100 Replies to “Watch live: Trump holds coronavirus news conference

  1. EVERYTHING is about him. The virus is simply being blown out-of-proportion and "weaponized" by his opponents to make him look bad. Is he serious right now?

    Also, this is the 2nd news conference where he's said you "disintegrate" if you get Ebola (he said it in India, too) and I just… /sigh

  2. Miller is known to be on the internet talking to racial hate groups and Trump won’t get rid of him because Trump feels the same way Miller does about minorities

  3. I'm starting to wonder whether someone is purposely spreading this sickness??? And I'm skeptical about how this actually started?? I'm not sure if I'm the only one thinking this way???

  4. Trump: " my fellow Americans…I'm putting Mike Pence in charge of this calamity…..we're going to create so many new jobs in the funeral industry"……

  5. Nancy Pelosi doesn't seem worried at all about the potential plague conditions in her own city that can greatly exacerbate the potential for spread of any health problem, flu or virus, San Francisco, or the other large cities here in California caused by her and other Libs' inability to clean up the homeless problems, leaving poop, dirty needles and human urine all over the sidewalks. She is carrier of a virus herself: TDS.

  6. Not time for politics or name calling Mr Trump. You are what's bad for our Country..your a virus we can't get rid of.
    Yea it takes more money because you cut the protection that was in place.

  7. One of his nicknames is Liar-In-Chief Trump, he is the criminal unindicted co-conspirator of Cohen and Stone who has been accused of multiple sexual assaults but the narcissistic psychopath wants people to believe him. He has 15,000 plus lies to his credit in the last few years. Wake up the people of the USA; he might become your nations first dictator.

  8. Its amazing how we can count on our Press to be stupid and they do not disappoint . The NYT, WaPo, and the MSM show their disdain for the American People everytime they open their mouths.

  9. The rate of infection has not slowed tremendously like he's suggesting over the past week there have been close to 20,000 more cases. His acting DHS secretary couldn't say if America was prepared. The CDC rep then followed up and said that it will, in fact, affect the US… The rapidly developing vaccine he's talking about will take a year and a half… This very very ready he's referring to is a lie. Dude said 5 have recovered and 1 is in pretty good shape. How is 1 in pretty good shape if 5 are fully recovered???

  10. Charles I am not racist I do not judge or hate people because of the color of thier skin. I judge them on the content of their character, because not one race is better than the any other race.There are bad people in every race for goodness sake

  11. When checking statistic over tested positive USA are higher than france and not far from italy.

    So if USA would test in same scale as italy you know where USA are going.

    UK: 7,132 concluded tests, of which 13 positive (0.2% positivity rate).

    Italy: 9,462 tests, of which 470 positive (5.0% positivity rate), awaiting results: unknown.

    France: 762 tests, of which 17 positive (2.2% positivity rate), 179 awaiting results.

    Austria: 321 tests, of which 2 positive (0.6% positivity rate), awaiting results: unknown.

    United States: 445 concluded tests, of which 14 positive (3.1% positivity rate).

  12. This man is putting Mike in charge just in case he craps the bed… Lol… Mike is the fall-guy! I mean come on people the guy even spelt it "Carona" in his tweet… That should tell you how much he cares about it…

  13. Thank God we have Trump as president that closed the borders to protect us from infected people coming in its a big step till they can figure out solutions. The incompetent democrats cant even set up vote counts in iowa. They do nothing and complain like they know everything.

  14. Trump is an antivaxxer, the last kind of person anyone should take seriously on public health matters.

    And lol at mike pence being an expert in the field. His ignorance resulted in an HIV cluster when he shot down a needle exchange program.

    Dweedle D and Dweedle Dumb of public health fails.

  15. Am I the only one that don't believe one word this man is saying? More than ever in 2020 of November we need to get out and vote.

  16. Trump please protect are 2nd Amendment. Another event shows that we need this 2nd Amendment. I and family friends behind you.👍🏼🇺🇸

  17. Why are so many pathetic democrats now grasping at any straw to criticise President Trump? He has acted sensibly and robustly and asked for appropriate funding; if more is required that can be requested in due course. It seems like certain rabid democrats will say anything in a futile attempt to discredit the President – Why? This should not be a party political issue and one needs to seriously consider the substantially higher death rate that occurs with influenza at the moment we do not have a single death whereas annually 25 THOUSAND plus deaths occur with influenza in the US – we need to look at the problem sensibly and not panic

  18. He doesnt understand how the FED works! Jesus effin christ… he thinks the better an economy does, the further rates should go down

  19. IDEA 0_o/* Dear Mr President, please bring all our troops home from Afghanistan, and set up a 30-Day Coronavirus quarantine way over there in their country instead of ours. Then take the 5 Billion dollars we're wasting every month fighting that stupid endless war & use it to help our country to survive this terrible global pandemic & economic meltdown, which could cost us trillions!

  20. Odd that Trump would choose Pence to lead the issue when Pence's mistakes caused an HIV outbreak in his state while he was governor.

  21. I'm from south asian country. in my country there is no coronavirus found yet.. but it makes me wondering why this coronavirus became global.. even USA makes preparation (medical team, expert, etc)..
    I hope this virus could be disappeared soon.

  22. The CDC, who have been experts for years, have stated that we basically need to prepare for a pandemic. Trump stated that it is basically under control and that the cases will decrease over the next, “short period of time.” People, Trump is a liar, and what he is stating is not factual at all. He does not know more than the CDC no matter what he says.

  23. 47:33 Don't ask me anything i know nothing about if you get ebola you die this is just a flu if you get this flu you might die you might not I don't Know we'll find out after you get it

  24. I'm not buying this. The incubation period didn't even come up. If one person has this it could infect a large group. Time will tell.

  25. Trump derangement syndrome is very real. The stupid centrist libs are going to drive the Democratic party into the ground. And he may very well win in 2020.

  26. He ‘s stupid. Not a president needed in crisis situation! If the virus spreading in US it going to be the end. Trump will be seen hiding in his mansion still keep saying “this’s just a flu “. Congrats folks, you’re on your own!!

  27. Perspective, this virus is more infectious than the Flu. The Flu infects over 30,000,000 people in the US per year. The current death rate is 3%.The completed case death rate is 8.43%. If we have the same number of infections as the Flu. That's between 900,000 and 2.5 million deaths. Go ahead, check my math.

  28. When it hits us full blast…then we will see. Lord Jesus protect us!
    Hospitals, work places, schools and clinics should give free masks…a little kit or something! Not all of us can afford to buy these things.

  29. Who's the disrespectful 'journalist' laughing at the guy from India while he's asking a question? No doubt she votes democrat and calls other people a racist on a daily basis.

  30. Touting a record low unemployment number when you don't actually count the millions of men and women of working age who are out of work but don't qualify for benefits is not only short sighted, it's dishonest and despicable.

  31. Why did he keep saying 14 and 15 cases in America? 14 came from Princess Cruise ship..right now there are 60 cases total. And they stated America is ready and prepared for the outbreak “if one” comes yet today the HHS Sectry was asked how many masks we have and if we have enough? They only have 30 Million BUT NEED 300 Million so “NO WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH MASKS” he states

  32. Why is the President watching the stock market every minute of every day, and talking about numbers? The stock market is NOT the economy. Does he not understand that? Why do we keep hearing about record stock market levels but not record homelessness and lack of housing affordability?

  33. That CDC lady looks visibly upset and she is physically concerned and she's not up for the political side of this debate prepare for there is six more plagues to come and when the 8th comes then there will be peace halleluYAH

  34. This is it folks…They are about to purposely infect everybody with this virus then go hide in the underground bunkers and watch population control take effect. Soon comes Martial law and Citywide quarantine checkpoints. Total lockdown. Now you know why the border wall is being built. Go watch the movie Contagion. Its all a part of the elites agenda.

  35. Condolences for the people killed in Milwaukee yet make sure he mentions the Second Amendment. He make sure he gets in all of his Jabs at Nancy Pelosi, what a weak president.

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