Why We Love Ali Gatie & Rod Wave’s Sad Songs | Genius News

Why We Love Ali Gatie & Rod Wave’s Sad Songs | Genius News

JACQUES: Sad music has a time and place but
if you’re in that mood, artists like Rod Wave… Ali Gatie… And Kid Cudi’s somber hums are there to lift you up. JACQUES: But why do we listen to sad songs when we’re down? DR. LIILA TARUFFI: They are allowed to express
their own emotions so they experience a sort of catharsis or venting of the negative emotional
experience through music. JACQUES: That’s Dr. Liila Taruffi, a music
researcher at Durham University in the UK. She is the co-author of a 2014 study,
“The Paradox of Music-Evoked Sadness: An Online Survey,” where she found that quote. JACQUES: Dr. Taruffi’s research showed that people seek out sad music for obvious situations. DR. LIILA TARUFFI: For most of the people they
tend to seek sad music when they are feeling some sort of emotional distress. When they’re going through a break up,
loss of a person as well as the death of a person as well as stress at work. JACQUES: And it can make us feel happier. DR. LIILA TARUFFI: People get a sort of comfort
from the music as if it were a surrogate from an emphatic friend. People feel like they’re sharing their
negative emotional experience with someone else. JACQUES: But I wanted a real world take on
this so I pinged a few colleagues to see what they thought. JACQUES: Mikey! *Laugh*
MIKEY: * “Sir! BRIANA: Do I look at the camera or look at
you? JACQUES: Look at me
BRIANA: Hey! JACQUES: When do you listen to sad music? MATT: I listen to sad music all the time. BRIANA: When I’m in my feels I’m feeling sad. In a way, yeah, it does sorta make me feel better. MIKEY: On gloomy days the first thing I’m putting on is like quote unquote sad music. DELISA: It makes me feel seen and like I’m
not alone. JACQUES: Dr. Taruffi says feeling ‘seen’
is called ‘emotional communion.’ DR. TARUFFI: When a person feels they can
share their emotional experience with an author of a song and this idea that somebody else in the world is having the same life circumstances or emotional experience seems to be a great source of comfort. JACQUES: And my colleagues agreed. BRI: I feel better because I’m connecting
with whoever is singing the sad song and I’m like, ‘Man, we’re just sad together.’ MATT: My friends have always been like if
you’re sad, why do you listen to sad music? I’m like it’s an experience you just gotta
go through it. DELISA: A song when I’m going through any
type of break up. ‘Nobody’ by Mitski is probably like top 2 and it’s
not 2. BRI: Lately when I’m feeling down, I just want to relish that feeling lately I’ve
been listening to “Cellophane” by FKA Twigs. MATT: “Real Love” by Beach House. MATT: When I was going through some love problems back in college, I always go back to that one. JACQUES: But Dr. Taruffi says one person’s sad song can be another’s happy song. DR. TARUFFI: What you made of that song, what that song represented for you in your life, that counts more at the end of the day. JACQUES: But apparently listening to a song
after a break up is not always the best idea. GUY WINCH: If you’re trying to get over
someone, do you want to evoke all those feelings and associations or not is a question you should be asking yourself. JACQUES: That’s Guy Winch, author of “How
To Fix A Broken Heart.” He told us that a tough break up affects us
in the brain. GUY: The withdrawals of romantic love is the
same as the withdrawal of opioids for an addict. You are jonesing for a fix, nothing matters
to you more than getting a fix of that person. JACQUES: With that context, it’s easy to
understand why so many lyrics about heartbreak deal with a feeling of being near death – like
Ali Gatie’s “Losing You.” And Kanye West’s “Heartless.” JACQUES: And why people could grow callous towards love – as explained on Rod Wave’s
2016 cut “Heartbreak Hotel.” JACQUES: Guy believes music after a break up could be either good thing… GUY: You’re using it as a way to say goodbye
to the person separating and really coming to terms with the fact that it’s over it
can be useful. JACQUES: Or a bad thing… GUY: But if you’re listening to that song a month
later and you’re still associating it with the person who broke your heart, it’sgoing to be painful and it’s really going to set you back. JACQUES: But all in all, time heals all wounds
– best explained by Lil Uzi Vert. I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge
behind the music. Peace!

100 Replies to “Why We Love Ali Gatie & Rod Wave’s Sad Songs | Genius News

  1. sad music heals me. i listen to it for an hour straight and im fine. every time i get sad again i go back to the music and it calms me down

  2. I have never been in love or in a realasionship. But I still listen to love songs, and get so hurt and sad because of my non-existent boyfriend

  3. There’s literally no scientific reason for it but the fact we are sad individuals & sad music helps us relate & somewhat feel alive. Lol

  4. Yall gonna do a video on sad songs and not mention Frank Ocean… wow. On the real, I listen to sad music all the time because I feel like it balances me out!

  5. This is a great idea for a video, but thinking you can adequately cover this topic in a 5 and a half minute video is a joke. I wish i had y'alls reach, because I'd cover this in 3 videos.

    But there's so much to this concept and LOTS of people dealing with stuff. I feel like the music and the fans could be infinitely better represented.

  6. Basically Sad music is a cope for how ever you feeling like I always listen to sad music even when I feel neutral bc I just like how they sound or I could just always be depressed I'm not really sure but yea its basically a cope

  7. There’s certain songs that I really like now, songs that I didn’t care for so much in the past, and it’s just because those songs give me a sense of nostalgia. Songs that bring back good memories to reminisce about. I love that music can do that for you.

  8. Eli Sostre still up all night will put you in a mood after a break up or if you just trying to find a vibe SEARCH:

    Eli Sostre-Still up all night

  9. Im gonna listening Radiohead,Avril Lavigne or a heavy metal song if im feeling lost,broke,hurt and all that stuff. They're really helping with their songs.

  10. Shit I listen to sad songs all the time even when I workout! I love sad music especially in Spanish bc it hits so much harder/different level

  11. I’m a Empath so I listen to sad music all the time and it makes me feel deeply connected or extremely happy/powerful depending on the song 😌💕✨

  12. Life is like a piano
    The white keys shows happiness.
    The balck keys shows sadness.
    But as u Ventured on life's journey,
    Remember that black keys also makes music…❤️

  13. Listening to sad music just makes things worse. Music should never be a copping mechanism. Learn to give yourself advice and if not your friends

    I learned to give myself advice cause nobody is there for me. But it has made me stronger. And trust me, listening to sad music just makes things worse and makes you think of worse things and more things pile up

  14. Genius really found a way to bring back the nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody…. song Just as I was forgetting it.

  15. Well there's not many good artist out rn or artist really putting out happy go lucky music in the era… Rn mental illness is romanticize buuut songs will die and happy pop will take over again eventually like "I'm so happy" that was played everywhere even in my dreams. Rn it's just a trend in my opinion. Tbh if people really want to help mental illness like fr fr they will channel their songs into a more positive expressive vibe because feeding negative with negative just won't simply work? yeah you feel connected to an sad expressive song but when you think about it your just triggering your self over and over reminding your self of your pain without even knowing it but I know too happy songs and lil pump songs give you a headache. I am high asf rn so take this with an grain of salt as I'm thinking too deep.

  16. i just dropped the 5. song of my first EP. Im a german dude, that creates english music and i found an individual style! So listen and relax with me. Soon more is coming, so i would really appreciate your feedback! Love and peace guys. ❤️

  17. J.I, Rod Wave, Justin Rarri, Drake & Kid Cudi hit inna different great way to heal your pain best believe me on that🖤💯

  18. Most of those sad songs are pretty upbeat! Korea has the real sad songs. As someone who has never experienced the romantic type of heartbreak, I can't connect to breakup songs, but I listen to them sometimes b/c they're soothing or on a gloomy day or at night.

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