WH Trying To Distance Trump From Video Showing His Likeness Attacking News Media | NBC Nightly News

WH Trying To Distance Trump From Video Showing His Likeness Attacking News Media | NBC Nightly News

100 Replies to “WH Trying To Distance Trump From Video Showing His Likeness Attacking News Media | NBC Nightly News

  1. It's abhorrent that anyone would fantasize about gunning down the crooked Leftist liberal mainstream media puppets.
    Tar and feather maybe…

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  3. Fake news media will find ANYTHING to complain about and try to make into a big deal. Obviously the trump administration didn’t make this video. If you think they did, you are very stupid and do not understand internet culture. This was made by some 13 year old on his moms computer. And it’s a funny joke. But what does the left do with it? Try to turn it into an issue. Embarrassing what the left has become.

  4. Lmfaooooo are news really getting triggered over a meme that came out a year ago Hahahahah can’t wait until trump wins again

  5. So they want Trump to put attention to a video made by idiots in a time when the president is so overwhelm by so many problems. The main media is truly the enemy of the people..I had never seen the level of corruption so high by the left just to get one man. I hope Trump don't end up like Kennedy. may God protect him .


  7. "Amplify attacks on Republicans who criticize him"… does this sound like a leader that is fair and balanced? This is the squelching of disagreement. One who attacks his own membership will eventually attack all.

  8. “Trump struck me as adolescent, hilariously ostentatious, arbitrary, unkind, profane, dishonest, loudly opinionated, and consistently wrong,” Bowden wrote last year in Vanity Fair, recalling his time profiling Trump. “He remains the most vain man I have ever met. And he was trying to make a good impression.”
    — Mark Bowden, author of Blackhawk Down

    "Lying is second nature to him. More than anyone else I have ever met, Trump has the ability to convince himself that whatever he is saying at any given moment is true, or sort of true, or at least ought to be true.
    He said that Trump had no ideology or beliefs, except that he should prevail in the end.

    "Trump’s temperament and his habits have hardened with age." Schwartz said. "He was always cartoonish, but compared with the man for whom I wrote The Art of the Deal 30 years ago, he is significantly angrier today: more reactive, deceitful, distracted, vindictive, impulsive and, above all, self-absorbed."
    "Every American ought to be concerned about his character." Schwartz said.
    –Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer for Trump's book "The Art of the Deal":

    What's so amazing to me is that he behaves like this at the age of 73. He's so detached from reality that he believes whatever he's saying is true, or at least ought to be true. I don't know if he's detached from reality, or if he simply rejects reality all together. Either way, it seems as if something went tragically wrong with him in his youth, and whatever that something was, it was never fixed or corrected. He seems to have every character flaw known to mankind.

  9. I can't wait til Trump goes to Prison..All You DeepState Dummies are in for A Rude Awakening…Trump don't Like You Never Did..You are Easily Led and Will believe A LIE even when there's 100% Facts to show You it's not True..I understand Racists are Your Heroes..and speak For You..I get it…Thank You for Exposing Yourselves. WE SEE YOU..


  11. You actually want to know what is actually fake news? When the government actually controls the news as a state run news (like in China, North Korea, Russia, or any totalitarian regime). Trump wants to get rid of free speech and fill us with lies that benefit only him. Why are people who support him so stupid? Do they just lack a brain stem?

  12. Maybe for revenge, the NY Times can sponsor the play where a guy that looks like Trump gets Julius Caesar'd again. Or call Kathy Griffin or Snoop Dogg to do another one of their "satirical" depictions of political violence. See.. this BS double standard when its obviously just a meme (not to be taken literally) is why nobody normal really cares. Real life Antifa violence is excusable… fake violence from a movie where ironically its a church full of far-right zealots is okay. But don't dare parody how bad the media is. And then in their overreaction, they parody themselves.

  13. I think it’s ironic that the original clip is of Kingsman, where he murders ignorant conservatives
    And conservatives are using this same clip to murder liberals..

  14. Yeah but Antifa are the violent ones…
    so why were conservatives upset about Kathy Griffin and Trumps severed head again.
    Double standards

  15. Mark my words this is going make some crazy Republican living in a van to mail bombs to Democrats and news media….again..
    And again…

  16. YOU do realize HE didnt actually do this? right? how is this news? this is fake……..NBC is pathetic….this is not news.

  17. There is only one enemy of the people! He is that fat, fraudulent, corrupt piece of orange dung smelling up the White House.

  18. Wasn't the 1st or 2nd week you guys were showing Kathy Griffith with her holding his beheaded head and her whining about the consequences of it now hes just shooting your logos and he can't do that you guys are out of your mind.

  19. Best meme parody ever!! 😂
    You only get mad because of its base on reality. Trump has exposed and “murdered” the false persona of crooked politicians and fake news media in the eyes of so many Americans.
    Drain the swamp! Trump 2020!!!!!

  20. Did the media just call Bernie and Hillary President Trump opponents? They should be on the same team, the American team. THEY'RE COLLEAGUES!

  21. I wish somebody would attack the 90% lying morons. I will never believe another thing the MSM says ever again. They are proven liars. It IS fake news and THEY ARE the enemy of We the People.

  22. The funniest thing about this meme is the media's reaction to it. You clearly haven't learned from your mistakes.. Your outrage doesn't resonate with people at all you morons.. LOL

  23. The media incites hatred against white people 24 hours a day. You cover up all crimes committed against whites by non whites. You people need to be publicly executed.

  24. IT is possible democrates are responsible for paying someone to do this make the movie and play it when they know he is going to be thier they can interfear in an election so it would,nt take much for them to plant this on him too.

  25. Sooooo… It’s ok when Kingsman does it to a “Hateful Southern Church”, but when it’s turned back on the media THEY LOSE THEIR FREAKING MINDS

  26. Dear NBC.. you are the enemy of the people. Because you're literally more worried about how to make our great president look bad, than to actually do a good and perform respectable journalism.

    And no I don't subscribe to trash! Thanks!

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