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  1. Go Trump! You’re badass. From a mom with several sons and family member in thr US armed forces. Obama DID fund them. He wanted our destruction so we would be communist/socialist.cBS start telling the truth. Ever heard of gaslighting?

  2. This is proof that the msm is just as tired of talking about Russia and Impeachment as I am hearing about Russia and impeachment

  3. Iran's revenge was staged. Their covert operations for war against America will continue. American people in the region is not safer than before!!

  4. Oh my god! Trump get some lesson from watching this clip, and get your budget history accurate and stop lying and don’t project your characters of corrupt behaviors at president Obama.

  5. This guy is full of s***… not a single time I should have gone to Iran until all the lawsuits, that sound Iran guilty in the murders hundreds of Americans, brought by the surviving families had judicial satisfaction. This guy knows that and is lying about it

  6. Obama funded Irans weapons and Trump took out the head terrorist there. I would evacuate the people in Iran and Neutron bomb all the terorist there without destroying property. Then allow the civilians back

  7. I think that someone should “fact check” him. 22,000 miles in the air? Wouldn’t that be in “outer space” ? That would be the perfect stationary local for a geo-satellite… wasn’t there a an earthquake in Iran???? Things that make you go hmmmmm

  8. I feel like CBS WANTS war..
    This coverage essentially is just trying to rile up people …
    Shame on you CBS,
    You are a dying dinosaur..

  9. The plane that crashed, I'm now leaning towards a set up, 1 plane should not been allowed to take off, 2 right after take off it blows up, 3 cell phone video looks like 2 misseles came from the ground.


  11. USA killed iraq,palistine,afganistan,libya,syria and now iran. How devil you are america. Wake up. You will go to fire in hereafter..you are going to die someday. You will pay what you have done in this world. Be a good human.

  12. Iran is flipping they don't want to have a war and they know Trump will do what he says Iran attacked empty bases after Iran warned iraq they were going to hit them iraq warned the USA troops moved this allows Iran to save face over the generals death…Trump knows what he is doing

  13. *The Point is that: HUMANS whose Heads are often to the Ground, must be ELIMINATED! Because the Act is Tantamount to DISRESPECT to The ALMIGHTY CREATOR! Who is tired of Creating and Placing the Human Head which contains the Gift of the BRAIN at the Very Top of the Body! Thankfulord!

  14. Gee thanks, "i can disagree with giving Iran 1.6 billion in CASH? What a humanitarian this "fact seeker" admits. Ill bet he even hated to admit THAT,, oh, but THAT was the WHOLE THING! Nothing else of what he said matters in the LEAST lol

  15. Norah is fearmongering and that is pretty irresponsible. Not to mention they glossed over the significance that Iran retaliated on behalf of a general in an army that doesnt belong to the Iranian state officially. The fact they did this means they ARE responsible for Sulemani's actions.

  16. I believe Iran will get back at us through terrorism attacks, and may have already done so with the passenger plane. And more to come I'm sure. I would seriously think about taking out there government at this point.

  17. I'm buying Bitcoin, after seeing how the financial markets responded to the possibility of war. The possibility of war tanked traditional market and made Bitcoin run up; actual war will most likely tank traditional markets and make Bitcoin run up to the atmosphere. Bitcoin is a safe haven.

  18. Trump is very ignorant and his supporters believed America gave Iran free money instead of given back Iranian money that was frozen.

  19. Pence…the same man who not only said WMDs had been found in Iraq, but described exactly what those weapons were. A complete lie BTW

  20. CNN! WTF is wrong with you people?! You are the fear-mongering, war-mongering terrorists that everyone fears! There is NO war coming. Trump is brokering a peace deal without the involvement of the corrupt Deep State. And, NK, Iran, perhaps China, – many others are listening! You, however are owned and operated by the Deep State and continue to spout outright lies and propaganda to try to manipulate the sentiment of the people. You both look and sound like a bunch of idiots!! The Deep State and the socialist NWO behind them live and breathe war. They loan and profit, thanks to private bankers, from both sides. They have no concern for people or property, other than their own. The hoax is OVER!

  21. The breeding grounds of serpents 🐍 🐍 of infidels Islamic states ought to be damaged, with their heads and tails to be chopped off…. Oh Lord have Mercy on America and those who are serving in the US military 🙏🙏. May God bless and protect America 🇺🇸 and Israel 🇮🇱…

  22. Lol, I wonder how much Pence must lie to himself, while he lies to us, to delude himself that he is acting as a Christian.

  23. How amazingly irresponsible for the interviewer to suggest that the state of Iran might have caused the plane to go down – with no reporting of any evidence for such a specious idea!

  24. IMPEACHMENT (Article 1)
    Impeachment Article 1 contains the main accusation of the process. Article 1 states that President Donald Trump abused the powers of the Presidency by asking Ukraine to look into the actions of the former vice president Joe Biden only because he was a political opponent. Trump allegedly requested of Ukraine to publicly announce that an investigation had commenced because it would benefit his reelection by harming Biden's election prospects, and thereby Trump solicited a foreign country to influence the 2020 election to his advantage. That is an impeachable offence.
    The evidence that proves Trump was engaged in this conduct in pursuit of personal political benefit is a transcript of the conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president Zelensky in a phone call (July 25). Here's the transcript – where are the proofs?

  25. There is no diplomacy in the trump administration. I'd wager you couldn't find 3 people in that administration that can spell diplomacy

  26. F you United States. Iran build that nuke, protect yourself from the bullies. After what the terrorist United States has done to Iran since1953, and they want them to come back to the negotiating table. Give me a break. Don't do it Iran. Never trust the U.S. Government. Go with Russia and China.

  27. They have to cover their faces (46:14). The Iranian people will revenge everyone who has been killed by the Revolutionary Guard throughout the years.

  28. Go to fake news sources to verify that fake news isn't fake.

    …can cash be spent on such weapons? Well of course, but that's beside the point. The point is this: If President Trump states 2.8 billion when it's really 2.6 billion then his main point is not relevent and he's the bad guy, not the Iranian general who murders and tortures protesters and many others.

  29. 2:21 this is a great chance for America to do an air strike. Lots of lives will be taken but the benefits are to end a war.

  30. Even Iran’s allies knew it needed to be done. Has anyone noticed how silent the world is? The only idiots complaining are American snowflakes.

  31. History and cultural awareness makes it crystal clear that it's the demonstration of Weakness emboldens terrorist states and groups.

    Staying strong and sending clear messages of strength is the correct action.

  32. The US has a long, long meddling with Iran; the most notable and damaging intervention was the 1953 coup of democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and the re-installation of the repressive Shah Reza Pahlavi. This coup was instigated by Allen and Foster Dulles (CIA director and Secretary of State respectively under Eisenhower), and conducted by the CIA with the help of the British. The purpose was to prevent Mossadegh from nationalizing Iranian oil; the Anglo Iranian oil company (precursor to BP) and Aramco (a joint US – Saudi oil conglomerate) had been extracting and exporting Iranian oil for decades, without compensating the impoverished Iranian people for the exploitation of their primary natural resource (the stated reason at the time was concern that Mossadegh would become too friendly with the USSR; in fact, Mossadegh pointedly kept both the USSR and the communist Tudeh party in Iran at arms length). Interestingly, the two oil companies were both clients of law firm Sullivan and Cromwell, where the Dulles brother worked before becoming the foreign arm of the Eisenhower administration.
    Though the CIA tried to keep the operation secret for decades, they were finally forced to published the details circa 2006 (see Operation Ajax, and/or read the wiki links below. Many books and articles cover the incident in detail, from the meticulously sourced 'Legacy of Ashes' by Tim Weiner to the more speculative and provocative 'The Devil's Chessboard' by David Talbot).
    This one incident contributed to the destabilization of the Middle East up to the present (one could argue that it was one of the primary causes of long term ME destabilization – overthrowing a budding democratic Iran and reinstalling a tyrannical monarch, which ultimately led to the 1979 hostage crisis and Iranian Revolution).
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_Iranian_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kermit_Roosevelt_Jr.


    Of course Iran is not the only place the US military & intelligence apparatus has intervened since WWII (in almost every case, the underlying motivation was resource based – i.e. money – see 'War Is A Racket' by Major General Smedley Butler, an officer from the late 1800s to – the late 1920s, who ultimately concluded that the numerous military actions he directed almost always served the interest of a handful of corporations; not some strategic, retaliatory or defensive purpose). Here is a brief list:

    A few of the better know regime change incidents, w date and motivation:
    Jacobo Arbenz – 1954 (United Fruit & ITT)
    Patrice Lumumba – 1960 (business interests)
    Bay of Pigs – 1961 (business interests)
    Salvador Allende – 1974 (mineral and other business interests)
    Guatemala = Iran – Contra – 1980s (a continuation of a series of military engagements conducted in the 1920s – 1930s on behalf of Brown Brothers)
    Iraq I & II 1991 & 2003 (oil, US currency, corporate and mercenary contracts – e.g. Halliburton & Blackwater)
    Libya – 2011 (US currency)
    Bolivia – 2019 (lithium and other minerals)
    Venezuela – 2019 (oil and other resources)
    Some names of interest: Reinhard Gehlen, Hans Speier, James Angleton, Allen Dulles, David Rockefeller, Paul Nitze, Dean Acheson, Zib Brezinski, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Project for a New American Century, Team B, Operation Condor, Operation Gladio, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Enduring Freedom, etc.

    The same trend continues to this day; as General Wesley Clark pointed out, the group of 'neocons' that rose to power in the late 1990s – late 200s had an agenda and a national target list that included 7 countries in 5 years.
    General Wesley Clark war list:



    If the US was really 'going after bad guys' and stopping 'ruthless dictators,' why aren't we taking out MBS? You know, the guy that regularly beheads dissidents and is suspected of ordering the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi; the leader of the country that funds the spread of Wahhabi – Salafi extremism (Al Qaeda & ISIS). 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. None were from Iran, a predominantly Shia country who views ISIS & Al Qaeda as enemies.
    Who was Suleimani? Complicated, like any general defending his or her country (see interview with Stanley McChrystal in this BBC documentary excerpt: https://twitter.com/lhfang/status/1214711719764713472). Probably not a nice guy (but Pompeo said publicly that as head of the CIA 'That's what we do – we lie, we cheat, we steal.' He doesn't sound like a 'nice guy either); regardless, the fact remains that Suleimani was a major fighter against ISIS (ISIL – Daesh). There is also some reporting that he was on a mission to reduce tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia when he was whacked; if this is true, the US Establishment might need to rethink their priorities.
    (The links below reflect and support my personal view, which should not detract from an unbiased analysis of the information presented above)
    We need sane voices to realign US policy:
    Iran – MSNBC June 18, 2019: https://youtu.be/xU_W_mB7wN4?t=434
    Bernie Brings Up History Of Pro-Wár Lies On MSNBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPsvJo4LXnY
    Bernie Sanders Thoroughly Dismantles Trump Admin's Anti-Iran Propaganda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxpBo3-_Krk

    BREAKING: Bernie SCHOOLS MSNBC Host On Why We Shouldn't Go To War W/ Iran: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wouADUtX64
    Bernie Tops 2020 Field & Trump In Military Member Donations
    Bernie 2016:
    Sanders calls out Clinton on taking advice from Henry Kissinger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCjQbTEuoDU

  33. 1.6 and not 1.8 Billion… in cash? Since we are talking "Billions in cash into their hands" there is not a hair's breadth between them. That didn't come from the 128 Billion Dollar… well 55 Billion Dollar frozen accounts… we know that the president exaggerates at times… so be it… I can't believe that the full amount of cash or even a partial amount did not come from the taxpayer… I am trying to be realistic here… how else would we have paid in cash… unless another country paid for it… and it always is the US paying for peace and security… I dont believe that Iran paid for terror with all that money, however… with Iran being a terrorist threat… who is not to say that they use this outrages amount of money to acquire nuclear weapons or fund their military… do we really want this… i really want to see what their annual budget is… I dont want to slam the previous administration over the release of the money… but also not the attack on the Baghdad airport killing Suleimani from the current administration… good intelligence on the ground proved to be correct… obviously Iran is part of the axis of evil as Bush declared at one time… and yes I was in Iraq… attempting to avoid IEDs, who well Iranian trained militants planted for us… it is and was well known that Iran manufactured attacks in Iraq to get a foothold in that region… with the sanctions they became more desperate… to decide where we stand should be clear… no war but firm stand against the Iran threat and further sanctions appeared to be a good choice… I would not be surprised if the military will deploy Patriot Missile Batteries to Iraq in the near future… we don't know why the plane from Ukraine went down in Iran… it is a coincidence for sure… but until we recover the blackbox we don't know much more… still I see the debates about impeachment… and I am annoyed by it… and I am annoyed by Pelosi… and so are our Democratic Senators… I think it is time for her to be succeeded by somebody with comon sense… and that doesn't include the Syfy green deal idiotic democrats all the way to the left… they left touch with reality… and we can focus in the House of Representative on real lawmaking and the upcoming election… no current democratic presidential candidate seems to be electable… as a matter of fact the party has forgotten to appeal to voters with one clear marching direction… here is my last complaint…. I believe that CBSN is a decent channel and I refuse to watch CNN anymore, as they don't seem to factcheck their stories… I don't want to see that drum in one direction and… railroading anybody for a story that might or might not be true… they went as far as defamation of a juvenile…he had a MAGA hat on… so what… there was no story… until now… since they settled the lawsuit… maybe there is a reason you can't comment on their "news"… stay critical but real CBSN… Thank You

  34. We only hear what we are told via rogue news channels that is what it takes to sell ! We have had Presidents that have gave them millions tax breaks if Muslim now a President that will not put up with or tolerate such mongrel behavior all you got to do is look it up ,this man has kept his word every step of the way, daugjt for the people right when ourselves would not because of the fear that had been by law we feared

  35. Omg, who cares about what these losers say anymore, they are always at trumps 👠 heels, I’m not even a trump supporter and know enough about Iran to know he did the right thing, this news channel might as well go report for iran

  36. The 'crisis' is mostly caused by you and other news outlets. You're like starving gluttons who finally got a meal.

  37. Trump blames everyone for his failures. Trump is the stupidest we have ever had. He can't explain of his decision because he can't read.

  38. We need to declare war on all of Iran's proxies and remove them from the battle field, what could Iran do about it?

  39. President Trump did the right thing. Of course there will always be retaliation, but im confident our defense is strong enough to overcome. Trump did what everyone in office was afraid to do. He took out a mass murderer, which will make our world safer. By the way if anyone wants to fact check the washington journal as well as this station is not the place to start. If people would get behind our president instead of allowing these hypocritical news sources pick apart every thing our president does, Trump could do so much more for the people. All Obama did was coward down to these islamics, and send them americans tax dollars.

  40. Looks like the whole world is going to give the USA a pass for murdering Soleimani. What happened to the "Rule of Law"? Is the accused no longer innocent until proven guilty in a Court of law before a Judge?
    Every nation is setting a really bad precedence regarding the way in which the USA murdered Soleimani and no one being held accountable.

  41. First of all, it was the presidents call. Trump is the commander and chief, he doesn't have to get permission from all the news sources in which always picks apart everything he does. Nor does he need permission from the leftest liberals either. All you hear and read about is people crying because President Trump takes out an evil mass murderer but they never cry about all the lives that are being murdered through abortion.

  42. America its past time that we start pumping our own oil. We have been arguing with that region of the world for close to 35 years. Enough is Enough already!

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