WEB EXTRA: Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak Holds Press Conference On Armed Robbery, Chase & Shoot

WEB EXTRA: Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak Holds Press Conference On Armed Robbery, Chase & Shoot

27 Replies to “WEB EXTRA: Coral Gables Police Chief Ed Hudak Holds Press Conference On Armed Robbery, Chase & Shoot

  1. How the hell this people get from Coral Gables to Miramar in a high speed chase. Traffic crawls in all that area between 2 and 7 pm. It is faster to walk.

  2. Nice job you killed that UPS driver he was innocent he was a hostage in the situation and your officers went about it in the wrong way not to mention they were firing live rounds in the area full of civilians and also using civilians vehicles as Shields with civilian still inside

  3. Police did not have a chance to verify who is who more than the robbers were shooting police officers and they had to shooting back, unfortunately, one of the guys took the UPS driver as a shield before falling down to the street.

  4. When it gets to the point you have to hijack a UPS truck to escape. Just give up. But I guess if you are an armed robber you are not to smart to begin with.

  5. The police fired the first shots at the robbers who they also knew for a fact had a hostage. This actually pisses me off. Because they’ll excuse the overkill for the robbers being.. well robbers with guns. And to top it off the police were using civilians on the road as human shields!!!!! Did anyone else see that?!!! The police were using civilian vehicles as shields from gunfire… with the civilian still inside. This is the worse and most reckless police behavior I’ve ever seen.

  6. Just trying to find this video, i found that Mirimar seems to have a few police car chases end in death – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=car+chase+miramar+

  7. Everything that happens falls at the feet of the Robbery suspect. He is also charged for the killing of the UPS driver , not the cops. The suspect shooting at the police and the police not firing back equals other people getting shot and killed by the suspect. The police did there job !!!!! It unfortunate the UPS driver is no longer with us , but all of this falls at the feet of the suspect.

  8. Strict liability applies any time the police engage in a pursuit or any law enforcement action. The police departments will pay financially for any loss of life, because that is standard practice if a death occurs in the process of a police action. As to those saying this was strictly a hostage situation, it became an 'active shooter' the moment shots were fired – likely by the robbers. In that moment, the police no longer have a choice but to open fire and end the threat. There were numerous civilians around the truck when you clearly see one of the robbers fire from the truck. I'm sure the officers hoped that no innocents would be struck. If they didn't fire on the truck, and the robbers shot ten people you'd be asking why the cops didn't open fire sooner. It amazes me that so many condemn the police, when the ones ultimately responsible were the robbers. Hardly any one blasting them for creating this horrible situation. Maybe because they're dead, and there's probably nothing to gain from suing dead robbers. If I had to second guess anything the officers did, it would be why they encroached on the vehicle when it had no where to go. That act created the desperation when the robbers decided to shoot first. Not the outcome the officers intended, but it's extremely risky to back dangerous people into a corner. Hindsight always makes it easy to pick these things apart, and there will no doubt be a change in the way these things are handled. But if anyone be damned, it's the robbers who took Frank and his truck to get away. Who made the choice to rob a jewelry store and injure the female employee in the first place. Damn this lawless society and the justification it makes to anyone who chooses to endanger our lives on a daily basis! Damn the justice system that lets criminals out before their sentences are completed! Damn our inability to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals! If your able bodied and willing to put your life on the line, become a police officer. There's record numbers of job vacancies in police departments across the country, so anyone without a criminal record should be able to get hired. Put yourself at the end of that gun and make the decisions you think are best. Hopefully you can make it home every night to watch your kids playing Grand Theft and wondering where it all went wrong.

  9. You murdered people over some stupid fvcking rocks, THAT WERE INSURED. Those people SHOULD still be alive. This Was DRAMATIC EFFECT OVERKILL. The truck was low-jacked and could be followed, not to mention you had a helicopter. These fvcking MURDERERS are insane. They'll shoot someone for looking at them funny.

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