WWE 2K20 News: GAME Is UNPLAYABLE, HOT FIX Update! How To Fix Major CRASH, Y2K20 & Newest DLC!

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel and first things first happy new years make sure to just take over 2020
and with that out of the way it’s unfortunate to inform you guys that this
is probably the worst way for us to start of the year when it comes to video
game because right now wheeler-lea can’t play WWE 2K20 I mean 90 percent of the
game literally crashes simply because we are in the year 2020 and this is not a
joke if you haven’t log into the game yet just try it out try to play anything
that is not exhibition and the game will crash I was ready to put in some work in
the new year’s DLC Tower which we get to unlike a new ricochet DLC so my player
online took care of regionals community creation just crashes as soon as you try
to get into it to fix this problem it’s at least a very simple tour just go to
settings day and time day and time settings and then you set it manually to
a day in 2019 this is WWE 2k 20 y2k 20 problem so go figure if you set the date
to anything in 2019 or these are the game was that we can access actually
works changing your time on PC will also fix
this problem while an Xbox is a bit different as any internet connection
which is overwrite the time that is get to be set on which defeats a lot of
purpose because you still can access community creation or online or even WWE
2k originals at least new or do C without having this internet connection
considering how big of a problem this is of course WWE games is already working
on it 2k support send out the following tweet
this morning indicating the following hey superstars we are aware of the
issues related to WWE 2k 20 crashing and are currently investigating we are
working towards a solution and we’ll update you all when we have more
information that was a couple of hours ago so hopefully we get an update soon
enough the update that the game is going to get
is more than likely going to be a hotfix so it’s going to be quick just
addressing this crash it probably won’t fix anything else any
of the other prob we’re gonna have to wait for a major
regular update to come out the other bit of news that I wanted to talk about and
that I didn’t get to cover yesterday is that we got the new year’s a ricochet
tower which is part of the wasteland Wanderers and here we get a brand new
ricochet original character a tower of eight matches called resolution in the
Fastlane arena and it is worth going through it even if it’s the one like
this version of ricochet because he does feature two new moves to his arsenal
brand new drop kick label drop kick 20 which is extremely fast and then the
stun gun slash neckbreaker move which also feels extremely fast I guess
ricochet got some speed on him to be fair it seems like that is a theme for
this do see a lot of these new combos finishes and just regular moves that
they add are extremely fast like look at the Superman punch into the spear I have
never seen Roman reigns that fast which is probably why it looks so sick though
anyways guys that is what I got for you in this video if you enjoy I found this
informative don’t forget to elbow drop it more coverage incoming so of course
as stay tuned to the channel by hitting those Bell notification and join up as
we underwater 200,000 subscribers I’ll see you on the next one so stay Savage

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