Women’s March Organizer Says Trump Reelection ‘At The Forefront’ Of Supporters’ Minds | NBC News NOW

Women’s March Organizer Says Trump Reelection ‘At The Forefront’ Of Supporters’ Minds | NBC News NOW

100 Replies to “Women’s March Organizer Says Trump Reelection ‘At The Forefront’ Of Supporters’ Minds | NBC News NOW

  1. We are going to have so many women speak about the issues that affect all of us women! There is going to be so much support for women to speak! You know, unless they disagree with us, like Trump as president, and are racist nazi fascist scum! We support all women and we come together against trump and his fascist regime! ❤❤❤❤ 👍👍👍👌👌👌

  2. More women employed than men…
    More women with college degrees than men.
    More women granted custody and alimony than men.
    More men in prison than women.
    Bye Felicia…….

  3. Womsn under Democrats you will have no choice of type gun to protect yourself. It will be illegal for you to protect yourself. Woman don't be fools. Use a condom, take a pill… Problem Solved!

  4. I hope the economy tanks, so we can get him out at the next election. People might suffer a little bit economically but it will totally be worth it to help move America towards a more tolerant society.

  5. Trump has hired more women than any president in history. Even more than Hillary hired for her own corrupt business. And can someone tell me,…….what’s the point of this march? It’s just broads stomping around with dopey signs. What are you protesting or pointing out? It makes ZERO sense.

  6. Firstly Isa is a transgender activist and gender fluid. She is hardly the right person as the face of womans action in America. A small group highjacking a cause. More of a leftist March than women's issues. Plus women are the largest detrimental consumers on the planet. "THERE'S SO MANY ISSUES ". Very victim orientated. Which issues? A lot of catch phrases but that's it. Where's Germaine Greer? A lot this woman said has No substance.

  7. This is a f**** man he's not a woman he says something about trans women at the border across the borderline with colors of people and a globally these people are so fake get the f*** out of this world please Satan's Children

  8. It was bigger than a Biden rally…

    But smaller than the overflow, of a Trump rally…
    On a particularly bad night… Two hours after it ended.

  9. that God's creature is not woman. so…. nbc hit another rock bottom by inviting trans who is speaking on behalf of the rest woman who advocates for fake facts like torturing in cages and eating them alive (irony). As I can see and hear all problems are coming from Trump . So I'm just curios will they keep doing those marches if , let's say Biden becomes US president ?

  10. In Europe and U.S, women are denied so many rights men has, they so oppressed, they barely earn 1% of what men make. How could you not be a feminist?

  11. These idiots are so busy unconditionally hating that they are blind to the fact that women as a whole are doing great under trump. What are they even protesting???

  12. What a JOKE!! …. As a WOMAN, I'd love for another woman to tell me precisely what rights do we not already have?…… Waiting…

  13. This is what a dying civilization looks like. The enemy knew right where to start, the females, and feminism has created one domino effect after another. Women are so far off the rails now there's no saving this trainwreck called The West.

  14. NBC really could use a troll farm. Literally, none of their sycophants are here. It's non-stop bashing of this event. You'd figure this was a Fox News video.

  15. Why do all the trans citizens want to be the opposite gender but when something happens i see the word transgender. I thought they were "normal" like everyone else

  16. Talking about transgenders. If religion has it wrong, science has it wrong, then does that mean we should follow and learn the ways of society and nothing else. If people hate me then i guess it is ok. God is wrong. Science is wrong. Society is right and everyone hates me because society says so.(not true).

  17. The irony is President Trump has had more of a positive impact on women's rights around the world than any other President or world leader. Here in the U.S women owend busienssess and etrnetyrperurs have grown at a rapid rate, (the highest of any time in U.S. history). Worldwide he has spoken out against human trafficking and supported global initiatives for women's rights. Meanwhile the Clinton cartel is aligned with Epstein and company. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/future-development/2019/03/07/the-womens-global-development-and-prosperity-initiative-will-it-work/

  18. So a man is the leader of a woman’s march ???? 🧐and fighting for “ reproductive justice “ but can never reproduce

  19. A dude to talk about women's issues…. say no more 🤦‍♂️

    You can see him get-off everytime he forces himself with women by saying "we". Therapists and true religious leaders have failed the West.

  20. Just googled this person's name and they are a man trying to pass as a woman MENTAL ILLNESS IS CORE OF WOMEN'S MARCH 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸

  21. Reproductive issues in Men who want to be woman. This is a man representing woman. All these woman here are not marching for womanS rights or equality. They are angry still Trump is our president.

  22. FYI The Red Pill Documentary created by Cassie Jaye is now available for free. If you care about equal rights not ideology like these demonstrators, give the movie a look.

    Supposedly these marchers care about both genders based on their definitions but in practice you won't find a single sign that addresses male issues covered in the documentary.
    You should question why there is only 1 male shelter for domestic violence in all of the U.S. and the majority of the rest do not provide any support either.

  23. And isn't this a womans march????????????????
    I'm sorry but leave it to the real women? Don't care what you identify with if you were born a man you are a man. If you were born a woman you are a woman

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