What a war with North Korea would look like

What a war with North Korea would look like

There’s no limited warfare option when it
comes to open conflict with North Korea. We’re talking months of fighting. You’re going to see large amounts of artillery,
large amounts of munitions, dropped from aircraft, from B-52s, B-1s, B-2s. You’re going to see a shelling of the terrain
on the Korean Peninsula that you only see in the movies, from World War II and the Korean
War. This is a very brutal, very deadly regime. In the event of a military conflict on the
Korean Peninsula, we have a situation where we could potentially be talking about the
second, third, and 11th largest economies in the world, engaged in a military conflict. The scale of fighting will be greater than
anything we’ve seen around the world since the Korean War, not just on the Korean Peninsula. I think that there is a general misperception
among the American public as well as among many of my colleagues here on the Hill, as
well as, I believe, with the president of the United States, that there’s some sort
of limited warfare that can occur with regards to North Korea, that would be a surgical strike
or a “bloody nose” attack that would not result in mass casualties, and that’s simply
not true. Given the fact that there is a 1.2 million-man
army, some 6,500 armored vehicles, tanks, some 12,000 artillery pieces, chemical weapons,
some 5,000 tons of chemical weapons, the amount of blood and treasure that will be expended
if war resumes on the Korean Peninsula will be on a scale that we have not seen since
the Korean War, since the cessation of hostilities in 1953. From the very beginning, North Korea would
likely fire chemical weapons, potentially thousands, if not tens of thousands, of rounds. We’re talking about 25 million people in Seoul
from all around the world, not just Korean citizens. A possible 100,000 dead within the first few
days and 10,000 the day after that from just a conventional attack. I don’t think there needs to be any other
reason to be concerned about this than just that alone. And then the US president, President Trump,
would have to decide how does he respond to that kind of thing? It has been waiting for the right conditions
in the past 65 years. And at some point, when it deems it has the
advantageous position, or when it has no other option, it may very well attack South Korea,
seeking to unify the peninsula under the Northern regime’s control, for one single purpose. And that is to ensure the survival of the
Kim family regime. According to our commanders in Korea, they
could fire something in the neighborhood of 500,000 artillery rounds, shells, and rockets
within the first hour, and continue that pace for probably several hours. South Korea would, of course, retaliate, using
their artillery to try to suppress the North Korean artillery fire. And so they would be firing into Pyongyang
just as North Korea would be firing into Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Unfortunately, I believe that North Korea
would be more likely to actually use biological weapons than nuclear weapons. One individual or a couple of individuals
could deliver a strategic-level attack on a city, a densely populated area, and expose
tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, or over a million people to lethal doses of
biological weapons. They are so potent that one or two people
with less than a kilogram, for example, of anthrax, and a sprayer, a backpack sprayer,
could deliver over a million doses, lethal doses, of anthrax and kill tens of thousands
or even over 100,000 people in just one attack. In fact, I think that a military strike will
only reinforce the belief among North Koreans that they need nuclear weapons to make sure
that they maintain their sovereignty and their independence of action. In the historical literature, we talked about
a concept called “use it or lose it.” As soon as we start attacking North Korea
in a way where they could lose their weapons, they will be tempted to use them. So if we want to destroy his nuclear weapons,
he may well start using them so that he can get some utility from them, and that’s an
outcome we really don’t want. I think most people would say that peaceful
unification of the Korean Peninsula is the preferred way of going about this, but I think
that North Korea’s ambitions are fundamentally at odds with US policy and South Korea’s
policy. What I learned on the ground talking to both
military and civilian leaders is that Kim Jong Un is not someone who is simply going
to disappear. You can’t buy him off. He is there to stay, and he is determined
to retaliate in an overwhelming way, with whatever weapons he has at his disposal. We have to understand that trying to take
the humanitarian tack with them isn’t going to get us very far. We’ve got to be prepared to show them strength
for them to respect us. I would argue that we still have quite a bit
of runway to try to shape the way he approaches the nuclear weapons program. I think that sanctions have never been tougher. There are internal stresses in the regime
as the sanctions take hold, and the diplomatic isolation will continue to damage the regime’s
ability to gain hard currency for its weapons programs. Now, I think we owe it to ourselves and to
our allies, and for global peace, to let the maximum pressure work its way on North Korea.

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  2. Father God, Lord Most High, King and Ruler Of All,
    I come before You asking You to intercede in a matter concerning North Korea leader Kim Jong-un .
    Please stop his madness.
    He and his socialist government has suffered great affliction on so many of his our people, for three generations now.
    He has threaded Nations with his weapons of destruction.
    Please end his cruel rule .
    Remove Kim Jong-un and his socialist government from power.
    Please intercede and take control of this matter before more innocent people are killed.
    Please stop Kim Jong-un madness , before it is too late.
    I come before You in prayer asking You, Father God, Lord Most High to please intercede in this matter and I ask in The Name Of Your Son, Your Word, Your Judge, Your Sword, The Lord Jesus Christ, who is Lord Of Lords, King Of Kinds, who rules over the Nations with a rod of iron.
    Amen and Amen.

  3. You can make north korea weak potentially give up by making money rain litterally north korea currency money rain so an inflation can happened and korea needs to pay with other currency to get resorses for their country for their solgers then they will give up because of hiper inflation and their money has almost no value

    And thats a fact

  4. Question for all you commentors would it be acceptable for the USA to nuke North Korea in a similar way to Japan (only targeting military indutrial targets not civilian populations) in the event of an all out chemical attack on Seoul .

  5. Mabey if we get permission from the world to use weather weapons and freeze all there old tech while our advanced tech could work better
    You could use nukes in small amounts to create a local nuklear Winter

  6. Maximum pressure and sanctions are effective . War will severely damage South Korea and Japan and the Global economy.

  7. If there is war between the USA and Korea it will likely just be like the first korean war just with North Korea having WMD's.

    But that will only be so if the west attacks first. If the Koreans attack first it will probably just be Iraq all over again.

  8. I wonder what happens when the day of North Korea deciding that the economic sanctions on it are enough and they just start nuking people or invading other countries. Honestly we have the best chance right now to completely annihilate that country and considering he's more than capable as well as more than willing to use weapons both chemical and nuclear against his own people then there's only one clear conclusion the UN needs to agree that Korea needs to be destroyed just like the UN needs to agree that the Middle East needs to be destroyed and the sooner we can get to that conclusion the better off this planet will be

  9. Why do all these so-called "experts" always assume that one of North Korea's options would be a chemical or biological attack against a densely populated center like Seoul? Intentional civilian deaths would turn the population and the world opinion against them. Attacks on a military base, yes. Deliberate attacks on a population center, not likely.

  10. I love it when a Senator who wasn't able to be drafted during the Korean War thinks she knows more than a President who graduated from the New York Military Academy. One does not simply… violate one of the key conditions of the 1953 Korean Armistice by approving an AUMF to bomb North Korea without South Korea's consent.

    Can we sell Illinois to China in exchange for reducing our debt with them? Madame Clinton's home state needs a good asswhupping.

  11. Now many people know Kim Jungeun doesn t want a War!!But Deputy prime minister Taro Aso mentioned that another Korean will be great for boosting Japanese economy!! That 's so selfish of him saying that!! He is a War manic who respects Hitler!

  12. HEAR ME OUT…I really think the LEADERS, such as president, queen, king, etc …if they have a problem they should fight .. like fist fight. that's it. always putting people in harm

  13. Hmm, Speaking about Nuclear War with North Korea, North Korean Mosong and Taedong Warheads cannot even reach the shores of Alaska, Samoa, and Hawaii, let alone win a nuclear war with the US. with orbital satellite hyper beam attackers and Gigaton ICBMs that could reach elsewhere on the face of Earth, so nice try with your Pro-North Korean Apologetic Rhetoric against America.

  14. The solution is simple, instead of retaliation if ever north Korea does attack, military funding's should go towards defending against these attacks, research ways to strike down missile attacks instead of firing back, find antidotes or solutions to dilute chemical warfare, build stealth drones to strike down aircraft flying over that are delivering payloads. Remember the old saying, a good offence is a good defense. I believe acting in a defensive way instead of an aggressive way will frustrate there leader and make him feel inferior because none of his attacks are making it through. If we strike back it will only prove that north Korea still has enemies but if no one strikes back but defends from their attacks then it shows that north Korea is the only enemy.

  15. All because us and USSR decided to intervene and occupy the korean peninsula without their permission because those two were the two super powers, but really they were just playing a childish games…

  16. Korean was one independent country, the whole Korean. Yes, China was master of Korean for a long time. Then Japan rise up and beat China and Korean. Korean was turned into colony during WW 2.After Japan was beat, USSR, China, USA seprate Korean in to 2 pieces as Neutral zone, just like they did to Germany. And they are still 2 countries. Korean is a perfect example,shows us how a small country could be manipulated by superpowers.

  17. The greatest idea launch all the foods the markets buildings and they will starve but if china gives food then damage the weapons

  18. Get 1 single piece of North Korean currency
    Send a hundred planes out there
    Drop tons of counterfeit money in bombs
    Inflate the economy faster than Zimbabwe and Venezuela
    Make sure Kim doesn’t do anything bad to his own people in response
    Watch the regime crumble

  19. If "Chemical Weapons: of ANY KIND, were actually used by N.Korea . . . they would CEESE TO EXIST, an it would take no longer than "Hours".

  20. South Korea represents what humanity should do to make their race successful and North Korea represents what humanity is going for

  21. I do have to say that I give credit for the way Trump has handled the situation in North Korea. That's one of the few very good things he's actually did.

  22. Comrade KIM IL SUNG has proposed the peaceful Reunification through the Democratic Federation of Koryo where both states maintain their own system and compete in peaceful manner

    Its funny that the "peaceful Western world" never even considered about it

  23. Well waiting them out only makes them more stronger and much bigger threat soon it will be too late small sacrifices today will save billions in the future think people think

  24. There would be millions of Death but it would be over in weeks. As soon as NK would use biologisch weapon the World world would turn on then and if the us and china agree for once it would be over within days

  25. The only thing that is lacking in North Korea is an oil reserve for the US to import Democracy and Peace in that Hermit Kingdom.

  26. maybe a emt bomb that effects their weaponry because they sure dont have much of anything for an electrical grid..we could take care of a major part of their offense/defense in short order but south korea could end up on the short end..just not as bad as they tell you in this video

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