100 Replies to “Watch Live: The Senate is forming an impeachment court as Congress prepares for the trial next week.

  1. As the president of the United States of America he, IS NOT, above the law. The articles are congruent to his actions which undermind our United States Constitution. Thus, he should be impeached, as he is a threat to our republic, our freedom, our liberty and our countrys' way of governance.

  2. Why did the Democrats give trump another win and vote to pass his trade deal? Before they voted to impeach they voted for his military budget. Its almost like this whole thing is a big show.

  3. Biggest wall Street ponzy scheme and payout to president Donald j Trump ex wife Ivanka Trump mom is the money backer and his first wife had no pre nup and he left her for a younger unclean motive of him and his second wife and his first lady of the white house.because of Russian decent and Iran and china and Islam hit and misleading information and slander from senators and governors backing and full cooperation. Mrs pelonski was the fair chess piece of fairness with president Donald j Trump.Loretta Campbell and Paris Ervin 87 and Anton and uncle Clark. 10 12 1987

    MICHAEL FLYNN: Changes GUILTY plea. 👌

  5. Dem's using offence as the best defence. Biden and Pelosi are as crooked as they come and Trump went after them as he should have. This will go nowhere just like every other scheme the dems cook up. Obamacare is a joke its imploding. Keep insulting our intelligence you Dem goons… see where it gets you in November.

  6. President Trrrrrrrrr
    ANY politician that provides protection to a CORRUPT president doesn't deserve the PRIVILEGE of holding office.

  7. Do you think SCHIFF knows we are all laughing at him? What a treasonous fool, I cannot wait to see him perp walked for contempt and fraud , lying to the court!

  8. Oh, we couldn't prove that Russia meddled in 2016, but we're gonna convince you that Ukraine did for sure with 2020! All I'm convinced of is that Democrat politicians don't care how they blow your money as long as they stay in power..

    They Took the Stage From YOU
    — To Win All THE PRIMARIES, Against All Your Enemies

  10. Why nobody stopping wannabe actor and false wrestle John Cena from going in Fast and Furious.
    It is a Disgrace and disrespect to the legend Paul walker. Better Cena crashed instead

  11. I mean really, any decent human being would only feel disgust for trump. He is in deep pathology, Don Quixote in Orange, a very very very very bad bad bad bad person. And his oldest 3 the same! Oops add Jared!

  12. This is the most serious looking bunch of democrat clowns I've ever seen. Trying to impeach a legitimately elected president because he dared to beat their 'woman'.

  13. I am worried for the American if the power hungry people win because they are agents of satan.
    You better band you belly and bawl out to the LORD God Almighty the Jesus Christ for help!
    These people don't love righteousness and are out to destroy many lives with their ungodly law!

  14. Y are people so blinded by Trump. People act like he's the Messiah if there's proof of his wrongdoing I definitely want to see it if he's innocent great

  15. If the GAO is so impartial, why haven’t they come out with any statement concerning Joe Biden’s famous interview where he openly suggests holding back aid to Ukraine if a prosecutor is not fired?

  16. Treason Trump traders prisoner all his cronies organized criminals gangs mafia against the country. They're all sold there's souls and country to Devils. Nightmare disgrace in history..for three years dramas chaotic toxins disfunctions bazaars the government….shameful ..

  17. Yet trails will still go one not for impeachment of incumbent President Donald J Trump it will be for the arrest of Congress! Dr Raoul A Estrada MD ESQ 🇺🇸 P00009761

  18. America is being impeached? WOW to make America better I against the Constitution of the United States of America yet the lowest job rate and extended military force to keep America great! How is that against the United States of America since when 🇺🇸 not worth fighting for since when does america have to aid other countries? Whe choose to because we as America are better than that be there and keep our country safe aim high and POTUS has done that for America so I want overturn and imprison congress for treason.
    Dr Raoul A Estrada MD ESQ 🇺🇸 P00009761

  19. file a criminal case against trump as well as his agents so these unscrupulous people will be contained from their aghast wrongdoings.

  20. Wow, spooky walking for a mile or so, someone grab jerry a banana……if his blood sugar drops we won’t be able to continue all this spooky super serious walking. One more thing I’ve got to say something like we’re doing this because we’re concerned about the citizens of our country……no laughing, I know it’ll be tough, but keep it in……ok break……more spooky walking, ooooh

  21. Let me tell you something Jerry "the King" Nadler. This is Donald "Big John" Trump . Nadler I ain't saying I'm the best politician & I ain't saying I'm the worst. But when you get in the courtroom with me Watch Out ! Because Daddy , I can swang a gavel like you ain't never seen. And that's the way it is, that's the way it was, and Daddy, that's the way it gonna be ! Woooooooooo

  22. Yeah Trump is Innocent. 👌
    It's just all the Criminals that he surrounded himself with. Ones that are in prison. Those still being investigated federally. Those who just like him who'd lie to their constituents. Take our money.
    Trump is the Grand PooBah of all the liars in the association of all his family, friends,+ The Entire Trump Administration .

  23. This whole BS impeachment process is the Democraps' attempt to affect the 2020 election. THEY should be charged with attempted coup. Everything DJS has achieved is for the benefit of American people. #draintheswamp

  24. You're exposed Mr. Shiff. I must say I kind of feel bad for you…. It does not look good for you and your fellow, wicked colleague's. Impeached or not….you will have to answer to the Lord….who knows and sees your every move and thought…. you cant hide….. justice is coming for you…

  25. Isn't it some form of treason to pursue false claims of wrongdoing and attempt to remove the President of the United States from office? False claims of wrongdoing more specifically defined as a crime.

  26. ASK WHY did the house not prove its case? How do you impeach a president without guilt? That was their job& failed. The senates job is to decide it articles sent from house show that laws were broken, they were not & he will be reelected because the failed to provide proof in the house hearings.

  27. Below the only one that's above the law is the Democrats the process of the law is being done but not in a manner which is should be now it's our turn and you're Adam Schiff who is above the law will have his day as well this is sad when you people want to impeach a president that's actually working for everybody you people are hateful

  28. Kangaroo court full of seniors acting like children . come on people !! do you Dems have any idea how you look to Americans and the world

  29. All I've learned out of all of this is democrats are sick evil and incredibly sore loser's I don't want the united States to become a socialist Nation impeach trump if you must but keep a Republican in office

  30. shift4brains is embarassing…is that the best guy they got????How can anyone not feel shame to say they are demoplican or republocrat???

  31. Whenever after watching a video I decided that I have to pass comments I found a line ' the comments are disabled or turned off.' This is unfair & against the policy of 'freedom of expression.' Someone from the west particularly America (the so-called champion of democracy & human rights) must try to address my grievance.
    Tell me WHY comments are disabled or turned off.

  32. CBS another democrat voice….the msm….has got to go…control the media control the masses….Soros Zucker…all part of this globalist agenda to make you less free and more impoverished…..look at Europe….Germany …a mess…UK standing up….the people had enough…this waste of tax dollars amazing

  33. No government has ever ran an impeachment hearing in the house with no witnesses and no defense allowed if it was fair everyone would have participated

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