Why Genius Doesn’t Matter | Taylor Wilson on Impact Theory

Why Genius Doesn’t Matter | Taylor Wilson on Impact Theory

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  1. This was a Great motivational talk.
    I was hoping for more information on the theories Taylor was or is working on and what it would mean to succeed or fail when trying them.

  2. I love this interview. The mutual respect, in terms of letting each other talk and being listened to. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. The title is pure clickbait. Everything in this video says genius does matter. So does more than a hundred years of research in the connection between success and IQ.

  4. I know who he is. Ive been interested for this young man since he talk about salt reactor from ted talk fews year back.

  5. Let's make sure Taylor procreates with multiple partners throughout his fertile life, god knows we needs them genes, let's not be selfish here.

  6. We all have tools and talents, lets use them wisely. This young man is a role model for many…. Great episode Tom, congrats!!!

  7. If growing governments and their misuse of technology towards increasing control over humanity makes me incredibly pessimistic for the future, every once in a while we get a human like this and it gives me some hope towards the future. I hope your legacy will be one of liberty and prosperity for mankind, good onya kid

  8. He talks about Elon Musk (as of now, based on achievements and goals I'd consider him the one "one in a generation" man on the planet), I wonder what these two could achieve if they worked together, why are we not funding this 🙂

  9. Taylor, I just want to thank you for restoring some faith in humanity, in an era where VERY few people do. I wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors, and look forward to following your life from this point forward.

  10. IF he does have the magic formula for Nuclear Energy,,,he will NOT live long then. Other's have met the same end..sadly

  11. Hi Taylor, I have developed a stepper pedal electric generator that will help solve our energy crisis around the world. It is not as impressive as your nuclear. However, I realized that once our stepper was created and turned on, the motor slowed down to a point that caused our peddler to apply
    more force then needed. My curiosity lead me to the electrons. What is causing the slow down of the motor. I need to ask you a
    few questions. I can be emailed at [email protected] or my cell 862-703-9196. Visit my website www.arc287bc.com
    I developed the motion transfer mechanism. I need your help!

  12. This guy is became my new Elon Musk. Elon Musk has nice ideas, but don't solve our main problem down on earth. Energy is our biggest problem of the feature, and goes hand in hand with solving climate change.

  13. The one thing he said makes the whole interview real. "His brother might be smarter but he could not find his passion yet". I think to find the passion for something is the hardest challeng in life, at least for me. I am very jealous of people who found that in there early ages. For me to find the passion in my life was an eye oponer and your becoming automatically successful and happy. Great words Taylor. And people, dont force it, let it come, you will notice it.

  14. I subscribed for 2 reasons, 1, you actually let people talk, 2, you always ask the right questions. ??

  15. He seems to have already conceded to achieving mediocrity. He isn't needed to inspire the next generation of scientists (it already exists).

  16. The world needs brilliant minds like his that can also communicate the difficult things in such a simple manner, pure genius.

  17. Smart people need support more than others. Glad to see he found people that can help him keep his mind open.

  18. This is by far the best talk iv seen on this channel, resonation of everything I hv been motivated in nutritional science. I have found my passion, like he said I feel lucky and yes the internet is a great tool but also must be treated with huge caution. Instant access to answers on many questions. The excitement comes from discovering no answer to questions you have and then searching why and what. Brilliant.

  19. Clever young man, it seems he does have a real talent and that is called KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT YOU REALLY WANT…

  20. Too bad the kid is racist and thinks so little of blacks that they'd only be interested in science if they see other blacks doing it. Instead, he should work on himself and figure out what it is about his elitist white supremacist attitude that made him believe that blacks need white people like him to solve their problems.


  22. So another money laundering "startup" company gets a hot YouTube propaganda spot to "free" us from the matrix whenever their mission is, and I quote ," to leverage commerce in shaping culture." In layman terms, using their money to buy influence. Rather than actually having anything real to say. So tired of this Nazi garbage. Not one thing of actual importance or interest mentioned in this entire interview. Might as well have been a show and tell for first graders. My kid brother the rocket scientist

  23. best innovators can take knowledge from other fields and apply it to new field
    Talk to folks outside of field
    Scientists need to become better communicators

  24. Tom, I have just discovered your channel. You are the bomb for bringing us the different people and topics that help to generate awareness on so many levels.
    And as for Taylor, holy cow! Kudos to him, and kudos to his parents! I am on pins and needles to see what he does next. Maybe he or his little brother can build on Dr. Gundry's foundation and put an end to aging!

  25. Only geniuses are super curious tho, if you are dim witted more than likely you won't be curious as to how things work, ur just glad that they do work. Like most people have no idea how most things work in their life, and lack the curiosity to find out. Genius imo is defined by the level of curiosity one has to understand how things work.

    Also too, this kid isn't the next Einstein, he's the next Tesla. Einstein wasn't really known for inventing a bunch of things the way Tesla was. Einstein was known for DISCOVERING things like the theory of special relativity e=mc2.

  26. Strangely there would be a non-white and possibly a Muslim who took part in YOUR WORK as told by Social Justice twisted version of equality equity. The Muslims, Malays, and Asian Indians in Asia would think it is their work and would demand compensation for "doing their civic duties".

  27. 26:46 The law of unintended consequences: This same technology (Internet / social media) has brought exponential anxiety, depression, loneliness, and suicide. . . Have you interviewed Mark Goulston ?

  28. The way Taylor Wilson speaks reminds me of the way Edward Snowden speaks. Same style: filled with varied knowledge, yet so humble. No airs. Always aiming for the larger good instead of the selfish objectives of most people.

  29. His success??? He hasn't actually produced anything. A lot of talk over the past 6 years, so what has this person actually done, nothing really….

  30. We need FREE ENERGY! I believe we already have it, just gotta get rid of the greedy ppl who have kept it secret from the public…..

  31. When you are 10 year old you don't identify with old people in white coats no matter their sex or color. You just don't.
    You like the skills, gender and race comes later. You like what Bruce Lee does, you want to know what he knows and you are sorry you don't look east asian. But no one dismissed Karate or Kung Fu because it is done by Old Chinese dudes.

  32. Why is this kid not mainstream? We are having a looming Oil war just over our horizon when we should have been backing people like this and gain freedom from oil.

  33. How did he do this stuff without injuring himself?
    How did he know how to safely handle this highly radioactive material and where did he get the PPE?
    It's not something you get from ACE Hardware.
    Ask some real questions and stop pandering.

  34. I've watched this video for the Nth time. I cannot stop having a crush on Taylor the moment he talks about all that nuclear science and energetics and rockets and explosives. Intelligence really makes a person gleam!

  35. Taylor Wilson if you want to changes world come to philippines and start you project atleast Philippines Goverment can support you to make it happened.Better than talking is a waste of time.

  36. Man, I'd love to have a chat with this guy! I sometimes do other things that require very little focus at the same time that I watch videos, but I just stopped multiple times what I was doing to pay even more attention to what you guys said. I'm just glad that the interview was not about just how much of a genius he was, but how it evolved, how it turned the way it is and how he used his abilities to do something with it!

    I used to be as deep into astronomy as Taylor is in nuclear physics in elementary school, but I didn't have access to the internet and came from a rather poor neighborhood, so I'd read everything book I'd find on the solar system, stars, constellations, black holes, neutron stars, etc. and re-read them over and over. My parents encouraged me and told me to watch any rocket launches that would be on TV, but I never went to space camp or visited a space museum as a kid. This interest all sparked from saturday cartoons lol! Eventually, I just lost interest in school because I was not being challenged enough (I've been told more than once that the questions I asked were too advanced for my grade and that I should keep up with the curriculum) and, now in college, I give grey hair to my classmates and get the attention of the whole department without much effort, just because I'm extremely passionate about what I love. I'm in my 2nd year and my advisor already asked me if I've ever considered getting a master's degree after I've told him about my own personal research and oriented me towards some research internships. If I ever have kids and see one of them show interest to whatever field to that kind of degree, I might go as far as consider home schooling to make more space for them to search a topic to their heart's content.

  37. Mind Blown …. can we have him for future president jijijij…. love his ability to communicate in a way that everyone can understand like he mentioned many are not able to do …. if I who has a low level of smarts and never wanted to sit and listen to anything science yet I could not pull myself away from listening to Mr. Wilson yeah he is ONE special person who can be that bridge that is soo needed giving life and excitement to others to join the movement of invention and curiosity again. Kudos.

  38. Mad respect for this guy, seriously. But please, its not necessary to say "right?" every ten words you speak. So not a fan of this trend in interview dialogue.

  39. Of course genius matters… Such titles for videos or books are only used to increase hope and relatability of the common man… But it's far from the truth… You really think an average person can compete on an intellectual level / a math test / theoretical physics with someone at 190 IQ genetically like Isaac Newton for instance…?

  40. This kid look exactly like Lord Royal Highness from Spongebob Squarepants Atlantis SquarePantis


  41. bla bla, bla bla bla…. Genius or a TV celebrity, who is about to discover DRUGS and sex and rock and roll ! BTW. Where is he now and what discoveries has he made, besides the portable barrel radiation detector ?

  42. Im so glad to see this prodigious young man here, i remember watching him in other interviews some years ago and i had the feeling that he was going to become somebody extremely prominent for this generation and now i also believe he is going to make history just like Mr Einstein did. God bless him.

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