68 Replies to “Weld: Trump Is “Listening To His Inner Demons” | MSNBC

  1. G7 trump not at climate session. He must have attended a "golden shower" instead. As Merkel & modi were at meeting. Lol
    Dotard to stupid to u derstan anything except panting after his honorary jew kid, blasting allies, & have butchers on a pedestal. Boss Putin, Moscowmitch, stooge graham,
    🐁mbs, xi, Kim. Backing of cutthroats, beggars & thieves. #2020 blue

  2. We don't see anywhere near as many fake posts (from Russians) this time as we did in 2016. Either tRump's boss Putin is through with this clown or has resigned himself to the fact that tRump is set to be massacred in 2020.

  3. Hey liberals
    Have you all forgotten MadCow and MSNBC pushing the Russia Russia Russia hoax for over three years? Keep drinking the MSNBC Kool-Aid😁

  4. WTF is so "pure" about trying to make our country all white? That sounds like a boring bowl of chicken broth to me. I thought Weld was a stand-up guy…until he started showing his true colors on the gun issues and now that comment. Sorry Bill, no support from me.

  5. The emperor is a naked raving lunatic running through DC screaming incoherent conspiracy theories. He belongs in the lock-down ward in a geriatric hospital.

  6. Now they take action? They let him getting his way and ruin the country. Why should anyone trust these Republicans . Vote Blue.

  7. You are right Trump should be removed from office as soon as possible because something not right the president.

  8. inner demons? Stephen Miller is very visible, you just have to summon him.

  9. More like the ahole is listening to the super ahole. Unindicted Co-conspirator is a walking talking advertisement for the benefits of abortion, come to think of it, so are most of his supporters. Every day McConnell and crew keep him in office is not only a worse day for humanity, but also a better future century for the Democratic party.

  10. No Bill, that's the real Trump. That's who he has been since the late 1970s. Sorry Gerry Garcia's dead. You need to find a new band to worship.

  11. What do you suppose will happen when it's revealed that MSNBC is complicit in the coup d'etat against Trump for their part in the media leaks strategy?

  12. Hit the switch I'm a big fan of intelligence community anarchy smoke screens. Where there is smoke their is seditious treasonous fire ing squad. The big head game of inner demons. This is the method MSNBC employee's to inner demons manipulate their anarchist cult of feeble minded mental patients. They also use this tactic on highly dangerous right wing personality disorders. It's all about the intelligence smoke screen of anarchist programing our inner demons. Winning the anarchist headhunter big head game yes. Head hunters are in fact a creepy crawly slimy wing of the radical intelligence community.

  13. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Why do you think the networks call it Programming…
    Only you can help yourself.
    But a good clue is when all the Media Channels including Fox
    Push one agenda of non stop hate Trump..
    By the way you might have to let some friends go, but it's worth it to get back your own independent thinking.

  15. MSNBC is getting miserable in its fight against the Potus: Collusion? Didn't work. Racism? Didn't work. And now… huh… "inner demons". It's "inner demons" now while CNN's Fredo Cuomo thinks that Trump isn't aging fast enough… Reallly, libturds, this is all you got for us? #Trump2020

  16. Roughly 70% of Americans will be voting against Trump in 2020.
    Including a fair number of Republicans, who are sick and tired of the shame and embarrassment that Trump has bought upon their party.

  17. I don't care what everybody says
    MSNBC is not the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. I believe everything MSNBC tells me🤪

  18. I'm an Independent my inner voice tells me that the Republican party is no longer a party of patriotic as well as moral! To me they will no longer have my interest no less my VOTE! THIS REPUBLICAN PARTY placed a BIGOTED, LYING, CON!! President to the perverts, white supremacists,KKK, and other creatures of the sort!! He was a CRIMINAL PRIOR to the seat! AND YOU ALL KNEW IT!! YOU ALL SHOULD BE REPLACED!!

  19. Let those little devils dance all over his delusions, stomp on his teensie conscience & sing LOUDLY whenever he tries to sleep. 💥🖒😂

  20. Trump is not the problem, its the people who are allowing it to happen. Even when he is wrong he is right, people don't care. They will sit back and do nothing. Trump will also expose these people too, I bet he enjoyed his tax cut.

  21. I doubt that President Trump is listening to any demons. All the demons work at MSNBC + CNN and he doesn't have the time to listen to TRASH.

  22. Americans should be more worried that the GOP are the ones listening to their inner demons. They have given the WH a pass at every turn and blocked and interfered with ongoing investigations. While I credit for some republicans resigning rather than serve a demagogue, I'm disturbed by the likes of Moscow Mitch, Lindsay Graham, and Tom Cotton fueling divisiveness across America.

  23. I don't hear much about policy here. Weld is using lots of trash talk concerning the President but almost nothing about Weld's plans for the country. I will be voting for Trump this time around.

  24. "Drugs rre bad, mM'kay!"

    God bless ya Bill, but "Slick-Willy (blue dress) Rockefeller" was the last Bill in the WH, untill time-travel becomes an app.

  25. We have to start Hanging those that get convicted of Treason & bring to Justice those that attempts Coup's.
    Also Pedophiles!
    We need to address and prosecute Corporations that spread false propaganda against our Great Nation!

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