WARNING: What to know about Area 51 before the raid | Just The FAQs

WARNING: What to know about Area 51 before the raid | Just The FAQs

Area 51 has been cloaked in mystery for decades. The full scope of what’s inside Area 51 hasn’t been released to the public, causing many to speculate
that it’s probably aliens. “I was approaching a country of Earth called the United States of America.” The official name of Area 51 is the Nevada Test and
Training Range at Groom Lake. People have reported seeing unidentified flying objects
around there since the 1940s. In 1959, the Reno Evening
Gazette published the story “More Flying Objects Seen in Clark Sky.” This opened the floodgates for other reports of UFO sightings. Area 51 wasn’t even
officially acknowledged by the government until 2013, when it was revealed to the
public by Jeffrey Richelson, who submitted a Freedom of
Information Act request. As far as we know, Area 51 is a secretive
military flight testing and open training range
facility for the U.S. Air Force. But even to this day,
people in southern Nevada continue to report UFO sightings around this otherworldly location.

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  2. Idiots! As if theyre going to get past the armed military. What difference will it make if there are aliens hidden deep within Area 51? 🙄👽

  3. Idiots going deserve what they get……LMAO. Don't be stupid and break the law looking for aliens…..just go sit at the border if you want to see an alien….its not too much further from area 51 and its legal. Take a picture of all the real aliens and have a nice lunch instead of spending a lot of time in JAIL ! The military aren't going to just let YOU in…..lmao. Do you really think that this plan you have is going to work out well for YOU? Dumbest thing on earth to DO is to try and trespass on military property. Don't let a bunch of dummies get you into a ton of trouble because i guarantee YOU the one who started this ALREADY got a visit from the fbi and won't be there to go to jail with you all. It was a joke to begin WITH. Joke's going to be on YOU !!!! Live free an prosper and stay off of military bases !

  4. Yes. As long as earth is flat the UFO's will be hiding in area 51. They can't leave because of the dome over us. 🤫

  5. Why don’t 1,000,000 people show up with drones right outside of the gates and fly their drones into the base?

  6. it is just Amazing that the US Govt WILL Shoot their own Citizens who jump Area 51's Fence but the US Govt won't shoot illegal ALIENS Jumping or Border Fence! WHY NOT? ISRAEL DOES….Which means the US Govt considers All it's Citizens to be Disposable Palestinians. And that 2% Runs it ALL.

  7. there is a probably a jetpack that an old hippie guy wants it, and a black dude is stuck there trying to take it.

  8. This is the dumbest, most useless, video I've ever watched.. why was this in my news feed..
    There is literally no new knowledge and it's a minute long..

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