Watch Michael Jordan’s Speech At Kobe Bryant’s Memorial Service | MSNBC

Watch Michael Jordan’s Speech At Kobe Bryant’s Memorial Service | MSNBC

60 Replies to “Watch Michael Jordan’s Speech At Kobe Bryant’s Memorial Service | MSNBC

  1. I love that he made fun of the Jordan Crying meme in this speech as a way to get the grieving crowd to laugh. Great speech from a personal hero of mine for a guy who meant a lot to a whole generation.

  2. People are always talking about the NEXT Michael Jordan, when I still haven't seen the next Kobe Bryant. Because Kobe was the closest that I've seen to the GOAT, Michael Jordan. RIP Kobe and Gigi. 2-24.

  3. Awwwww Michael Jordan make me cr.y😢💔 I cant take the feels to see him like this about his best friend gone. We all miss him and his daughter too. Let your heart heal one day M Jordan. 😔😢

  4. At 70 years old, and not a big NBA Fan, cried like a 2 year old Today. Thank you Michael Jordan, l last time I cried out loud like this, was at my Dad's Service. Because it's always about this lost time of Love, that we should have for each other. And for
    Little Brother's to. He has you in his hands now, each moment is special. Don't forget to enjoy your time.

  5. Did you ALL KNOW Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan was recently thrown out of her board of directors meeting for trying to get COMCAST to push Chainsaw Basketball?? #StopMSNBCannibalHolocaust

  6. There will never be another Michael Jordan. There will never be another Kobe Bryant. Let's stop comparing these two greats and appreciate that which both of us gave us. Unbelievable basketball performance at the highest level imaginable!

  7. 20,000 people attended this memorial … Impeached President Trump, Messiah to the Morons, family will have to pay people to get that many to come to his.

  8. God bless Kobe Bryant Bryant GIGI including the others that died in a helicopter crash.I know it hurts mj.We all gonna missed them.

  9. Decades ago, Jerry West was the 'Jordan', the 'Kobe'…good to see you, old timer…paying tribute to #24. So sad Kobe isn't here to age like fine wine too…

  10. コービーそしてスピーチしてくれたジョーダンほんとにありがとう!!




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  12. You know, we never hear anything real out Micheal's mouth, just refreshing to hear his voice, so honest, so pure, so real….respectfully

  13. Very touching speech from the goat to the mamba it hurts to see our dear mamba not gracing the court with his talent or having a good ending with his family rip to KING KOBE and his Gigi!!

  14. You wasn't close if you could give recognition to his parents….did you know his parents…….fake Azz friends…!!!!!! I thought Kobe was an orphan…😡😡

  15. not one mention of Kobe Bryant's parents no acknowledgement of them or his two older sisters they were not allowed to speak nice going there Vanessa I mean Santa Merto

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