71 Replies to “Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales starts anti-Fake News site

  1. Is anyone in denial that the mainstream media is a joke? According to the media, Hillary won days before the election. Therefore, it was a shocker to find out Trump won! I am literally shocked! I thought "most" people hated Trump! Obviously, the country has voted!

    They are sick of what we have become!

    – we have 20+ trillion in debt
    – we rank close to last in education compared to developed countries
    – the media lies to us everyday. politicians lie to us everyday.
    – it costs at arm and a leg for health insurance. mine is $600 a month. compare this with my $25 a month auto insurance (from Insurance-Panda) or my $10 a month renters. the government needs to step out of health insurance!
    – we are the most obese nation in the world
    – race relations are terrible
    – our government only cares about itself and the special interest groups
    – our military fights for the interest of oil companies and not too defeat terrorists. (Terrorists control more land today than when we started the war!)
    – our country gets offended by EVERYTHING nowadays.

    Once all the damage done to America by the clown Obama has been undone with the stroke of a pen we can start building the wall and restore law and order to our country. MAGA!

  2. She and CNN are going to be out of business soon with comments like hers about Trump coming down on (her) CNN.

  3. ROFLMAO, Wikipedia is not all that accurate in the first place. Now they are sitting around with FAKE NEWS talking about Anti Fake News. But they are obviously on the same page. This is just going to be Corporate censorship. So they will remove anything the disagree with. Is he going to remove CNN.

  4. FACTS are not what we need most next, we need the truth RELATIONSHIP between them, i.e.,
    "There are no facts; only relationships."


  6. Almost every news source is controlled by Zionists and everyone knows that. But the solution wasn't a fanatic like Steve Bannon who mobilized angry gamers kids and calling everyone else who disagree with them fake. And aside from all that: say we found the pure clean source of news/information…what good it would do when many people like Trump and Bannon would only see and hear what they want to see and hear.

  7. What's broken is America by Trump! Good to hear a wikileaker hopefully not owned by Trump like Assange an Trump knew about kimdocom cuz he said "a fat guy.." in his bedroom.Save Americans from Trump please!Trump is evil he is a bad influence he's a bully!

  8. When you hear a bit of outrageous yet important scuttlebutt who's the 1st news station you run to? That's the one you trust. I hate to say it but it was NEVER FoxNews, the most untrustworthy name in news! It's usually PBS Newshour or BBC News. Then NBC, CBS and then maybe CNN, maybe.Breitbart, Drudge and InfoWars are NEVER considered news stations.

  9. Wikipedia hilarious man! Fuck this stooge selling his mainstream media propaganda narratives. All MSM is controlled by the Jews , 96%. Now Fuck off

  10. So many paid (I hope for their poor ass!) trolls, and they think it's working while CNN and MSNBC ratings are to the roof! We should all thank them for waking up the silent majority that don't want to wake up in a banana republic dictatorship with only partisan news authorized as legitimate by a far right party/ideology.

  11. "Trump Russian collusion is just a nothing burger" – Van Jose

    Speaking of which, rarely see that man on CNN anymore after he got caught saying that.

  12. Christiane Amanpour does not even realize she is part of the problem. She should review her coverage of Hillary Clinton during the election. That is called subjective, not objective journalism.

  13. Lol ya like I'll go to this leftist for the truth, I'll get as much from him as I will get from CNN FAKE NEWS

  14. Christiane, why won't you do a follow up with Omran Daqneesh's pro-Assad parents, you neo liberal Fabian fascist?

  15. "Accusations" I fucking love it bhhahhhaha. Trying to cover CNN's tracks. CNN sucks and everybody knows it.

  16. Wikipedia is fake when it comes to liberal causes so…Don't see much happening here but more of the same.

  17. Trump is attacking us! I can't think why! It's so unfair! We only attack him with 99.7% of our programming!

  18. …"a series of bad business decisions — that's how I've made my career"…

    Doesn't get much more honest than that. Jimbo's career has literally been receiving payment for losing or wasting other people's money (or donations). Openserving, Wikia Search, CiviliNation, Impossible, and most recently The People's Operator, whose stock is down about 95% since Wales took over the Chairman's seat.

  19. Love it, all the best of success Jimmy..
    Just to get it right, YOU CNN are attacking Trump on a daily bases and he has more important things to attend to than wasting his time on your FAKE NEWS CNN.
    By the way, Amanpour you are a joke and you suck!

  20. When a former pornographer speaks, no one should listen. Most of Wikipedia is a leftist/slanted view of history. They follow old communist and nazi logic. Say something long enough or print something long enough until the great unwashed believe it's true.

  21. Go look up "Fake News" on Wikipedia. Wiki is 100,000,000% fake news itself. And they don't even try to hide it.

  22. Jimmy Wales would hang himself before debating fake news or holding his own company accountable with fake news. Wikipedia is fake news itself. Just look up Fake News on Wikipedia itself. .

  23. Wikipedia is fake news. If I read history in my language (Italian), I can found many differences on the English version. In someways history turns in favor always for the anglo-saxon way of thinking. But that is not real history and it is not the truth. There are many omissions about the allied bombings during WWII. Or about the Romans, the civilized many countries, also Britain foundind London (Londinium), but that' s not good for the anglo-saxon view, so they have to turn it in a way to belittle them. Those are just examples.

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