Why the fight with ISIS is far from over | Just The FAQs

Why the fight with ISIS is far from over | Just The FAQs

“And we will accept no
outcome but victory.” – When the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, an extremist terror
group of Sunni militants who allied with Al Qaeda, took
part in the Iraqi insurgency. Afterward, the group split from Al Qaeda and declared itself the Islamic State claiming authority over all Muslims. When the U.S. withdrew
troops from Iraq in 2011, the Islamic State capitalized
on Sunni anger and fear over Shia led governments. That same year the
group joined a rebellion against President Bashar
al-Assad in Syria. The group generated billions
of dollars from oil, extortion, robbery and kidnapping. At it’s peak the Islamic State controlled about 100,000 square
kilometers of territory and ruled over 11 million people. It declared itself a caliphate and instituted extreme
interpretations of Islamic law which were used to
justify attacks on Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Under the caliphate, the wearing of veils by women was required. Punishment for breaking certain laws led to public beheadings and those who practiced other religions were mercilessly persecuted. Though many prominent Muslim leaders rejected the caliphate, tens of thousands of foreigners traveled to the region to join it strengthening the regime. A coalition of countries
including the U.S. reentered the war
theater in Iraq and Syria and fought to greatly
weaken the organization killing many of it’s leaders, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. “He died like a dog,
he died like a coward.” – But the war against the Islamic State is far from over. Even though the caliphate
holds no territory, it continues to inspire and direct deadly terrorist attacks across the globe.

14 Replies to “Why the fight with ISIS is far from over | Just The FAQs

  1. You need to change your name to USSR TODAY no one said the fight was over but they took a big blow but you anti-trump idiots can't comprehend that

  2. Terrorists killing terrorists? You gotta be kidding!!!! ISIS still exist because King Rat BO and queen rat hillary support them with arms and funds. And how do we obliterate them?…

  3. because the united States made and funds them . it's their new boogie man excuse to invade what ever country they want to steal their resources. also to strip away the freedoms of it own people under the guise of safety.

  4. The answer is simple. Because USA created alQaeda and ISIS with the help of their number one ally Saudi Arabia. Truth hurts ✌️

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