What breaking news has been released at MSParis2017?

What breaking news has been released at MSParis2017? Well, I’m always looking for new information around progressive MS because as Chair of the scientific steering committee of the Progressive MS Alliance that’s where my focus is. And this has been a very good year because we had the three major networks that the Alliance is funding, they presented on Wednesday evening they presented their work, and these are international networks which are looking at new treatments for progressive MS and also for new biomarkers. So that was really exciting and the hall was packed, a huge amount of interest. But the biggest breaking news, which will be presented tomorrow, but which I am fully aware of is the results of the trial on a drug called Ibudilast in progressive MS. Now Ibudilast is a drug which protects the central nervous system and this is really one of the first studies looking at a neuroprotective agent in progressive MS, and the marker they’ve been using is brain atrophy so looking to see if they could reduce brain atrophy. And I understand from reliable sources that this trial is positive. So this could be a huge breakthrough in our treatment of progressive MS. And ‘atrophy’ means shrinking? Yes, loss of tissue basically. So preventing that loss of tissue which we see in progressive MS.

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