What Caused The Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant And 8 Others? | TODAY

What Caused The Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant And 8 Others? | TODAY

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  2. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😥😥😥😥

  3. The only thing I can think of is the uncertain expressions on thier faces, lord only knows that he probably held her so tight, way to young, too many lives, great lagacies forever and always

  4. Another mysterious death(s)…. None of it makes sense to me if the weather was that bad why take that chance… I don't believe nothing the news says or anything any media source says period.

  5. Tragic as this is, as of this comment I don't believe the pilot did anything incorrectly. Unfortunately, you can't just switch to IFR mid flight without it being okayed by Air Traffic Controllers. It's tragic but he did not commit any FAA violation.

    Obviously this perspective will be subject to change based on investigative findings. This just makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. A good pilot wouldn't have risked 9 lives and would have insisted they not fly or find a place to wait until the fog lifted.

  7. I work at Van Nuys Airport just a few miles from the Crash and when I arrived at work yesterday I said right away that the weather will keep the Helicopters and small Planes from flying in the morning due to very dense fog and cloud ceilings. This accident was weather-related, I will bet everything on it.

  8. Kobe bryant dies and americans are sad and posting theor condolences online..a man they never knew..a man they prolly never met..a man that has done nothing for them personally…An American soldier dies..you never hear anything out of the public..america we have a problem..people in this country care more about sports p
    Stars who are overpaid than they care about the people sacrificing everything to keep us free..

  9. Even how many investigations will make,how many questions will ask..the life of kobe and the rest will not be back.😭

  10. I am not one to be in tears often, but today I can't help it. I am in a state of shock and sadness. I am on my lunch break and I can't even eat. I feel like someone punched me in the gut.

  11. I will miss Kobe Bryant and his daughter everybody rip in chat and subscribe to my channel please and thank you i need the help thank you i want to do this for Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dance is life!!!!!!!!!! i want to hit 1K


  13. Could of should of would of thats all every one always say after a accident. ..are life was already written when we was born dis was dis man and his daughters destiny lets face it

  14. Foggy conditions, LAPD had their choppers grounded. Listen, I'm no expert here so I'll sit back and let the investigation unfold. But this just doesn't look good so far. I just feel like if you even have to ask if conditions are alright for flying, you should just assume they aren't.

  15. Last night I was able to obtain the traffic control to pilot conversation from a friend (The Shadow, ex IDF in Israel–he is a public figure and so anyone can go to his FB page to see that if they want). Sorry that his page is all in Hebrew but I am sure you can SEE what clip is the air traffic controller to pilot conversation). The conversation was the usual and then the air traffic could not get a response from the last question asked. The controller asked the same question two more times and there was not ever a response. That was the end.

  16. This is the reason why I always try to keep in my mind what Jesus Christ said " What is seen is temporary what is unseen is Eternal" Very few humans think outside the box. It's their thought process ( evolved from their habits) that wears them down from such accidents.I always try to look at bigger picture and sometimes get disturbed by how human beings ( as they are growing into billions ) will be responsible for wiping out ourselves and other species and turning this planet into a dead planet in couple of centuries.

  17. Death of the clout chaser has the air traffic audio and HE WAS flying under special VFR.. Also.. The controller held him up for 15 minutes forcing the helicopter to stay airborne.. Near the point of the crash THERE IS CLEAR MISCOMMUNICATION BETWEEN AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL and the pilot who isn't heard speaking (suspiciously) close to the moment of impact .. Can we find that audio?? Word.. Something STRANGE happened.

  18. i know this isn't the first time someone said this but if god exists then why would he/she or "it" take somebody as passionate and caring like kobe or take any lives everybody has a purpose R.I.P to everybody no matter how cold they are if you are in need look for help, if you are hurt cure yourself, if you are having a hard time ask people to help don't be scared to ask. #positivityiskey #nobadvibes

  19. The RAW clip did not start at the beginning of the problem. However, that said, my best guess or a question I have is WAS THE TAIL ROTOR found at the crash scene? Or? The behaviour of the helicopter on the RAW clip that I did watch SEEMED to be a chopper without a tail rotor (yaw, spin, tumble)? If so, it is apparently still possible to emerg land a chopper in that case but I guess we will just have to wait.

  20. Bottom line, what was so important that they “had” to fly at that moment? Was it perhaps an important “game”! Complete stupidity.

  21. The chopper should have never left the ground…plain and simple. There is a price to pay for being Arrogant and thinking dense fog warning doesn't apply to me. Well…it killed his daughter and others. My heart goes out to his wife and family and passengers families.

  22. Rule 1: don't fly in bad weather.
    Rule 2: don't fly in a hurry.
    It's not worth the risk.
    Sorry for the lose of lives.
    Terrible tragedy for everyone

  23. When I drove through northern Los Angeles/Ventura counties, I was HORRIFIED at the fog density! I had "NEVER" seen fog conditions so thick IN MY LIFE! It wouldn't surprise me to find that to be the cause. I prayed the whole time while passing through. If someone had stopped just five feet in front of me, I would not have been able to see it in time.

  24. I think pilot had been drinking…one of pilot friends shows a pic of him in a chopper stating "this was the last beer" we had. Shows pilot sitting in his chopper. I just thought that was interesting…

  25. The fog had zero to do with it. Witnesses described concisely that they heard the engine sputtering and fail and shortly after heard the impact and explosion. Pilots fly in zero visibility all the time. This was not pilot error, it was obviously mechanical malfunction…

  26. Blood and alcohol test on the pilot… how do they get that stuff when then chopper blow up ? RIP to all souls on board. 🙏

  27. That sounds excessively suspicious fog caused the accident that's the excuse we're going with all that technology the ability to know what altitude you are is on the dashboard

  28. So there is this guy that the 13th of November of 2012 said in Twitter that kobe will die in a helicopter crash. Everybody research that in google.
    And also, there is this episode of an animation of comedy central uploaded in 2016 where Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, and they just eliminated the episode today and they apologized on Twitter for what has happened. Research on google and look for the video in YouTube.

    This remember me to the challenge of JuiceWrld in tik tok that was about fake a death of a seizure and the month after JuiceWrld died just the same way, with a seizure.

    This is crazy.

  29. Celebrities just cant wait. They always get what they want and if Kobe said "We're flying" then they're flying. RIP

  30. I feel sad how he would have felt looking to his daughter when the incident happened. It's very heart breaking 💔

  31. Shouldn't this chopper have an altimeter to register the machine altitude. If you fly in this area I would assume you as a pilot should be aware of the height needed to clear the mountains. I think this is pilot error, and since LAPD choppers were grounded these people should have taken their cars to the game. It is a shame what happened.

  32. Watch "The Legend of Chamberlain Heights: Kobe Bryant"
    It's a cartoon predicting Kobe's death via a helicopter crash that was made in 2016.

  33. Praying for Kolbie's family! And the others that were lost in that Horrible Crash! Jesus Is Lord! God Bless You All! Jane

  34. A very bad call on the adults part considering there were young children on board. Nothing is worth the risk when flying, it's just a game!

  35. 1:10 Instrument flying isn't another way of saying autopilot. If that is what he is trying to say.
    The pilot was legally allowed to fly alone.
    SVFR can be conducted by a non IFR rated pilot in a VFR only aircraft. (Helicopters)
    See 14 CFR 91.157 For more information about the legality of flying Special VFR

  36. Just to clarify. There is a report that states the helicopters last known speed was 161 knots (or 185 mph). With fog that thick, they never saw the hill. The pilot literally smacked into it. He probably didnt see the ground (hill) till it was about 5 to 10 ft in front of his windshield. And at that speed, no pulling out. Instant death.

  37. the sheriff obviously knows his work. i wish that butch hard broad would go away! could she be anymore useless!?

  38. People die all the time. All lives should be treated equally regardless of one's occupation whether they are a 5 time NBA champion or a sandwich artist, thank you.

  39. As usual msm has no clue when it comes to aviation, the s-76 autopilot is not able to do automatic flight below around 65 knots, far to fast for an approach to land like what this chopper was doing. its basically there to be used during the cruise phase to let the pilot concentrate on other stuff, its not there for takeoffs landing and approaches to off airfield landing zones.

  40. I was a huge Kobe fan when I was younger As him being a professional athlete. He was the biggest Influencer for young an aspiring athletes RIP TO A Legend Kobe Bryant you will be in a better place

  41. I also find it difficult to imagine the death of my favorite basketball player…He was the best in his time and ours…What a pity he's not among us now.I sympathize with his family and the victims of the plane crash.

  42. Everyone is feeling sorry for Kobe and his daughter.
    Can we pls also remember that there was a pilot too.
    RIP Kobe,his daughter and the pilot

  43. "Los Angeles is mourning" sounds cliche, but I'm from south central Los Angeles I'm 35 and I never seen so many grown man crying from Mexicans to blacks RIP TO THE GREATEST LAKER TO EVER LIVE! THANKS FOR THE PARADES THANKS FOR NEVER LEAVING!!

  44. Condolences to his family, I am share their sadness. There is a guy in the Country of Belize that looks just like him click the facebook link and you will be surprised at the striking resemblance. https://www.facebook.com/moses.sulph.5?__tn__=%2CdC-R-R-R&eid=ARBiKiDIpRGsjoYE_jzQkh4yHlXNlpYOy0x3SmXl-EuKSj9QOEFED40RXJ1xJNFM624z68hyILj1G-aU&hc_ref=ARRA7WxOezPeT6DJZlydUam8UkOspfI1doPXB18LCUYbsb-lofta0f7NWrs-GzLIeaw&fref=nf

  45. The pilot failed the passengers so sad. Should have known it was dangerous. He should have slowed down significantly but he kept it at 180 mph

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