100 Replies to “Watch Live: Trump to address the nation after Iranian missile attack

  1. The media failed to inform the public enough about the pallets of money Obama stole for Iran that Trump returned .Why? M.O.U.S.E. That's why Disney NASA program. Not one of you are journalist's.

  2. Poor CBS. It's precious how they overestimate their importance. We won, CBS. You've been nuetered and hobbled. You can do nothing at this point. But I do, as always, encourage your histrionics. 1/1/2020 was zero hour for the new aeon. The future belongs to us, and we will never forget your treachery over the last 4 years — from the very moment Trump announced. You've attacked us in every aspect of our lives, expect reciprocity.

  3. Trump has exceeded everyone's expectations… except a select core of support. /We/ expected all this. Brace yourself, Americans — 2020 is going to be glorious!
    Red Tsunami incoming.

  4. Intelligence? If journalists had intelligence and we had justice. Silverstein would be executed for his role Sept 11 2001 and the whole lot of them would be locked up or dead. Journalists included who cried out no bombs before an investigation. Like that little freak greek who said no bombs before an investigation.You see why they want our guns? We have found you out our President told us you are the enemy and we are coming to a theater near you with truth. With your own words, WE will get you all sooner or later. Promise

  5. So let's see, Trump ignores the Iranians bombing ships in the Persian Gulf. He ignores Iranians attacking Saudi oil facilities. He ignores the Iranians shooting down a US military drone. When the Iranians are so emboldened that they fire missiles at American troops, Trump finally kills the terrorist leader who has been destabilizing Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Now he pretends he's had a policy during all this time.

    Well, his policy has let the Iranians grow so bold that they actually shooting a American servicemen. It has got Iraq's legislature to order the US out of their country. He complete lack of consultation with NATO allies fighting alongside us in the region to suppress ISIS caused them to announce their withdraw from the region. If don't act like an ally, you can't expect to have allies.

    On top of that Trump lawlessness has caused impeachment and the Republicans in the Senate's willingness to pretend impeachment is a political process rather than a constitutional one designed to protect the rule of law means that our nation is no longer won where the leaders are restrained by the rule of law, but rather rule by their own will unrestrained by the Constitution.

    Why would anybody go in harm's way for a government that isn't of, by and for the people, but rather just a state run by a political party unbound by the Constitution that used to bind us all together.

    We have an incompetent in White House and a dysfunctional Senate which doesn't care about the Constitution, the Checks and Balance system, criminality in high office or the rule law. A revolution has taken place in America and I see no reason for the young to answer a call from criminals and their accessories after the fact.

  6. What happened to CBS News? These people struggle to express themselves in their own native language. It's plain that they are neither well-read nor very well informed. I know it sounds harsh, but they seem dumb.

  7. Trump, as usual, has a one-sided version of the chaos and destruction in Yemen, by helping Saudi Arabia to attack Yemen.

  8. Rounding his r's means start the Blue Waves revolution now.Don't know whether I am coming or going with stiff in the joints running the show.

  9. Facts: 1)Sulemani was an evil person and killed americans 2)Obama labeled him a terrorist, this was not an assassination of an official 3) Trump, Bush, Obama have the power to do this action legally congress since 9/11 refuses to go on the record to endorse military action like cowards in case it goes bad 4) This may have unintended consequences since the area a cluster so this may turn out to be a bad decision long-term by Trump

  10. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Why does listening to his speech sound like listening to a grade school kid read a report that was plagiarized, and is being read for the first time by the student lop

  12. What does the second lady being interviewed mean??? No real answer to what the end game is and what success looks like? This has been clearly stated many times. The end game is Iran change. End of story.

  13. "Iran was given $150 billion" ???
    CommieGroperFuhrer Trump is soo dumb
    The US only had $22 Billion of Iran's cash in US banks The $150 billion is money in FOREIGN BANKS
    Iran and their proxies stopped shooting at US troops & our allies during the nuclear deal.
    Iran allowed the US to pour concrete into 19,000 of 24,000 nuclear centrifuges

    Iran's attacks on our solders & allies stopped during the nuclear deal
    CommieGroperFuhrer Trump said Iran removed the concrete from the 19,000 nuclear centrifuges
    How do you remove concrete from a blender etc??
    Obama derangement Syndrome

  14. And whats going on with this fake breathing noise? Common, it doesn't even line up with Trump's actual breathing and speaking…its clearly adder and faked. Shame on you, fake news. You can research this type of video manipulation to show that it does happen. Maybe not this time, but heavy breathing between each sentence, from such a steong leader, that has never done this before, seems fake.

  15. Trump is an idiot. The United States carried out an act of State Sponsored Terror.

    Iran retaliated for their aggression's. They purposely avoided hitting humans. The US government has tried to overthrow Iran since 1953. The USA is the Terrorists.

  16. In 2017, 70,200 Americans died of drug overdoses in the continental United States of America. It is well known the majority of the illicit drugs are smuggled into the United States by the mexican cartels over the southern American border. The mexican drug cartels and the Mexican government are initiating death in America. Why doesn’t someone do something.

  17. Trump: The attack we received last night was proof that America is safer than ever. When our enemies perform military attacks on us, or test nukes, it's winning, just plain winning. Are you tired of winning yet?

  18. People dont realize that some of these Democrats have no business holding office. That's why they hate trump. The united states the biggest business in the world and were electing people like obama Clinton's bidens to office. The reason they want trump impeached cause hes not paying terrorist countries billions that, SCREAM Death To America to play nice just while he does his term to look good, no more backroom shady deals for democratic politicians that couldnt run a lemonade stand, let alone the United States Of America.

  19. If hillary wants to sell her seat, or biden wants to set his son up in a foreign country or obama wants to pay off terrorist nations, I can see why Democrats want to impeach trump cause in 4 years hes cutting off the shady deals that dont benifit america just bad politicians that shouldnt hold office anyways.

  20. All these guys in Iran are wearing these Magnito Looking Helmuts. Drone Protection. They may have to start looking up when the Pray (5) times a day.. instaed of own. Terrable thing…

  21. Look at that freakish makeup he piles on more an more, and he missed some spots today again, the Adderall he crushes up and snorts all the time is not working anymore combined with his dementia. #slurring and Adderall have trended on twitter the last 10 hours since this freak show speech, he sniffed 70 times in 9 minutes and did the drug addict tongue where it sticks out involuntarily about 10 times. Slurred about a dozen words very badly and cried about Obama. Impeached freak can only wag the dog and snort drugs, he is done.

  22. commentator is FOS , Trump said more sanctions are being imposed as a result. Trump killed 7 bad guys in 2 nights then 56 got stampeded to death at a funeral with hundreds wounded , then Iran shot down an airliner flying inside Iran and killed another 170 . Trump for the Win = body count 233

  23. This kind of thing always happens whenever there is a threat of peace.
    How are we gonna pay for this?
    WWIII is going to be expensive.

  24. The man was a terrorist . That's it. He organized strikes on Americans which make him an enemy. When did protecting Americans become the wrong thing to do? If a Dem ordered it it would be hailed as a triumph. We live in a very hypocritical society. They like to pick and choose what's ok day to day. Ok yesterday not ok today. I'm sick of a government that cares more about the politicians egos then what is right for the country. They make Americans look in decisive and divided.

  25. Sometimes people just don't know the Supreme Leader will never bow down to America. 1. Their view of America is that America is the Devil system and dogs. So why would the supreme leader bow to dogs? 2. They will never stop fighting and their final goal is to reconquer Jerusalem from the Zionist Jews and also, they have a prophetic belief system that justify a future victory. 3. Only war can solve this….there is no other way. Sorry!

  26. bring all troops home – no war – pray for peace. i think iran called and asked him what target they can shoot.

  27. Iran has been a thorn in the worlds side since the 70s that I know of. Remember the hostages? I think we should let the middle east fight it out amongst themselves unless they target Americans . Let Isreal fight their own battles also . Did they think taking a country from the native people would not end in war at some point. They had no right to form Isreal. We are also to blame for that. And England.

  28. Reiner I also have to respectfully Play :: imdb-studios-pictures.blogspot.com

    disagree with not going back in the time line for stories.. I think they should go further back than just old republic though.. I'd love to see the origins of the jedi order like the first times beings figured out that the force exists.. maybe even how the conflict between jedi and sith actually started

    I lost so much respect for this cast and Watch now ? imdb-studios-pictures.blogspot.com

    the fans that were allowed into this joke of a Celebration. The disrespect towards Stephen; who has done more than they will ever hope to do. They are pathetic. They don't care about the fans. They care about the money they are getting. Especially John Boyega; a literal no-name that was made famous by these movies. They don't care about the franchise. What a disgusting excuse this sequel trilogy is. The cast, the supposed "fans" that support these pathetic, soulless, emotionless excuse for movies, and Kathleen Kennedy. She lied and betrayed Lucas. You all have.

  29. He said thousands of people on streets there were millions of people on the streets on Bridges pass the streets on more bridges

  30. People keep saying they want peace. Has anyone done any actual reading on Soleimani? He's the Iranian Stalin. WW3 won't happen, so just chill.

  31. People keep saying they want peace. Has anyone done any actual reading on Soleimani? He's the Iranian Stalin. WW3 won't happen, so just chill.

  32. News reporters who say stuff like' were looking for what he says about the attacks and what comes' are like the friend on snap who post a pic of the snow, saying something stupid like," I was looking for snow"

  33. listening to our inept and corrupt President prattle about foreign policy & homeland security is like listening to him lecture on the topic of marital fidelity…….Trump is a national embarrassment and a disgrace to all Christians, he stands against everything Jesus said & did.

  34. For those of you who don’t get it. Nobody wants war, the U.S doesn’t want it, and Iran doesn’t want it. Iran’s population was furious with the death of their General so Iran’s government had to respond in a way where Iran’s population would be satisfied a bit more, and the U.S wouldn’t be forced to respond with something drastic leading to missile warfare. That’s why they bombed areas where no personnel were stationed.

  35. 🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱❤🇺🇸RRESPEKT PËR AMERIKEN 💢USA💢ALBANIA🇺🇸❤🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱

  36. First of all the Iraqi parliament did vote and they voted for America to leave so how can she argue that they really want the US to stay? Second the Iraqi government is not angry that the US didn't ask permission. They are angry because they invited sulimani to the country for peace talks and the trump administration used the opportunity to assassinate their invited guest. How are people allowed to spin these false narratives without pushback?

  37. what about the Ukraine plane ,do you think it was a coincidence that it just came down out of the sky after Iran fired missles at us forces.

  38. Iran was merciful! Iran proved that they have the capabilities to launch ballistic missiles directly from Iran into a U.S. military base with impressive accuracy. Iranians are more wise when engaging in war compared to the immature mental frame of mind of the President of our United States of America. The president is bulliying a weaker wiser sovereign nation like a teenager taking advantage of a nine year old. "Mr. President, you're a pathetic, cruel representation of my country!" So pathetic!

  39. 25:33 what is a corroist? 29:54 What is tollerided? (Oh, not allowed to go forward; the best words he uses) 30:20 "A compliment shades…" AND rockets that are :big, powerful, accurate, lethal and fast. Boy; that's unusual for a rocket, innit? "People of Iran. We want you to have a future, and a great future, and one that you deserve…" Glad we're clear on that.

  40. O' bama was such a wimp…Handing over 150 billion dollars to a rogue regime that sponsors terrorism.
    Trump kills terrorists he doesn't reward them with billions of dollars.

  41. Trump holds off on attacking after the drone attack and they blast him for being weak. Trump takes out a terrible general and they blast him for taking action.

  42. Trump is 70 plus years old and playing games…. this is a damn shame! You Trump started a war! Iran has not been a terrorist nation so stop lying 🤥 on that nation! They are not the aggressors…but You Trump were the aggressor! Now the orange liar is trying to paint a negative image of Iran 🇮🇷 impeachment should be swift because of the endangerment of national security! Liar 🤥

  43. The fox YouTube channel just has the statement alone. Obviously we don’t care about what these reporters are saying.

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