What is the smelliest part of your body? | Because News Survey

What is the smelliest part of your body? | Because News Survey

– [Interviewer] What is the
smelliest part of your body? – Ah! Oh my good– – Oh my God! – Pass. – Can’t answer that dude. – Pass. – I guess I’d just have
to go with the anus. – My bum. – My uh behind. – My personality’s a pretty
smelly part of my body. – I do a lot of cycling and
so I spend a lot of time with chamois shorts on so, there’s a whole area. – Crotch. – Under my breasts, sorry
you asked. – I am a runner, I get sweaty,
I’m gonna go with the pits. – Armpits. – Armpits. – My underarms. – Armpits after probably
a sporting activity. – [Interviewer] I love how people throw in after something.
– Yes, exactly. – My armpits. – Armpits. – Armpit. – I definitely have tried lots of different types of deodorant. – My armpits. – Armpits. – If I get BO I’m proud
’cause it takes a couple days and then I’m like, “I smell like a, I gotta man stink.” – My nose. – My nose. – My glands are smelliest in the morning. – My neck because I often wear perfume. – My feet, by far and anything
my feet touches by extension. – We are wearing shoes
for like 70% of the day and it goes through a journey. – Feet. – My feet. – Feet? – My feet. – And it’s always my feet. – If somebody had to measure my shoe size, I would have to apologize. – My feet. – They’re usually encased
in socks and sneakers so I think we’ve got a
little funk goin’ on there. – At the end of the day
that’s probably what I catch a whiff of. – Probably my feet now that
the weather’s changing. – Like wearing sandals, yeah. – In the summer, my feet. Well maybe always my feet. – My mouth. – My mouth? – My mouth because I
drink coffee all the time. – The miasma around my
entire being when I open the fridge and there are
nine kinds of cheese. Spanish, French, Italian
and some of them are blue. Cambozola and Roquefort so then I feel like kind of that becomes me head to toe. – My hands are pretty smelly right now. – Uh, nothing. I smell like a bed of roses. I smell great. – Piercings just do not smell good. I’m only pierced on my head. Don’t use that. Don’t use me saying
don’t use that. You can use all that. – I guess you’d
have to ask Elizabeth.

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  1. Wait, an Asian girl wears shoes 70% of the day? Does she sleep in shoes? Every Asian I know don't even wear shoes while at home so it's gotta be closer to 40-50% of the time.

  2. of course all the men at the start say pass typical women, but tap on the back to the women who said their feet

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