‘Will There Be A Fair Trial?’: Adam Schiff Argues Against Proposed Senate Rules | NBC News

‘Will There Be A Fair Trial?’: Adam Schiff Argues Against Proposed Senate Rules | NBC News

57 Replies to “‘Will There Be A Fair Trial?’: Adam Schiff Argues Against Proposed Senate Rules | NBC News

  1. With Moscow Mitch not being impartial, it will not be a fair trial. The Republican party is going to be involved in the biggest coverup in American history. They will coverup Trump's criminal acts.


  3. Fox 🦊 news viewers in Republicans all over America calling each other so that everyone keeps all tv 📺 cellphones 📱 computers 🖥 radios 📻 and all electronics devices Off/Off Off/keep them off Damit ..we cannot hear 👂 the truth cause our GOD and savior TRUMP says so…SMDH

  4. Democratic strategists are currently developing opposition research on Republican primary candidates, hoping to manufacture outrage among the media and voters by exploiting the most extreme voices on the right.

    Of course, this strategy backfired miserably on Democrats in 2016. A leaked memo sent from the Clinton campaign to the DNC in April 2015 outlined the “pied-piper” strategy as elevating Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz in the Republican presidential primaries. Hillary Clinton fared much better in polls against these candidates than she did mainstream Republicans. The memo read, “We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously,” the memo read. The Clinton campaign deduced that Trump’s unpopularity would benefit Hillary Clinton in the general election. In October 2016, several pundits in the mainstream media even thought Clinton could win Texas, a Republican stronghold. Because of this strategy, the Clinton campaign underestimated Trump, which helped him win the presidency. Sadly, Democrats have learned nothing from this painful experience.

  5. Andrea Mitchell and Chuck F Todd are incapable of being unbiased. She constantly misquotes transcripts and makes stuff up. CLOWN SHOW

  6. Trump doesnt want a fair trial. He wants out. Any way he can get it. A fair trial will proove hes guilty.
    America wants a fair trial. Americans want to see trump tried for his impeachment crimes.
    A real trial. Not the sham mcconnell and Graham want to push on Americans.
    Republicans, do you duty. You took an oath of office to work for America. An oath to be impartial jurors in this impeachment.
    You know trump has committed crimes and continues to.
    If you let McConnell push this sham BS through, you are aiding and abetting criminals.
    Karma is a b*tch…

  7. I wonder how many democrats will be republican due to the conduct of Schiff.  I know I have been democrat all my lifebut I have just switch parties.  Reason:  Schiff  and the impeachment squad in search of a crime.

  8. Are the days of protests gone? If not for this cause we are lost as a fair nation, but a banana republic. Let the people act, protest.

  9. ترامب مذنب ومسؤول عن كل الكوارث التي حلت و ستحل أكثر في المؤسسات الحكومية الأمريكية

  10. Adam schiff: judge, jury, witness, council for whistleblower, liar, fraud, traitor. Every time you let the left get away with lies, they double down. He needs to be arrested for TREASON

  11. The Democrats are poising the minds of the American People and they weaponize the mainstream media to report to all brainwashed democrat voters. Shifty Schiff Clown was never fair to all in the House. What does Shifty schiff about fair trial when he himself did not let anybody from the Republican join his secret meeting in the basement. Thiis guy is pure evil….Hypocrisy of the Democrats will stop during 2020 election. TRUMP 2020……KEEP AMERICAN GREAT….

  12. In my mind I was laughing when my co-worker said to me. Obama is the reason why our economy is doing great. He said Trump has nothing to do with it. He also said He is for Democrats because he is black. This guy has been brainwashed by the CNN. All I see every time turn around is him watching CNN. No wonder. Since Trump became President, more African-American are in the work force and out of poverty. White Democrats don't do anything for anybody? Look at the Impeachment, that's all in their minds. To get rid of the President by impeachment because he is in their way of destroying our constitution. TRUMP 2020….KEEP AMERICA GREAT Mr. President. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY.

  13. Schiff lies with the best of them. He lost all credibility years ago. You cant believe a word he says. I question all politicians and trust very few but he is the worse of the worst. Slimy.

  14. No one lives forever, but shame of being a traitor to America does, it lives through generations. impeached trump’s GOP cheats should remember this…

  15. If the House Managers want more witnesses and more evidence, why don't they simply withdraw the articles of impeachment and go back and do a more thorough job of the impeachment INQUIRY??? They have had months to call witnesses and gather evidence. They "solemnly" voted to impeach the president because it was their only recourse. Why did they do such a thing without having all the evidence and without calling all the witnesses??? And then they sat on the impeachment. If you want more witnesses and more evidence, withdraw the articles and try again…Its not the job of the Senate to fix your malpractice….

  16. WE THE PEOPLE, really don't care about what you Dem. want, just like how you didn't care about us, so cry all you want you are not getting anything from us, you have spent more money on this crap it needs to stop.

  17. Adam is too meek and there must be people sleeping. Kamala Harris is a person people heard and she kept peoples attention.

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