WBIR USA Today Tennessee TV report 2015 Brain Power

WBIR USA Today  Tennessee TV report 2015 Brain Power

Dalton Redwine is 20 years old, he loves sports it’s fascinated by history
Abraham Lincoln or something and loves learning something new every day but just like thousands of others he has autism And faces communication and behavioral challenges and when I learned more and more about
autism I realized we need to help families now that realization prompted Boston entrepreneur and scientist Ned Sahin to create Brain Power The Brain Power system adds enhancements to the Google glass It’s a software that helps
those with autism make eye contact engage in conversations and read social
situations Oh Wow! it coaches eye contact directly rewarding points to the child or adult with autism for looking people in the eye and then when they look at
someone in the eye their little computer screen shows the emotions that the other
person is feeling the glasses can help make someone relax by playing soft music and even has a solution to the fear of wandering yeah I loved it the mom can speak
to her child through the device and see what he’s seeing we activate the camera
so that it becomes a remote version of her eyes new technology that could change the way those with autism view the world I could use that

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