Why are some Google services not yet available in Albania?

Why are some Google services not yet available in Albania?

Today’s question comes from
Dardan Hasku in Kosovo. And the question was
essentially, why does Google not support Albania at all? Mentioned a lot of stuff that
isn’t supported, like maybe not advanced search
on google.al. And closed with, does
Google hate Albania? Which generated a pretty funny
internal discussion thread. Because I pinged a few people. And I sort of abridged
the question to, does Google hate Albania? And so there were comments on
the internal doc like, no, we don’t hate Albania. And then the followup
guy said, no, we love Albania, period. That said, there’s still some
room for improvement. So we did launch google.al
earlier in 2013. And in fact, I think we
had a Google Doodle for the 100th day– Independence Day– late last year in 2012. So we are working on it. We’re trying to get better
support for Albanian. But even though Google’s won a
lot of prizes for having the most internationalized website
in the world, there’s still a lot work that we need to go
through to be able to make sure that we provide support
for language in all kinds of areas. And the question mentioned
Places and Advanced Search and Google News and that
sort of thing. So there’s still work
to be done. It’s not a deliberate slight. It’s not that we don’t
like Albania. We like Albania a lot. It’s just it takes time to be
able to support properties properly and give those
languages all the support that they deserve. So thanks for this question
very much. We’re going to use it to go
ping and throw some guilt trips at other people within
Google and see if we can push a little bit harder for
Albanian support.

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  1. The best – and quickest – way to get better Albanian services would be to sponsor a university course in computer science in the country; I'm guessing that the problem is a very small number of Albanian speaking / web savvy engineers. Albania is a very, very poor country, and needs serious help.

  2. Maybe it's because the NSA hasn't implemented their Google backdoor infrastructure in Albania yet?

  3. what non-sense are you talking about? I'm Albanian and Albania is the only country, where sidewise christians, muslims, jews, atheists, etc. live side-by-side without any religious problems.

    Lot's of people have friends from each other religion, that doesn't seperate us Albanians.

  4. Please explain the 15.000+ civil deaths made from serbs and their "extremist" ex-leader milosevic in kosovo? Same in Sarajevo in Bosnia before, where even more civil people, mothers and kids, were killed.

  5. As I see here in Tirana, lot's of universities teach their students only "closed" progamming & software. Like ASP, Microsoft Server, Oracle, etc. and this not even that good.

    Hm..could it be, that they get paid to teach "their" stuff, instead of PHP, MYSQL (MariaDB), Jquery?

    I've only seen it in privat University hear, where profs teach open-source, and these particular profs had good experience, as made their masters in Germany/Italy.

  6. They don't get paid to teach software engineering with only propriety software makers. Usually, at varsity level, you get exposed to C/C++ Assembler and work your way up. However, programming, regardless of language, software or even platform, is about logic. Can you logically solve a problem for someone using technology? Yes? Awesome…. doesn't matter what you do it in then is it? 🙂 I think you are referencing the drones they pump out that has shit for brains

  7. Yes, I know what you mean, you're very right. I know the basic of methods, functions, object-oriented programming etc. I've met a professor who's awesome at teaching the logic, but he works in a privat university. His students learned it exactly like you say.

    Thought speaking of the majority of students from at least 2 public universities, I haven't seen good teached students. Only a hand full of people, who learned it themselves.

    Not even talking about profs there who give good grades, for $

  8. Hey guys! Just because you disagree with a comment, does not make it spam!

    Use the 'thumbs down' button if you disagree.

    Thanks! 😉

  9. Google.al will serve more than 10 million people from albania or ethnic albanian lands which speak albanian . Albania with a GPD per capita of around 43 % of european average , and an internet penetration growing at tremendous rates , makes it economically viable for google to implement more google services .

  10. Also i will be one of the first to use more the google.al . Having 2 websites , spending more than 400 dollars per month for adwords ( international campaigns mainly focused USA and UK ) , and there are more albanians like me , and this number is growing 🙂

  11. Oh please, look what you've done to several centuries old Serb monasteries and civilians when our military and police left Kosovo. Kosovo albanians commited such crimes that I don't know how you have the nerve to call anyone else extremist. Both sides were committing crimes and you know it. Please leave politics a side and hear what Matt have to say about this issue. 😉

  12. Seriously these are the questions this guy answers now? How about explaining the May 1st domain diversity change in search results? You're only promoting more spam sites and domain squatters!

  13. Let's bury everything with respect, and look to a bright, peacefull future 🙂

    The thing is, these "wars" are in anyway deliberately provoked from higher up Elites..

  14. You know one thing I've noticed. International Google sites work better for their geographic targets than regular Google does. But when I'm signed into my Google account, Google won't let me use the international sites at all. It always redirects me to my local site… Google Kansas City. In order to use international Google, I actually have to sign out of my account, and then it works splendidly. Why does Google hate it's Kansas City and domestic users?

  15. re-read your history. we lost ethnic ALBANIAN lands in Macedonia's periphery after the "great powers" decided to play the fictitious character of "GOD" with Europe's geographical borders… Macedonia's periphery was, not sure if it still overwhelmingly is, populated heavily by ETHNIC ALBANIANS before and more so after the Kosovo conflict. Obviously displaced and broke, they wanted to evoke change, which was long overdue…

  16. Wow what a smart guy you are?
    OK then explain me why did Serbia attacked Slovenia,Croatia,Bosnia and Kosovo?? Why does every ex yugoslav country hates Serbia??

    P.S asnwering to your question about ''Why a guy from Kosovo is asking about AdSense about Albania is that Kosovo's popullation is 98% Ethnic Albanian.

    Does that make you clear enough?

  17. How about Canada? When can we expect to see the kind of granular data that SEO professional can get through google trends and analytics (like real time updates)?

  18. Matt….instead of the nice words why dont you do something about it. How involved is google and google services in albania and albanian language in comparison with the rest of the countries in the region like serbia, greece, slovenia, macedonia, bulgaria, croatia, montenegro,…etc. there are 8 million albanians in the region and i think we deserve more from google.

  19. ROpt jav qifsha .
    ishalla pe shtini gjuhen shqipe ne adsense .
    se na lodhet mi bo 15 postime ne gjuhen angleze per adsense @

  20. I live in Belgium but love google.al to be in Albanian language.
    Your website is the perfect site for communication and information.
    Thank you much for your google service

  21. Si pretendon te marresh gjithcka kur nuk poloteson te gjitha standartet e duhura ? Hajt tani uluni ne toke se gjithe ne shqiptart i dum gjonat gati , duhet me punu me arrit dicka pa pune ska gje.

  22. There are some Albanian Advertisers, so it would be a bad thing if albanian language is supported by Adsense !

  23. After 6 years we are still asking the same thing. When our lovely language will be supported for Google Ads? I'm very disappointed!!!

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