We’re melting the Arctic and reviving deadly germs

We’re melting the Arctic and reviving deadly germs

In December 2016, a remote community in Siberia experienced a mysterious outbreak. 90 people were hospitalized, and a 12-year-old boy died. Soon, Russian officials identified what had killed him: The deadly infectious disease anthrax. The outbreak had started among reindeer. To contain the spread, they burned over 2,000 reindeer carcasses. The strange thing was, there hadn’t been an anthrax outbreak in the area for more than 70 years. So, to figure out where it came from, scientists started looking underground. In the coldest parts of the world, there’s a layer of the Earth that stays frozen all year. Every summer, the soil above it thaws, but this deeper layer stays hard as rock. This is permafrost. Most permafrost is here, in the Northern Hemisphere around the Arctic. And because it never thaws,
permafrost acts kind of like the freezer in your kitchen. When plants and animals
here die, they don’t actually decompose. Instead, they become preserved in the
frozen earth, like a time capsule. And it’s been that way for thousands of years. But that’s changing. Today, humans are burning carbon and
making the atmosphere warmer. And that’s causing the permafrost to thaw and shrink. By 2100, only these areas will still have any permafrost. And that’s causing some problems. When permafrost melts, the land above it becomes unstable, which can lead to landslides. Man-made structures start to fall apart, as the ground underneath them collapses. And dead plants and animals that had been frozen for years are starting to thaw out. As they’re exposed to air and
bacteria, this organic material starts to decompose. That releases greenhouse gases
like carbon dioxide and methane. But that’s not all it releases. In Siberia, scientists think that the anthrax outbreak came from a long-dead reindeer
carcass that thawed out along with the permafrost. Anthrax spores from the carcass would have spread across the area and infected reindeer grazing nearby. And it’s not just anthrax. Scientists worry that, as permafrost
melts, it could unearth all sorts of diseases we thought we had under control. 35 million people live around permafrost. But the carbon released, as permafrost melts, will accelerate the impacts of
climate change everywhere: Rising seas, heat waves, droughts in some places, and
floods in others. And now we can add one more thing to that list, diseases we thought we conquered.

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  1. I'm excited to see another extinction wherein a single specie dies from its horrible mistake in the planet and causes other creatures to suffer and go extinct.

  2. Hear me out. Santa lives in Arctic. Arctic melts. Santa catches plague. Santa carries plague to all the children. No children exist in 2030s. Boomers blame millennials.

  3. Everything happening nowadays is due to climate change. Deceases, Global warming, Global ice-age, war in the Middle East and Africa, carbon dioxide, you name it! And if we just pay some more taxes we will all be happy again.

  4. Nothing new.. the trash of homeless in L.A. are bringing back plagues not seen since medieval times but the Democrats that run the city are worried instead about whether Trump paid taxes or not imagine that. And then they cry environmentalism too . Sick!

  5. Between India and China alone until we get those two worst polluters of the entire planet under control nothing will ever help or change

  6. Anthrax can stay dormant as spores for thousands of years. That is not the case for other infectious diseases. Smallpox will not come out of the permafrost…

  7. So it happened 70 years ago with a herding culture. It will happen occasionally in this culture until they stop closely associating with wildlife. It is normal.

  8. "Scientist think it might be because of..". Seems they are not sure yet. Other possible reasons needs to be investigated too. Don't just attribute it to climate change n get rid of ur work.

  9. They've been doing this for decades which is more than likely why the upsurge in what they at one time claimed were irradicated diseases, not to mention the new diseases and conditions, and the older and more virulent antibiotic-resistant strains of what they now insist are either of unknown origin or rare. These things are not accidents, it's the agenda. Vox should do a documentary-short on why they really went into what's now knows as the Middle-East, and what they've managed to dig up while there and transport all around the world. I'll give you a hint, it has to do with age-old DNA. It's why they've moved their covert base of experiments from Plum Island, NY to a new and more secure location. But don't believe me, do the research. They put the information out there knowing that few in number outside of the appropriate study fields will, but that the majority won't bother reading military, technological, scientific, anthropological, or medical research magazines and documents. Or even go to their .gov sites to find out the agendas of the people, NGOs, and other institutions their governments are funding via their tax dollars that may or may not be detrimental to sustaining life. Sorry, I read a lot…lol

  10. The plague is NBD; it’s already common in prairie dogs across the US and approximately 1% of household pets in SF have the bacteria; which is still curable with antibiotics. But smallpox and flu are very dangerous. Those are the greater threats.

  11. This is so scary… I hope to God that those deadly diseases never spread. We've managed to eradicate some diseases and infections with vaccinations, we certainly don't want them back.

  12. Time to start spreading those diseases to populated areas for "population control" then blame climate change. Cause we need to drastically reduced the population to save the planet.

  13. No WE are not melting the arctic ….. in fact, nature isn’t melting the arctic either. The only meltdown is happening in the delusional heads of the corrupt warmists !

  14. Anthrax has spores which can survive under the ice for decades so yes, it is possible. But Spanish flu? Give me a break. How could viruses survive, even in permafrost for decades?

  15. " WE " arent melting any thing its the natural cycle of the earth to freeze then warm its been going on for millions of years

  16. Presumably it wouldn't just be diseases we know about; hardy diseases from tens of thousands of years ago would be particularly unpleasant.

  17. Duh…..we are not melting anything. That big yellow orb in the sky is and it has been altering earths and the other planets climates from time immemorial!

  18. Global Warming seems like the fever we have when we get sick. The disease is us. But since it's so hard to eradicate us, these deadly diseases coming out of permafrost seem like antibodies aiding in our extermination.

    It's not a matter of "will the Earth survive" its will WE survive? When you think about it, the Earth will do well without us.

  19. We never wiped out Anthrax like we wiped out Smallpox or the Plague. You can find Anthrax still today all over the world. And Anthrax is really a special case because because its spors can stay dormand for decades in the ground. This might have been prolonged by the cold weather. So the conditions were really ideal for Anthrax to return, and looking at that survival rate, wow 89 out 90 survived. This is a huge survival rate for Anthrax. We are talking about a rare kind of Bacteria that survives characteristically for a very long. This isolated case should not be used as an example.

  20. If we are talking about science look up the milankovich cycle and you will understand way more about climate change than just the buzz words that everyone uses. Both sides are just extremely off on the issue

  21. I’ve read a book called Waste by an author named Brian Thill. It’s actually amazing and sobering at the same time because it contains the fact that contrary to popular belief, the permafrost is impermanent.

  22. man, the more you learn about the climate and earth the worse your outlook is on the future.

    aaaanyway, back to driving my big boy SUV and my Steaks.

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