White House Scrambles To Keep Bolton Quiet | All In | MSNBC

White House Scrambles To Keep Bolton Quiet | All In | MSNBC

100 Replies to “White House Scrambles To Keep Bolton Quiet | All In | MSNBC

  1. Its not just Bolton who needs to testify. Everyone who was in the loop, including Giuliani must be questioned and cross questioned live in front of the jury.

  2. The loudest message Trump's presidency should bring to the Democrats is "If you keep doing what you're doing which is being corrupt or allowing corrupt politicians in your ranks to keep operating then the Right-Wingers will open the doors and welcome a would-be dictator to take the steps necessary for the end of democracy in America."

  3. Hope Bolton has protection, could end up like Mr. Epstein, cough cough Barr connections. He better get on the media and spew like Lev did.

  4. Was Bolton possibly the author of the anonymous op-ed?
    So much has happened since then that most have forgotten that happened.

  5. It's not crazy that it's happening. It's a shame… rite now I'm outside looking in. But watching it makes me not want to come back to America. Back home… If you guy knew what the rest of the world is say about us rite now it would break your heart.. how can I Stand for a nation that can't even stand for its self? You expect your service members to fight and defend our way of life.. that's exactly what's being done but there is no fight seen on your end at all. You sit and watch as politicians destroy our nation!! We got this end but we need you to hold up the other end.. our home. And all you need to do is open your mouth.. say some..

  6. Bolton will end up like Epstein.
    If what the press is saying is true.
    Trump and his thugs are not to be crossed.
    If Bolton testifies He will clear Trump.
    The Democrats will have been played by Bolton,,,,again.
    Bolton is an Evil thing , thinking he will side with the good is a mistake.

  7. How many other people in the WH are writing tell all books. Any hits on the GOP are com coming from within. The boat is sinking and they are running out of cork.

  8. Trump meet the guy who's going to rub your face in his feces but you gotta wipe off Vladimir Putins first and he doesn't want your "HUSH MONEY" trump!!!

  9. Drumpf has created a scum filled swamp. This is a huge mess much more than Bush and more so then Nixon. Dirty dirty dirty DONNY. Dear senators, "Get some balls and do the right thing for the people."

  10. They spend millions of The country in this trial and They fight WHO is going to be The winner and both sides are 90 percent The chosen people they fight each other's all of them are you and 80 percent of Americans Live paycheck to paycheck that's the reality period

  11. Keeping John Bolton quiet? I can't say I am a fan of him, but let's keep one thing clear, if Trump thinks he's got what it takes to take on Bolton, my money is on Bolton. Unlike his former employer, Bolton has a working brain, for one thing.

  12. This Administration has gone completely Rogue .The next President will take full advantage of the new law-breaking-privileges set by this precedence , be it Dems or Reps.

  13. Republican senators are being unfair to the public. Bumper stickers: REPUBLICANS UNFAIR TO THE PUBLIC INTERESTS IN IMPEACHMENT along with now Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch opinion that TRUCK DRIVERS' LIVES DON'T MATTER. Alternatively, SUPREME COURT JUDGE WANTS TO FREEZE OUT DRIVERS.

  14. CNN and the left are out of their minds salivating about Bolton's testimony. Boy, they are delusional and in waiting for a rude awakening. Bolton will say almost nothing if he testifies. He may be at odds with Trump but he's not a rat. He will keep his mouth shot out of respect like a good soldier just like Mattis did. Mattis revealed that he was at odds with Trump but not much more.

  15. "I don't know Bolton, he was recommended by Mike Pence to me. I wasn't even fond of him when I saw him – but everyone was telling he was a fine attorney and has a lot of experience. But I never met him, he is just Pence's buddy and FOX news like the guy – they told me he was good. But I don't know the guy, he is obviously a terrible person, a lowlife that want to sell his book – he wanted a war okay! I didn't go to war and now he is mad"…says Trump

  16. Together we stand divided we fall Republicans if you all come together and vote against Trump there's nothing he can do they will take him out otherwise if there's one two or three Trump can attack you guys wake up our democracy is depending on you guys Trump is a traitor he has sold the country out he has sold secrets to Russia and China he's guilty and you know he's guilty why else would he hide all the truth and does not respect subpoenas and always looking for executive privileges when there should not be.

  17. See how well you people need too have to much to say. The Democratics and their little minions on the sidelines thinking everything you say is the hit! Get real' it's not.

  18. Because obviously the Republican Party itself is corrupt the news has Chao numerous things Beyond these two articles that this man has done in private life and as president so you have to ask yourself what did Giuliani do Patron mayor what has the Republicans gained who won in Sharon Russia helps him win the election not only that why does Trump admire Putin so tough does he want to be like him?

  19. Bolton is no hero here. Why should they have to pull teeth to get him to talk. There’s no way that I’ll buy that book. Who’s with me?

  20. How is it crazy? You mean that because the republicans have decided that any witness testimony is no longer admissible in trials? And that first hand testimony is now considered "hearsay" and also inadmissible? Well if anything it will make all trials from now on go really fast since we can just skip the whole witnesses part lol. Man this has really reached levels beyond absurdity what they will do to cover up and protect this ONE man that they do not even really like themselves. Absolutely absurd.

  21. The lawyers won;t allow Trump to testify because he would cut his own throat. And they don't want Bolton because he has first hand information that goes directly against what Trump has been saying.

  22. Bummer is, because of how the corporate media and democrat establishment has behaved lately, nobody believes anyone anymore. They are attacking their own candidates so they could care less about the impeachment anymore. Trump will line their pockets, so will Biden. If Biden or one of their own doesn't win, they'll probably help Trump stay in power.

  23. This is not democrate party or repblican party, it's for beautifull people of america. you choosen by the people america to do their job proper, to built the state

  24. Alexander Butterworth that's hilarious it's Alexander Butterfield pal did anyone else catch that I'm sure they did I just haven't read all the comments

  25. Bolton could come out and say he saw Trump making plans to bomb Canada and republicans would say "its OK he's the president—executive privilege— blah blah blah".

  26. Classified information should not be in a book. This old guy has been bought by the demoracts . They told to write a book they spoke to him and gave him money so now he says he will testify

  27. You idiots that are holding out till they give them more money for their vote. Bolton need to keep classified information quite or he can get in trouble.

  28. It a joke and not impeachable shut it down and go to work for the people. All these sell out want to get paid under the table by the billionaire s

  29. Why you Americans go to the streets , and defend democracy you now look like a buns of sheeps 🐑. The world is laughing at this theater and is becoming dangerous. Even N.Korea and Russia has more free speech than under Your DJT number 45. Never mention his name in history again, and what kind of democracy you are that your president can block subpoena and evidence to the American people. IS A DISGRACE YOU HAVE BECOME A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY WHER YOU ALWAYS SPIT ON WHAT A JOKE. ACT NOW

  30. I adore the fact that the GOP created Bolton, now they realize that he is radioactive and they think they can still fix this meltdown with mops and duct-tape.

  31. Bolton is playing you…. an yuh like it!

    What's troublin you, is the, nature of his game.

    The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.
    – Noam Chomsky

    Yes, it is easy to control young people, because everybody else already knows your dumb cycles, so they just feed you shock and awe knowing you will react in a way that will favor their pocketbooks, and their future control over your brain…. you are being trained to obey, and then beg for more.

    Age and truth. Young people love what is interesting and odd, no matter how true or false it is. More mature minds love what is interesting and odd about truth. Fully mature intellects, finally, love truth, even when it appears plain and simple, boring to the ordinary person; for they have noticed that truth tends to reveal its highest wisdom in the guise of simplicity.
    – Nietzsche

  32. Simple…this should be about right and wrong, and about respecting ones oath…denying witnesses is shameful, history will not be kind to these cowards and their obvious cover up.

  33. Why we are polarized? We are polarized because white folks don’t want to relinquish white supremacy. The vast majority of white people will never be afforded the level of white privilege that Trump currently enjoys, but even still, Trump can do no wrong, because he is a white man. He can shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and get away with it.

  34. If Clinton had won the 2016 election, would Hunter Biden still be receiving millions from a corrupt Ukrainian company: Yes or No ?

  35. Corrupt = willingness to act dishonestly in return for personal gain.
    Is McConnell and republicans corrupt?…they want to prevent witnesses and documents to be heard and seen so as to declare that POTUS Trump is innocent….so that he can stay in power….so that they can continue to have power.
    There are clearly corrupt.
    Do not also gangsters act to prevent witnesses from telling the truth?
    BUT, then again, the senators believe in "FREEDOM" as do all Americans and people on the earth…."FREEDOM" for their will, their rights, their ways….defining evil to be good and good to be evil.
    POTUS Obama once said that "FREEDOM" of rights is based on the beliefs of the people in that nation…and each nation is "FREE" to define what is their rights.
    POTUS TRUMP …ALSO…..said in a UN speech said that he expects each leader of each nation to claim and stand for the "FREEDOM" for their self defined rights.
    The senators are acting for "THEIR FREEDOM" …each going their own way.
    The 10 toes (5 Democratic & 5 Republican) in the statue of Daniel are described to be made of iron and clay….having the strength of iron but also the divisiveness caused by clay.
    And so it is in the name and spirit of "FREEDOM".

  36. Bolton,must come out in news conference.The Republicans are going to try and Pull. A Woolly over Us Americans ,And Vote Against Bolton.Come On Bolton,Tell All. of Us The Truth!

  37. Bolton has suchba Respected N Admired by so Many Americans and Solders,also in the intelligence,n Pentagon,He can't fall Being Bullied by a man Who continues to commit crimes.

  38. They already have the transcripts that have been released that shows everything that was said. John Bolden is not needed and will not change anything for the Dumocrats. This impeachment is basically over with now it's just a bunch of formalities to go through.

  39. Why bother? If Bolton says, "Well trump told me he was holding the military aid until Ukraine investigates Biden," and the GOP senators will say it's not impeachable…

  40. So let's say Donald Trump is aquited from a trial that never had witnesses, will the American people just except it? Will their anger show up at the polls?

  41. Here is a question for defense team: if any president believes getting re-elected is for the good of the nation, it would not be an impeachable offense if military with rifles stand at voting centers to intimidate voters?

  42. A reasonable person could conclude there are thousands of Trump voters
    that have buyer remorse. Trump won the electoral college by 77000
    votes. Boltons testimony holds a lot of weight.

  43. A reasonable person could conclude there are thousands of Trump voters
    that have buyer remorse. Trump won the electoral college by 77000
    votes. Boltons testimony holds a lot of weight.

  44. Interesting that Bolton wouldn’t before Congress because the White House wouldn’t give him approval yet he has no problem putting out a book that he will profit from when the White House does not give him approval for that either.

  45. Does anyone think it is strange that they are going to impeach a President for withholding taxpayer money to send to another country for war, but it is perfectly acceptable to do nothing for the homeless and hungry and let them have lead water in our own country?

  46. Invoke! Compulsory Process Clause Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution allows defendants in criminal cases to secure witnesses in their favor through the issuance of a court-ordered subpoena. Text:In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor. @ @ (voting against witnesses is not transparency)@

  47. why Bolton has FACTS but the Managers Don't ?……..BOOK DEAL……
    He hates LIBERALS but now Because of a BOOK he is your hero ?……

  48. Bolton isn’t going to testify. Republicans have corrupted every level of government.. Thank you to the guy who said this isn’t normal.

  49. If they say Bolton book is classified he wants to sale his book America people are going to read it so what's so classified about it

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