversial
chairman for her high salary,
a private jet her own tour bus and having
to answer to no-one. Later on in the night, Bayley
would team with RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch, to face the Women’s Tag Team
Champions Alexa Bliss and
Nikki Cross and this is when the Hugger
would reveal her true colours. After The Boss attacked the Man,
it seemed that Bayley was going
to help Lynch out, but instead grabbed the chair from Banks,
and levelled the RAW Women’s
Champion with a vicious attack. With the crowd screaming Yes,
this is the first heel turn for the
Hugger since her debut in NXT, though fans are wondering
whether this is the right time
for her turn. Bayley is scheduled to take on
Charlotte Flair at Clash of
Champions, as it seems the usually booed Queen will be
cheered when she takes on the villainous Bayley in her
home town later this month. Speaking of title matches for the
Pay Per View, Becky Lynch will
finally have her chance to get some revenge of Sasha Banks,
when the pair meet at Clash
of Champions for the RAW Women’s Title. Since returning on the RAW after
SummerSlam, Banks has made It
clear that she wants a fifth reign with the title, attacking Becky
Lynch with a steel chair on
that episode and one of those shots hitting
The Man in the back of the head. With a possible injury, the company
quickly gave Lynch a few weeks off and though The Man has said
she’s fine, her fiancé Seth
Rollins isn’t too sure. On Instagram, the Architect
implied that Lynch still isn’t fully
over the assault from Bank though Lynch is claiming
different. Whatever the truth might be, it’s
clear that WWE isn’t taking this
possible head injury lightly as the company have taken great
care of any possible concussions
a Superstar may have. With this attack still in her mind,
and her own fiancé now doubting
her it seems that Lynch isn’t in the best frame of mind ahead of
her title match at Clash of
Champions, giving the advantage to the Boss. More news from RAW now as the
King of the Ring tournament had
two of it’s quarter final matches this
week, which gave fans a
surprising result. The first match saw Cedric
Alexander take on Baron Corbin,
and even before the bell had rung, the deck
was stacked in the Constable’s
favour. An hour before the match,
Alexander was attacked by the
OC backstage, and though the team of Styles, Gallows
and Anderson didn’t explain
why, Corbin didn’t really care
about an explanation. Instead, the Lone Wolf quickly
took advantage, dominating the
majority of the match though struggled to put away
the former Cruiserweight
Champion. At one point, it seemed Corbin
had knocked himself out on
the ring post but was able to continue
before the referee’s 10 count. Despite showing clear signs of
injury, Alexander refused to quit,
but when he attempted a springboard attack, Corbin was
able to take his legs out, before
hitting the young star with the End of Days to qualify
for the semi finals. The second match in the second
round took place later that night,
as it was a battle of power vs speed when Samoa Joe locked
horns with his old foe Ricochet. Whilst fans may remember it was
Ricochet who ended Joe’s reign
as United States Champion earlier this year, the two stars
struggled to gel on last
night’s show resulting in both men pinninng
each other at same time. Determined as a no contest by
referee John Cone, this seemed
like good news for Baron Corbin, who believed he would be getting
a bye straight to the finals at
Clash of Champions. However, the smug grin was
wiped from his face, when WWE
announced that the former RAW General Manager will face BOTH
Ricochet and Joe on next week’s
RAW for a spot in the finals. It may have been a pretty lame
finish and a massively confusing
announcement, but this was all worth it to see the reaction
from Corbin, who will now have to face two
men on next week’s show. We’re looking at AEW news now
and though the company’s
recent Pay Per View All Out was seen as a rounding
success, the night was far from
perfect. On the Buy In Pre Show, a 21-
woman Battle Royal saw Nyla
Rose earn herself a spot at the AEW Women’s title,
though there was reportedly
an altercation backstage after the match
between Sadie Gibbs and
Bea Priestly. According to Fightful Select, the
Elite’s Matt Jackson was forced to
step in and try and smooth things over, later speaking to Gibbs
about the situation. Since joining AEW earlier this year,
Priestly hasn’t exactly been making
friends, as she caused Britt Baker to suffer a concussion
during Fight for the Fallen, and
Baker got some real shots in when Priestly was walking to
the ring as a receipt. Whilst this sort of backstage
altercation could lead to an
exciting feud between Gibbs and Priestly, it’s unclear whether
the new company would be
willing to let fans know about their real problems
backstage, all in the name
of entertainment. More AEW news now and
though the company has
acquired a loyal audience in the months it has existed,
not everyone is a fan. One person who didn’t think too
highly of the company’s recent
All Out event is Chris De Joseph a former WWE and Lucha
Underground writer who
said that WWE shouldn’t be scared by the
new company. In a post online, DeJoseph said
he wants the company to
succeed but that All Out lacked story,
saying: “If you want the ‘average’ fan
to be invested, if you want
to gain an audience story trumps all, and that
was severely lacking.” DeJoseph does have a point to
be fair, as though AEW may be
a haven for die hard wrestling fans, it’ll be difficult for the
company to gain a mainstream
audience if the stories aren’t there. With AEW set to launch their own
show on TNT later this year, time
will only tell what kind of strategy the company will take to
try and be a suitable alternative
for WWE in the coming years. One Superstar fans shouldn’t
expect to see in WWE or AEW
is CM Punk, as the former World Champion
has made it clear he doesn’t
plan on wrestling ever again. Though he may be retired from
the ring, Punk did make an
appearance this week at the Starrcast 3 convention, when he
spoke about the infamous call he
nearly received by the Rock. In case you didn’t know, when the
Brahma Bull was filming part of his
Paige biopic ‘Fighting with my Family’, he decided to give Punk
a call after RAW went off the air,
shocking everyone in the arena. Unfortunately, Punk didn’t take the
call, and he explained why at
Starrcast, saying that he was in an elevator with his dog, who he
was going to take for a walk. Because of the elevator, Punk’s
phone didn’t have signal, causing
the Best in the World to miss out on what would have been an
interesting conversation to
say the least. Punk later joked that he should
call the Rock live during
Starrcast, but didn’t actually dial the
People’s digits. What Punk did do though, was
reveal that he still gets messages
from old friends in WWE who tell him that things back
stage are out of control. Though reports of tensions back
stage have circulated in recent
months, fans should take Punk’s claim with a pinch of salt, as the
former WWE Champion has
made his feelings about the company pretty clear
over the past five years. Whilst The Rock got in some
serious hot water when he called
CM Punk from the ring, the second city Savior praised his old foe
for giving the fans something
different taking the chance chance to get a great shot for the
movie about former Divas
Champion Paige. Speaking of the British Superstar,
Paige recently underwent neck
surgery, and though that means she won’t be seen on WWE TV
for the time being, she’s not
leving TV all together. This week, the cast of Havenbrook,
including Paige, stopped by Fred
Savage’s ‘What Just Happened??!’, where she gave
some very interesting details
about her character on the new show from FOX. “She’s been kicked out of every
boarding school she’s ever been
to because you know, she seduced the Head Master.
After kicking an opium addiction
her mad mum actually lost her in a game of
mahjong to the Mayor of
Havenbrook So now she can’t find a date
to the prom.” This definitely sounds like an
interesting character for Paige,
who has dabbled with acting roles in the past, including
a major role in 2015’s Santa’s Little Helper,
where she worked alongside
The Miz. Hopefully, the show will be a big
success and allow Paige to make
a name for herself in acting, as since her retirement from the
ring last year due to injuries the future has been uncertain
for the first ever NXT Women’s
Champion. We’re continuing our look at the
WWE’s Women’s division, and
much like Paige, Nikki Cross has been able to make a big name
for herself in the company, but
it hasn’t been easy. Appearing on Lilian Garcia’s
chasing Glory podcast, Cross
discussed her rough time growing up, and being bullied
by those around around her. ““I think it was something that later
on I really used a lot. In school we
were always made to feel a certain way and I think for so
many people it’s sad to even say it,
bullying is such a common thing.” “I’d get called ugly every day. If I
managed to get through a day
when I didn’t get called ugly I’d see that as a huge win. So everyday
and the thing is it was never like
physical. It was never physical and I knew people who dealt with it
physically, but every day just
getting called that every day and it was, of
of course it affected me.” Despite this adversity, Cross has
clearly been able to succeed, and
told listeners that she now uses her past to help represent others,
and even at times feels the need
to thank her bullies for making her the
woman she is today. Though she is a new face on the
WWE’s main roster, Cross is
already one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions,
and at the age of just 30 years
old clearly has a lot left to
accomplish in her promising
career. Whilst Cross’ career is just getting
stated, it seems thinks aren’t as
good for former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox, who was
last seen along with the legends
at RAW Reunion. This appearance has made a lot
of fans wonder whether Fox is still
an active member of the roster, and though she was brought to
Canada for SummerSlam,
things didn’t go well. According to reports, Fox was
very drunk in Toronto during
SummerSlam weekend and at times needed to be
contained. Not only was she drunk the
former Divas Champion was
also spotted in her bad condition by several fans,
which definitely didn’t make
the company look good. According to Brad Shepard, a
source told him that Fox is on
“indefinite leave”, as her future in the ring
remains uncertain. Though Fox is clearly in hot
water at the moment, she isn’t
the only one to have trouble with WWE this year, as the Usos
haven’t been seen on Monday
Night RAW in quite a while. Whilst the team of Jimmy and
Jey were being pushed in their
feud with The Revival earlier earlier this year, that all came to
a halt when Jimmy was arrested
for the second time this year, this time for driving under
the influence. Jimmy’s actions meant that
neither man was able to attend
SummerSlam last month meaning that both missed out
on what could have been a
major payday. According to Brad Shepard though,
fans should expect the former tag
champions sooner rather than later, as the team could be back
shortly after SmackDown’s move
to Fox on October 4th Debuting on the main roster in
2010, the Usos are now considered
one of the best WWE tag teams of all time, though both Jimmy
and Jey will need to avoid another
brush with the law if they want to remain employed
by the McMahon-led company. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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