#Walmart shooting In El Paso Texas Breaking News! #DutyRon

#Walmart shooting In El Paso Texas Breaking News! #DutyRon

Welcome back everybody hello YouTube Friends and subscribers.
this is DutyRon back again with another video breaking news several hours ago
there was a report of shots fired at a Walmart Super center in El Paso Texas. I
think most of America knows about this situation going on. We are going to talk about it Right Now! If you like everything Law Enforcement related and how to keep yourself safe while online in public please subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell I thank you for that! I had a lot of things
happen and today where I wasn’t able to go live but this is now another incident
just four days ago we were talking about the Walmart in Mississippi down south
Mississippi Tennessee border now we have a Walmart in El Paso Texas where we’re
talking about 18 to 20 people shot we don’t know how many people have been
killed terrible situation on hand going on right now our thoughts and prayers
obviously go out to all victims and people affected in the area the first
responders again did a fantastic job I’ve looked at some of the I looked at
some of the video from this event and looks like a male with a pair of
headsets on and goggles walked in with an ak-47 it looked like very fast to me
a k47 assault rifle supposedly the police have in custody that shooter plus
additional actors I was on the phone and speaking with my good friend Darren
portrait who is a affiliate retired NYPD detective he was a cat classmate of mine
in the Academy in the police academy and I listened to his report looks like
everything is under control at this time but at this point we just have multiple
multiple people shot and now law enforcement is just having to figure out
why and what the situation is going on I’m gonna go right now to live coverage
of the sheriff speaking down in El Paso
give me two seconds so I could queue that up I believe I’m gonna be a little
late on this and we’re not addressing those so it may in fact lead to people
to feel that they can behave in a different way
sir with your law enforcement background all of your experience what types of
questions would you be asking of this person that they have in custody I would
I run a knows background first of all we want to know where where he came from
how he grew up what was the fascination with that we certainly want to study
that we also want to get into how his relationships are with others we want to
try to find out where he got his fascination who he got his fascination
from what we’re finding now it’s the Columbine effect from 1999 where people
are now making these Columbine shooters into heroes and people are looking at
them and trying to mirror them so I really want to learn what his pathway
was to this violence because everybody takes a different pathway water-ski mom
thank you for so much for coming in this is live from the El Paso affiliate of
Fox so let’s just hear what they have to say right now so I’m not going to be
talking to anybody let’s just see what the coverage is here I’ll be back in a
few minutes we’ve taken steps to limit the ability for people who should not
have guns not have guns but at the same time we have to dissect each one of
these instances to try to find out the pathway that each one of them took
towards that violence being in addition to that we have to look at hardening our
targets and we have to continue to train people that when they go somewhere they
have to be aware of their surroundings and when they hear something they have
to do two things hide run there’s gonna be three here and
there’s the third and certainly call 9-1-1 the quicker we get trained law
enforcement to the scene the quicker that incident can end and the quicker we
can get emergency medical attention to those locations former chief of police
in fairfield connecticut gary mcnamara thank you so much for your time today
we do appreciate it we’re gonna go to Jackie Heinrich now who’s been following
some of the developments monitoring the reporting that’s coming in on social
media which is all sometimes a place where you can learn a
lot of things really quick Jackie yeah and Rob what we’re learning really
is the latest from the president that part where he said in his tweet many
killed we knew from the lieutenant governor Dan Patrick that there were
between 15 and 20 casualties but we did not have a number on how many of those
people were killed and how many were injured the latest information coming
over Twitter from the president describing it as many killed of course
we’re still trying to get a handle on how many people are actually in custody
we saw that there had been some discrepancy between what the mayor of El
Paso D Margo had reported confirming multiple suspects were in custody and
then that latest information from police that update that we heard several
minutes ago contradicting that saying that they had
ruled out multiple shooters and acknowledging they had initial reports
of multiple shooters but as of now they’ve ruled that out they have just
one person in custody although they acknowledge the situation is evolving
and the information could change we know from the governor of Texas Greg Abbott
that there is some piece of this where he acknowledges there may have been
multiple people involved in that mass shooting he released a statement that
reads the state of Texas will do everything it can to ensure justice is
delivered to the perpetrators of this heinous act so we’re going to be
watching for more information to come down on just how many people were
involved in this or if it is in fact just that one suspect that the
lieutenant governor Dan Patrick confirmed was in custody described that
person as a 21 year old male no official word again on how many people were
killed and how many were injured although we did get that one eyewitness
account of one death as Garrett any reported from the ground there speaking
to a young man I believe who had said that his mother was shot and killed the
scene is still active the White House says that the president has been briefed
and we saw the president on Twitter pledging his support to El Paso and as
of now we’re just waiting on more information on the identity of who might
have committed this and the identities of those who were affected by it
Robbin Gillian Jackie Heinrich thank you so waiting on a lot of information still
many questions to be answered at this point let’s bring in Ken Paxton Texas
Attorney General joining us now live on the phone sir there has been a lot of
conflicting information this afternoon can you give us the latest information
that you have confirmed yes I believe Walmart is connected to it and I’m not a
hundred percent sure the shooting actually happened inside the Walmart or
just randomly inside the mall so let’s listen in and see what we got here so so
just so just one shooter in custody at this time you’re not sure if it’s to my
understanding that multiple actors are in custody one shooter in custody but he
didn’t act alone apparently there was two or three or more people act in a
concert with this guy so actually one shooter but other suspects in custody in
the country watching this unfold right now and just you know our hearts go out
to that community what’s your message to the folks there who might be watching
you know our message is that we care about the community we’re gonna be there
for the community there’s no way to make up for the loss of these families that
have experience but I do want them to know that my office the governor’s
office the state authorities are gonna be there to help in any way possible
what kind of questions I mean obviously you have a young man in custody you
think committed a horrible act you know what happens now what would a police
asking them what’s a where does the investigation go well I think first you
want to know you know is was there anybody else I think that’s gonna be the
first major question Jules this is these are many many units that responded after
the event a shooter just probably engaged with
for cops if that this is a response to this type of active shooter about the
alleged shooter is still alive we were just talking to other police officers
that say so off ya pansy pansy looked like it was an ak-47 from what I could
see I’m gonna show you guys that and I’ll show you the actual suspect with
goggles and head gear on sort of silenced the gunfire he’s wearing head
gear that you wear at the range when we negotiate but in a sense I mean law
enforcement have that person now to question and get all of the information
that they need because so often when the shooters are killed you don’t have that
opportunity we can learn a lot if person is alive a lot about why and how and
what was going on and I think it provides information for the future so
just wrapping up we we have one person in custody we’re not sure if he had any
help and that’s what they’re looking to find out and you we don’t have an exact
number on on victims at this point is that right not sure but he looked like
he was you know between 20 and 25 what lieutenant governor Dan Patrick told us
in the last hour we were on when we spoke to him he said there were
somewhere between 15 to 20 casualties at that point didn’t know how many of them
were fatalities he also said though that this community
that this town is one of the safest places in this entire country and he’s
right about that you know at one time that was not true but they’ve done such
a good job the building defense back in the late 90s and and law enforcement is
a good job it has become one of the safest cities in America
all right Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas thank you so much for your time
today we do appreciate it if you learn anything else grant we’re trying to
figure that out right now law enforcement doesn’t have answers to that
as I get it the information I’ll put it out to you guys once again to recap if
you are just joining us it is about almost 2:30 p.m. in El Paso Texas that
is the scene of a horrific mass shooting that happened around 11:00 a.m. local
time there at the Cielo Vista Mall it happened we are told by eyewitnesses
outside of the Walmart that is where this person started shooting on this is
right off i-10 right near the airport we have reports of many people injured we
do not have any information on how many fatalities and how many exact injuries
at this point what we know from police in their press conference is about 45
minutes ago is that they do in fact have one person in custody let’s go ahead and
bring in Steve Rogers again former lieutenant detective and member of the
Joint Terrorism Task Force sir you’ve been with us for a while now you’ve been
listening to all of this new information what do you make of the new information
unknown at this time Linda well as we have repeated quite often it is good
news if there’s any good news out of this that they do have the shooter in
custody but as your honor it looks like they’re reporting just one shooter and
then a few others in custody that were acting in concert like could be a
getaway driver could be a lookout but they have multiple others in the custody
besides the shooter the country are trained in active shooter scenarios like
this and I’ve got to tell you my hats off to them and now what will happen is
the investigation continues with the forensic studies detectives the FBI
if everyone’s gonna get involved now and they’re gonna connect a lot of dots to
make sure and we said this earlier to make absolutely sure that this gunman
acted alone if that’s not the case there’s not going to be an all-clear
sign until the police are absolutely sure that the people in that area and
around that community are safe and Steve you talked about yes official Maria be
pray prayers go out to El Paso sweetie El Paso Texas is a area of peace and a
lot of good people from El Paso that I know here on YouTube and on her scope so
my thoughts and prayers obviously to the victims families and everybody affected
by it you get into these buildings or into these areas where your shooter is
quickly but very very effectively so I’ll tell you what you want to you want
to see heroes it’s those cops going in there knowing that maybe some of them
won’t come out but they’re going in they’re putting their lives on the line
yeah El Paso and thank God Almighty they were able to prevent more fatalities
Steve the finest in our country have law enforcement training for the rest of us
who don’t you know we’ve gone we’ve undergone an active shooter drills in
our place of business you know various locations maybe schools maybe hospitals
you know but do we need more of that yeah I I do and and also as we were
speaking earlier I was once told some of the safest places in the country are
casinos why I agreed it was all over the place they’ve got enough security I mean
maybe at some point this is what we have to do in large establishments like malls
increase visible security more cameras and again we do have citizen police
academies around the country now maybe we have to add in those citizen police
academies from training what do I do if I am in a situation where there is an
active shooter all lessons learned as we move forward yeah you know we talked
earlier about the fact that this young man this 21 year old suspected shooter
is still alive and how rare that is does that tell you anything about the the
suspect in this case I’ll tell you what it tells me is the
superb job that the police did I mean they could have had a negotiator in
there they could have somehow talked him down obviously at this point the guy
didn’t want to die most of them want to go down quote-unquote in a blaze of
glory but I believe we’re gonna find out that the police did a superb job to keep
this guy alive in order to get more information from him so you know as time
goes on let’s see what comes around but I’ll tell you what my hat’s off again to
what the police did to get this individual life yeah absolutely I mean
from all accounts it seems like law enforcement in El Paso did an incredible
job you know you heard stories from eyewitnesses steve of people being in
the walmart store and and you know one eyewitness said there were maybe 100
maybe 200 people and they were all rushed to the back and they were hiding
back there and you’ve got people trying to help each other you know you hear
stories of terror and an absolute horror in these situations but then you also
end up hearing the stories of survival and how people help one another and the
true goodness that is in our community of a neighbor
helping neighbor yes the American people will always know rise to some of the
most tragic incidents to help each other and I’m sure that if there were people
bleeding we haven’t heard it yet but there are other people who are there
trying to stop the bleeding people come together in tragedies and I’ve got to
tell you again I have talked to the people who were there I’m sure we’re
gonna hear a lot of heroic stories as we move forward but saying that I’ve always
shared with people let’s pray for our country pray for our police and pray for
the victims in this case absolutely all right Steve Rogers standby for us if you
would thank you so much we’re gonna go back to Garrett any who’s been outside
that Walmart talking to people who witnessed this this Walker so this is
footage that looks like it’s inside it’s all real Mart really horribly most of my
stories he’s had to listen to today Garrett are you with us
ya rabbim with you I can tell you still very active scene here outside the
Walmart you hear the helicopters overhead and we actually just had the
County SWAT team that just came up this hill from the Walmart a couple of hours
ago I saw them rushing down this hill before the all-clear essentially was
given and at the Walmart and they were coming down to the free minutes so it
does give us a scene or an idea that as police said they currently believe there
is one suspect one shooter involved and that he is in custody there is no
imminent threat to the community at this time they believe so right now at this
point is just an investigation to pick up the details of exactly how things
played out here around 11 a.m. local time this morning what we do know based
on what witnesses have told us is that this shooter pulled up outside this Wal
Mart and started shooting in the parking lot and worked his way inside the
Walmart and over the course of about 20 minutes worked his way from the front of
the store closer towards the back of the store and at that point that is where
the last gunshots were heard again we have no clarification of this at this
point if he shot himself or a leash on him or if he voluntarily gave up exactly
how it came to be that he is in custody but we do know from the Lieutenant
Governor that there are 14 to 15 people who were shot in this case no word yet
on how many were killed but we know about a dozen
have been taken to a local hospital that hospital says they are expecting more
victims from Walmart to be taken over there as well
so we’re going to be getting updates on them a few hours from now is is those
trauma teams treat those patients figure out the extent of their wounds what the
recovery will be like going forward we are expecting to get another update from
police here in the next hour or two as well very early on in their
investigations still trying to get all of their facts and all the information
together as well but usually around this point when you’re about four or five
hours post a scene like this or an incident like this that’s when you start
to get a better grasp on exactly what took place so we hope to get some of
those details here in the next little bit Rob Jarett tiny thank you very much well
we’ll get back to you when you have more information we do have more information
coming in right now about some of the victims and some of the medical centers
that they’ve been taken to so let’s go ahead and go to Jackie Heinrich who was
following that development Jackie yet Gillian we’ve just heard back from Del
Sole Medical Center they’re confirming eleven victims were taken to that
hospital nine of them are in critical but stable condition two are in stable
condition and the ages of those victims range from 35 to 82 years old we know
also that some other victims were taken to University Medical Center we are
waiting confirmation from them on the status of those patients and how many
were taken there but that information just in from Del Sole Medical Center on
eleven victims and that goes to it speaks to what we had heard earlier
about the 15 to 20 casualties that 11 right there these are all folks who are
alive but dealing with various levels of injury right now so it we’re still
awaiting the remaining information on who was taken to University Medical
Center in El Paso I’m trying to confirm information on how many were taken there
I do have some numbers but I don’t want to put it out until we absolutely know
for sure what we’re dealing with there but wanted to share that last update 11
victims 9 critical but stable to stable ages 35 to 82 and that is at just one
hospital where victims were taken after the shooting Gillian and Rob Jackie
Heinrich thank you very much for that update and we certainly come back to you
when you get that other information confirmed sure yeah let’s do just a
quick update on what’s what’s happening here it’s been about three hours and 15
minutes since this all occurred or this all started this is a Walmart you’re
seeing the parking lot of a Walmart in El Paso Texas where a gunman carrying
official Marie big prayers thoughts strength positive vibes and all of our
love from New York City back over to the people of El Paso so thank you so much
for that generous super chat much love and respect to the great people of El
Paso seeing others shot we had one young man
tell Garrett any that his mother was shot and killed the gunman
according to police is in custody at least one person in custody we have
heard that there were others potentially in custody but that’s not the story
we’re hearing from police at this point and the scene is still active there in
El Paso at that Walmart parking lot but we can tell you that there is no current
threat to the city of El Paso according to police in that press conference that
police gave just about an hour ago that was their last one they did say what
you’re referencing Rob but there were reports that a rifle was used but they
said that they weren’t able to confirm that information yet so well of course
get information on that and pass it along to you when we do get it the
police also reiterated this is still fluid this information can change Thank
You Joey Brooklyn decisions such as victim’s number of victims types of
injuries so that information is all stuff that we will give you once we get
that confirmed probably talk about the different witness stories that we heard
we interviewed a woman by the name of Vanessa sines who was an eyewitness she
was there and she said that she was in her car with her mother and her
one-year-old son they were actually pulling up to the Walmart and she said
she saw a woman fall to the ground who was just walking her cart full of
groceries to her car and they heard the shots and they didn’t know what it was
initially but she said when she when when they knew what was happening she
said she tried to get out of the parking lot but the only way out was to go in
the direction of the shooter so the alleged shooter so that they couldn’t
get out of that moment yeah some of the some of the stories we’ve
been hearing have just been really really terrible and it’s just I mean
these this makes you so angry when you hear these stories and it is so sad and
they continue to come through and Garrett’s been there for a couple hours
listening to multiple people that had to hide from this and witness this and and
at least one person who lost a family member to this so we will continue to do
some reporting there in El Paso in the meantime we’re gonna go to Peter sports
mine who is a member of the El Paso City Council and he Jones joins us now on the
phone Peter thank you for joining us I just want to start off by asking you of
what have you heard what it alright so guys I’m gonna lower the volume on this
I’m gonna put the volume down so I could speak to you guys I’m just gonna let it
play in the background so essentially what it looks like I’m
gonna give you what I saw and some of the coverage that I looked at okay it
looked like it was a lone gunman between 20 and 25 years old could have been
maybe as old as 30 it looked like a young white gunman he was wearing
goggles and a head sound device that you would wear over there over the head
headset to muffle the sound where dusky mom thank you so much for the super chat
love and respect to you thank you so much for that generous super chat love
sending prayers and thoughts gut-wrenching waterski mom thank you so
he was wearing a pair of headphones to muffle the sound that you would wear at
the shooting range and he had shooting goggles on and walked directly in
surveillance it looked like CCT you know camera footage of of this male going
into the walmart and it looked like in my eyes it looked like he had what
looked and appeared to be an ak-47 it looked like a Russian assault rifle it
had the brown stock in the front I have the picture of it I saved it on my
computer it didn’t look like a regular AR or ar-15 or something of that nature
I mean I know because I have an ar-15 myself and it was not it did not look
like an AR but it was an assault type rifle and at the end of the day folks we
have multiple fatalities the news is not reporting the fatalities at this time
because they’ve not been confirmed but it looks like there’s multiple
fatalities multiple people shot and looks like I’m not on
it’s I’m just showing this so we we do have a situation where it is no longer
an active shooter he did not have it hidden he was open he was it looked like
he was driven up to the front of the location Linda he got out of a car right
in front of the location and the car waited there for him and he came right
into the location and began shooting so at the end of the day folks we we have a
situation where you have someone who came in with his intention was to harm
and kill as many people as possible you see the State Police in the background
here these guys are gearing up after the fact but they always take this situation
and and god bless the men and women of law enforcement
okay without our law enforcement professionals you have this guy could
have been in there for an hour spraying up the place and killing multiple
victims we could have had hundreds of casualties here if it wasn’t for our
first responders so let’s keep that in mind the brave men and women of law
enforcement that put their lives on the line the officers from El Paso Texas and
anyone that was involved in this takedown god bless them these are our
peacekeepers we rely on them for our safety and thank God we have a layer of
protection out there the shooter is alive the shooter is alive okay I don’t
know the exact situation that happened here I don’t know the engagement of what
happened but I do know that we have in the teens or more people shot 18 to 20
people shot at this time and that’s what’s being reported guys and I’m just
keeping this going in the background without the noise so Johnny Boyd says
NBC is reporting they have confirmed I’m watching Fox News here and
they’re not confirming they’re confirming looks like 11 victims 9 a
critical but stable victims range from 35 to 82
we have other reports the the reports will be all over the place border patrol
also helped there you go it is right on the Mexico and United States border El
Paso Texas is right there at the at the border so a representative from El Paso
said 22 I’m gonna search for more new a news conference or I didn’t see the
sheriff’s news conference like I want to see the last news conference so I’m
going to search for that but this is a live feed in from Fox News Fox’s
affiliate in El Paso is this is you know I feel this is the most direct feed of
what’s going on currently so I’m gonna search for any additional footage on a
separate browser and I’ll see if I can pull that up let’s let’s listen in for a second at this point has not been identified
but was captured and taken alive after this which is surprising to a lot of our
guests today that usually these things it’s on the confirm suicide-by-cop but
this is somebody that the police are going to be able to interview just 21
years old opening fire at this in front of this Walmart and then moving into the
store and as we just said 23 injured and that’s just confronting that the gunman
21 I estimated between 20 and 25 at this point that it is a have said that the investigated but that there is no
further just listen in here guys let’s listen and what they’ll now have to
investigate is is whether or not this gunman truly acted alone or if he had
any kind of help it’s bring in Gary McNamara now he was
with us a few minutes ago the executive director of Public Safety at Sacred
Heart University and a former chief of police in Fairfield Connecticut sir
based on the information that we’ve been talking about the new information we’ve
received where police had in this investigation do you think well I think
once the scene is stabilized they’re doing a couple things number one they’re
gonna go room to room inside that mall to ensure that there are no other
victims they’re gonna ensure that all the victims that need medical attention
are doing that and then a whole other component of investigation is going to
be occurring and is occurring right now with state local federal investigators
really doing a deep dive into this individuals life so they’re interviewing
him or trying to interview him they’re trying to get background social media
all the internet all of these digital footprint that they can so they’re gonna
do a deep dive into that while at the same time there’s officers they’re still
making rescues freeing people from buildings that are still trapped and
some of them probably fearful really scared to come out of where they’re
hiding from they’re gonna conduct interviews with everyone there’s a lot
of people to interview so they don’t want to interview everybody that they
can to make sure that they get an understanding of what they saw Gary
thank you very much for joining us that’s what police are busy doing right
now they’re you know trying to interview trying to get as much information as you
and from the suspect because you know with one person in custody that’s a rare
thing to happen and so you can gather a lot of information okay let me just say
quickly to water ski mom and two official Marie B thank you so much for
the generous super chat always appreciated never necessary and I want
to say thank you very much to those two young ladies for the super chat really
nice wonderful messages official Marie B is from El Paso in the general area so
she’s sending prayers for her city of El Paso she lives in El Paso Texas and
water ski mom sends in a message of sending prayers and thoughts with emojis
of Prayer and she says gut-wrenching my thoughts are the same exact way my heart
breaks any time I hear about stuff like this I was in I was in I was like
knee-deep in dirt and things of that nature in the backyard I was doing
backyard work while this was going down so I was monitoring it by my cell phone
but I was in the middle of a project so I really couldn’t go and stop everything
and do this so once I completed what I was doing my wife and I spoke and she
said go ahead go live and do your thing get the message out hello Kelly and I
wanted to get a little bit of education on what’s going on I want to say thank
you to far more fanatic to to Joey Brooklyn to rouse trucking and all the
great ones that are in here Shanna banana says I’m so sorry for all the
families we are all very sorry the this this type of event unfortunately is
becoming commonplace just four days ago we were talking about the Walmart in
Mississippi and now four days later we’re talking about a Walmart and
shopping mall in in the in the El Paso Texas community some of the great people
from El Paso it’s just so sad my my my thoughts and prayers and
sincere condolences go out to all the victims and people who are gonna be
suffering from these gunshot wounds and recovering in the in the future it’s
just so terrible Kelly good to see you good afternoon Kelly thank you so much
for the $9 super chat thank you so much a good friend from periscope right there
there she is I appreciate you coming on in and supporting the livestream thank
you so much David Osaka great to see you from Osaka Japan now guys I just want
you to know that um you know obviously I’m in full support of our first
responders okay our first responders are our first line of defense and at the end
of the day we have to give thanks and praise to the men and women of law
enforcement because they go into these situations when everyone as you see here
in the background is walking quickly out of the building everybody is reassured
that everything is safe right now there’s no panic right here and what
we’re seeing but earlier on there was massive panic and with that massive
panic people were running out of this shopping mall and the Walmart and the
police were running in so that’s what the men and women of law enforcement do
and that’s why I tipped my cat because I know from doing that particular job for
20 plus years I know from responding to major events the World Trade Center the
September 11th attack I was there I responded we did not run away from it we
ran into it and you know when when we call 9-1-1 the police come and they are
there to do what needs to be done to keep the public safe so here we go
I just want to listen to this let’s listen to this be a lot of suffering in
El Paso right now I am incredibly saddened and it is very hard to think
about this senator Cory Booker also came out
swinging against the NRA listen to what he had to say I have had enough of this
especially living in a community where gunshots are all too regular we have to
in this election we have to have leaders are willing to stand up and say I’m not
gonna let this issue be determined by what the interests of the corporate gun
lobby are and and and the NRA I I I won’t even say expressing their
condolences saying current policies are failing Americans and that gun control
is needed now Rob one more note about better O’Rourke he has canceled his
upcoming a campaign events over the next few days and he is on a plane right now
heading back to his hometown of El Paso home all right Claudia thank you so much
we appreciate it and we have new information coming in from the El Paso
Police Department they just again this is not the time and place about gun
control that’s not gonna help transported to various I’m not gonna get
more nation centers coach my challenge Web Services everybody please refer chance I don’t want that that they need
a blood they needed blood urgently there was something you can do that’s
what you can do you can go give some blood and hopefully you can help save
somebody’s life that was injured uh today and also just a reminder if you
are trying to contact someone who who you thought was at the mall or at the
Walmart or at the Sam’s Club in that area thank you so much coming on Emily’s
and that is the McArthur middle school on witness so if you’re if you’re trying
to get in touch with somebody that is where police are directing you go to
McArthur middle school on with us yeah just to recap one person in custody
today hello Ralph’s trucking good to see everyone let me go and check out Ralph’s
Trucking’s that when you get a chance he’s a great guy who’s out there doing
great content on youtube check out Joey Brooklyn check out the farm all fanatic
and then a whole rest of the grow team over there from Ralph’s truck in
mourning in El Paso local time and just opening fire on people as they walked 21
year old man who is now in custody had about 20 minutes to fire on people
inside of that Walmart which is a long time to be shooting than ak-47 in a
crowded store yeah and it led to all right okay just as I said I reported that it
was an ak-47 you heard that reporter just there say it was an ak-47 I know my
guns and when I saw the actual picture of this guy with the rifle going into
the store I immediately identified it as an ak-47
the brown light brown wood handle on the stock is a dead giveaway for the ak-47
so it’s a russian-made weapon and that’s what he was carrying he was allowed to
walk freely for they said 20 minutes that’s a long time you know I’m I’m
actually shocked that it took 20 minutes to engage this guy but it goes to show
you that all of these locations are so big the picture is available on the
internet Angelina as as a you know as a way of me showing respect to the people
and not to give the gunman any street credit or airtime I’m not going to put
his picture on my live stream that’s not the kind of person I am I won’t do that
I’m just telling you that I saw it and I saw it with my own eyes and I’m telling
you guys about it I feel that it’s no there’s no reason for me to glorify this
guy or show him on my live stream if you want to do that or if you want to go
look at it go and search the internet for it and you’ll be able to see it but
I won’t do that here what I bring you guys is the best information that I have
from a law enforcement standpoint for sment standpoint I’m gonna give you what
I have as a law enforcement professional I’m not giving you fluff I’m not going
to give you and I’m not giving anybody the big stage here I’m gonna tell you
that what the facts are and what happened and I’m not gonna go and tell
you about speculation but I definitely will not glorify this scumbag that went
into a mall and pulled a cowardly move and shot innocent people who are unarmed
inside a shopping mall so that is something I won’t do I’ll never do that
guys so thank you so much for subscribing it’s
it’s me thank you so much for subscribing to the channel so at the end
of the day guys we have a situation which is a very very horrific scene we
have multiple people who are shot and wounded we have multiple people who are
shot and killed this is not a time for shocking or this is not a time to
showboat I’m giving it to you straight forward and I spoke to you guys four
days ago four days ago we spoke about the Mississippi Walmart shooting and
what I said to you if you go back and watch my replay about the Mississippi
Walmart shooting and until the government or until the people of
America take a stand these corporate stores
these big major corporations that run shopping malls and all different places
that multiple people go to if they don’t step up their game and be make it safe
for people to shop make it safe for people to go to sporting events to go to
concerts if we if they don’t take their their profit margin and cut it in the
name of safety then shame on them there’s gonna be blood on blood shed on
their hands because these events are going to continue to happen until a we
change the way we do security in this country and be the federal government
and these multifaceted rich corporations take from their pockets their bottom
dollar and take money out of their pocket to secure our safety and it the
onus is on them to make us safe the onus is not on us the people who are there
spending our hard-earned money to shop in a shopping mall you take your kids to
buy them clothes you spend your money they make money on you so it’s up to
them the onus is on them and where we pay our taxes not only are you spending
your money and shopping malls ladies and gentlemen you’re spending your money
when you when you pay your when we pay our freakin tax bill at the end of the
the government wants to take that money from us right you death and taxes are
two things we can’t escape right so when we pay our taxes to the federal
government they need to come up with a program where it’s partially federally
funded to go towards these corporations to have armed security to make us safe
and there’s retired cops like myself who are doing armed security I have my own
security company I got my own security business I work as an independent
contractor I do a lot of different executive protection security
assignments hire the retired law enforcement that are professionals that
are qualified like me hire our retired military who are able to do this type of
work train them give them training and get their butts out there to protect our
children and protect us put them in the schools put them in the shopping malls
put them at the concerts and we will have something better than what we have
going on right now because what’s what we have now in America is not working
just an FYI for what we have going on in America is not working right now so I’m
sorry if I raised my voice but I get angry I get angry as I see innocent
victims shot and killed across the country and it gets me so but it makes
my blood boil when I see instances like this so let me again say thank you to
all my patreon supporters and my super chatters here and anybody who has
positively interacted in the in a conversation thank you to all the new
people who subscribe here down at the bottom somewhere around here there’s
like a subscribe button hit that subscribe button ring the notification
bell I’m gonna give you two or three more minutes of of news coverage I’m
gonna give you two or three more four more minutes of news coverage and then
I’ll take a little bit of Q&A I’ll take a little bit of a Q&A we did YC
stephanie says we talked about this just the other day and we damn sure did I had
I had an hour and 30 minute broadcast which I never do
never have an hour and 30 broadcast but I did an hour and 30 and right now I’m
on 45 minutes and I’m gonna close this in 15 minutes so let’s go and let’s see
what they’re reporting here on that live feed let’s see what’s happening on Fox
live Fox News live of course I’m watching a commercial
I’m watching a commercial right now so they’re paying I’m paying the bills for
them right now I’m watching a commercial so I’ll look at the chat while I’m
waiting for this commercial to roll good to see you duty blue you’re welcome
official Maria be much love and respect guys go and check out her channel I know
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check her out guys please go out there and support one of our fellow youtubers
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going on here watch live I’m watching Edie eight of eight I’m watching a dawn
commercial for dawn degreaser I had to watch eight commercials to get to the
live feed on Fox News so here we go eight commercials that’s it just a no
big deal you police welcome in mani boy three or four did
fall to the ground and I thought oh my god itself to listen to Garrett any is live
in El Paso Texas with the very latest and Garrett you’ve been hearing stories
all day that have just been terribly emotional and tough to listen to yeah and just to paint a little bit of a
scene here for y’all this is a middle of a Saturday and I want you to think about
your local Walmart or Target or Sam’s Club on a Saturday afternoon and you can
get an idea of how busy it was here it was around 11 a.m. when based on what
we’re hearing from witnesses this man got out of his car in the parking lot of
this Walmart and opened fire started shooting people indiscriminately as how
was it described from there he went inside the Walmart continuing to shoot
people and after about 20 or so minutes he eventually worked his way further to
the further back in Walmart and there was some more gun shots that were fired
and from what we’re hearing better welcome to Kmart store based on what
we’re hearing from witnesses now many of these witnesses the scenes they are
describing are just absolutely horrific one woman said she rushed inside the
Walmart after she very careful Josh and she saw a woman laying there on the
floor who was shot in the legs she couldn’t stand up and she was just
reaching up and she was desperately screaming yelling where is my cigs actly
I mean with her son and gotten separated with him but from him when the shooting
broke out and she couldn’t get up to go around and searched for him to find him
to make sure that he was okay another witness we spoke to was at the
back of the store with her husband when these shots started breaking out she
said they thought that they were fireworks initially but as they picked
up in pace and continued going they realized this is a gunman just putting a
tourniquet on her own who could be a short rifle he said at least would like
a tourniquet or something on her arm she shot around the store the back part of
the area into the the storage area where they had these large containers that
they normally bring in on 18-wheelers and there are metal framed and they got
inside those containers to protect themselves just in case this gunman came
further back into that area they were there for about 20 minutes and then when
they came out they’re getting ready to come back into the store that’s when
they said they heard another round of gunshots breakout they said about ten
minutes later that’s when they were told it was okay to come out
and they went through a back door of the building and don’t let these people just
go in exactly what you’re doing happen Granger when he legally carried fire
those gunshots that they heard we do know that the gunman is in custody we
don’t know in what condition that he is there exactly how it played out that he
was brought into custody but we are waiting an update from police to get
some of those details in terms of the victims though we are getting a better
picture of just how widespread this destruction was that he caused we know
of at least 24 confirmed people that were shot one of them is dead we know
many of them are in the ICU units undergoing medical care as we speak we
also know this is very much an ongoing situation that they are investigating a
very active scene is what we’re told they don’t believe there is any imminent
threat to the community at this point that it is under control but to give you
an idea of what they’re facing going forward in terms of the victims the El
Paso Police Department tweeted out a short time ago saying blood needed
urgently multiple injured transported to various hospitals and they announced
blood donation centers and they gave the address for that so as we see in these
cases you can expect there’s going to be an outpouring of support from this local
community which we’ve heard from multiple officials described as one of
the safest cities in America I can tell you we’ve been here the last few days
covering a visit to the porter from the congressional delegation
and what we heard lawmaker after lawmakers say is how impressed they were
by the people of El Paso how generous how kind how giving how big their hearts
are for anyone that is in need that’s the kind of community where this took
place today about six hundred and fifty five six hundred fifty thousand people
live here it is a very large city we can see you can see the border just behind
us right over there is the the southern US border so there is a huge law
enforcement presence here on this case alone you have the FBI the ATF locals
State Police and then you also have customs and border agents that rushed
here as soon as reports of this shooting came and they are still continuing this
investigation what we know so far from the lieutenant governor of that one
suspect we’re told he’s a 21 year old male that from a city councilman told us
they believe it was an ak-47 that he used again he is in custody at this
point they do not know his motive that’s something they are still trying to
determine and that of course is one of the questions that often takes a much
longer time to get an answer to but as we reported earlier right around this
time when you get to you know four or five hours after the shooting that’s
when a lot of the fog the fog of war starts to clear up and you start to get
some of these details figured out of exactly how this whole situation clay
Murray where we are Mariya like the arocs I’d like to if you
can later send me an email hours so we could communicate about this absolutely
tragic shooting this morning and the people that we’ve talked to hear it said
like any person would say you never think it’s gonna happen
no problem Jane yeah all right well the suspect is alive so we will learn a lot
more here in the coming days Garrett thanks so much let us know if we need to
come back then in the meantime let’s bring in former Deputy Assistant
Director of the counterterrorism division at the FBI Terry Turchi
he also led the Unabomber investigation sir we appreciate you being here
sat under these circumstances for sure you know we’ve talked to you in the past
when when we’ve had mass shootings unfortunately we always say you know one
is too many at this point from your experience what you know in law
enforcement what is happening right now a few hours after this happened well
Julian what you’re seeing now is something that these people trained for
in all the days that you don’t see them and local state federal law enforcement
officials and agents all officers are training all the time we have operations
in America in a number of cities that you’ve probably heard of called urban
shield and the whole purpose is to hopefully never have to go to one of
these events but they’re so horrendous and your emotions run so high and there
are so many things going on at once when everybody shows up of course the
the major objective is to stop the shooting and to make sure you
neutralized the shooter and whatever way you have to do that but the the major
objective after that is to make sure that all of these victims are cared for
and that you get people out of there to get help to get medical help that you
help them if you have to right there on the spot and all of the time that that’s
going on your emotions are really running very very deep and it’s it’s
it’s like almost superhuman to have to control your emotions and see all of the
carnage of all of the horrendous things that have gone around you and yet I
always found that I always try to say this you you actually gather strength
from those people from victims from people who do heroic things and help
everyday when something like this happens and it happens obviously all too
often but the best in human nature comes out and I think that’s what actually
attracts so many people in law enforcement but it’s not to have
something like this happen it’s to just be able to be there to help people when
it does Terry the frequency of this is what really bothers a lot of people is
when you start seeing these shootings happen over and
over and over again people get so frustrated it’s become almost kind of
like a fad among some of the sickest people in our society to do something
like this when they feel like they’ve got nothing to live for I wonder what
you think of that and what you think of a solution could be to fix this to move
us away from this a number of years ago was about 2000 we actually did a study
because during yoona bomb during the search for eric robert rudolph the
olympic bomber and there were some other bombings obviously the Oklahoma City
bombing back in 1995 we didn’t have any research or much information to support
the idea of what kind of person embarks upon committing such horrendous crimes
like this and so a clinical psychologist and FBI agent team came back to the
bureau and actually teamed up with people from the Secret Service had
access to files it was kind of mentored by a group of psychologists outside of
the bureau obviously that knew how to give opinions and assess research anyway
she created a rather landmark study on the lone offender because there are a
lot of characteristics that are similar between lone serial bombers and lone
gunman mass shooters and at the end of the day what she found was that there
are several characteristics that these people have and just about every one of
them and even since that time you can apply these to the people as we learn
more about them they were loners they’ve never really makin a connection in their
life they they really longed for and sought for kind of a group identity to
be connected to something but they could never get it in fact some of them even
enjoying our join extremist groups they were asked to leave because they were
too violent if you can think about that and alright guys so this is uh this is about
it I I don’t think there’s much more to report there’s between 18 the 25 victims
of the shooting casualties are unknown at this time I’m not gonna speculate
I’m not gonna guess that there was young children shot and killed I’m not gonna
give that to you until those things are confirmed look for a live look for a
live from me at about 11:00 p.m. tonight about 11:00 p.m. Eastern and I’ll give
you guys everything that I know up until that point I appreciate everyone in the
chat being respectful towards the victims towards the people of the great
city of El Paso Texas one or several you know shooters who worked in concert do
not represent the community at large Lisa one one one one Jesus Christ will
be back she says thank you so much for the super chat one or several actors
that are along with this shooter it’s not a reflection of our community over
in El Paso from the great people from that area the news has reported how
wonderful the people the community have been the Border Patrol agents who are an
intricate part of securing our borders our southern borders they came running
these are border patrol agents that risk their lives every day for our safety
so I tipped my cap to the Border Patrol agents the law enforcement the community
response and all the great people of the city of El Paso Texas may God be with
you always and to each and every one of you I hope
you remain safe and vigilant no matter where you go don’t give in to these
terroristic or these this type of mentality of shooters that instill fear
don’t give in to these people if you are able to arm yourself legally arm
yourself for action if you’re able to carry a firearm
and you’re proficient with that firearm have it with you at all times if you
aren’t then don’t do it it’s it’s illegal I’m telling you as a law
enforcement professional do not carry a firearm if unless you are a handgun if
unless you are licensed to carry that particular weapon and if you do carry a
particular weapon that your license with make sure you’re proficient with it go
and practice so you know if the situation happens you have to pull it
out you know that you could hit your target and you could stop the threat so
may God bless each and every one of you thank you for joining judy Ranjha chat
thank you for the super chat that has come in everybody and anyone who has
sent super chat in this broadcast please please send me an email with your
address your home address so I can send you a thank-you card I like to
personally send thank-you cards there’s been over almost $200 worth of super
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during this it’s your way of saying thanks to the broadcaster I do it all
day long when I join people’s live streams and I love to send out super
chat and tips to all the great people who hit the go-live button this is an
unfortunate situation another shooting has happened here in the states at a
shopping mall and a Walmart Supercenter Sam’s Club it looked like it was a very
large location that had multiple places of business in but I believe I do
believe the shooter did most of his shooting inside the Walmart not inside
the shopping mall but he did have 20 minutes according to the news reports he
had 20 minutes of walking freely and shooting with an ak-47 assault type
rifle okay El Paso police are going to give an update on the shooting if you
guys want i’ll stay live with this it looks like in five minutes we are going
to be getting a live update from the el paso police this is according to Fox
News El Paso police to give update on
shooting if you guys want me to stay I’ll stay for that five for that presser
it looks like they’re getting ready to set up for this so if you guys want to
see it I will I will stick around I’ll monitor it on the side here and when it
comes up I will give it to you I I’m not looking at the the screen now I’m
looking at I’m looking at the live fox news feed so I think that they’re
calling for this presser this update in five minutes so for the time being I’ll
take a quick QA from you guys if anybody has any questions that they want to send
out and I’m not going to answer any questions about conspiracy theories and
other utter insanity I saw some people in the chat going on about nonsense
I don’t even entertain it I won’t even acknowledge it so don’t waste your time
with that okay looks like okay not yet we’re not yet
you’re welcome Jonna my pleasure MJ Doris thank you so much for being in
here mrs. makjang thank you for coming in I don’t have the camera I don’t have
the camera on it’s just on those on the news so yeah this is a this unfortunate
situation and until things change until things change we’re gonna have a
situation that’s gonna we’re gonna have a situation that’s going to be not
pretty it’s going to be ugly guys so it is what it is so let me see what we got
going on let me see what we got going on here you’re welcome my pleasure my
pleasure all right I’m gonna leave it on this so
we could see what’s happening Angelina ATF says what do you think could resolve
this in any way I went over this many times yeah they’re looking for blood
donations down in El Paso for the victims so anybody that lives in the El
Paso area tune in to your local news for blood donations here we go
El Paso police this is probably what Dillon just sent me blood needed
urgently multiple injuries injures transports a very Hospital blood
donation center is that by talent Blood Services at 424 South Mesa hills and 133
north in Zaragoza so that’s the location for blood I’m sure that’s what duty blue
was just gonna send me I spoke about this earlier on this live and on many
other lives I can’t go into that again it’s yeah there it is I can go back to
it but I think it was up on the screen long enough for everybody to see it so
that’s the situation over here so let me self monitor real quick did you just what hold on why don’t you
just say did you just fit but since duty run no I
didn’t realize that the I thought I was on this and I I was legit telling her
that it wasn’t on when I thought that it was on – on the live news feed but it
was just it was just not I didn’t I didn’t realize that I had the camera on
I thought it was off I didn’t do that intentionally as much as you guys want
to think that I did I didn’t do it intentionally I realized that after the
facts I realized it after the fact but little little little thing like that I
won’t tell her that I made a mistake because that’ll be more grief for me
than anything all right let’s hear what they’re saying
let’s listen in is as disturbing to you as it is to the rest of us you can go
and and donate blood there’s the message with the blood again and go do that in
the meantime we are expecting a news conference here in the next 10 minutes
and we’ll be right back okay Philadelphia just not subject
ourselves to this i’ll just monitor this on the side guys hi I’m back Johnny o
says thank you for doing this live today so sad and alarming thank you for the
super chat thank you for the super love appreciate that Johnny oh so yeah guys
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Nancy Eileen love and respect to you thank you so much Josh Webb says 18
people that won’t be coming home to their families I don’t know if the 18
has been a confirmed number but whatever the number is it’s a sad situation
it said sad said how do we help in our community to increase security in public
places that’s a really open-ended question it’s not a one-liner
it’s a it’s a long it’s a long question a long answer to that question it’s a
long question answer to the question yes we’re sending you positive vibes and
strength from the New York City area positive vibe and strength from New York
City the bull is still in Morocco I didn’t realize you on a long vacation so
good to see you yes dawn it is terrible just heard the
story awful situation let me see what’s happening we’re still watching multiple
commercials at this time all right here we go
we’re back live let me place it back into the live I agree Gregg I spoke about this on my
life press conference it confirmed earlier we do have one
person in custody I can’t confirm that it is a white male in his 20s
there we go who’s depression have any other information on that that will be
released at a later time but that’s the information we have right now the
estimates of the shoppers at Walmart were between one and three thousand with
a hundred employees present it is back to school and the Walmart was at
capacity when the shootings occurred we have secured Walmart and we have secured
syllabus the mall we don’t feel that there is a threat to the public or there
are any other shooters at this time as we were from the last conference we are
transitioning into the criminal investigation side we still have the
area locked down and we have started our criminal investigation to find out
exactly what took place I can’t confirm there have been fatalities I cannot
confirm how many there have been injuries they transported themselves so
our numbers will be a little delayed once we have that information we will
definitely make it available to all again I would like to reiterate that
anybody that got separated from their family during these incidents to please
report to MacArthur elementary school to possibly gain information will be
reunified with any loved ones that got separated during the chaos that’s pretty
much all we have at this time later Cole that was their day as we become more
concrete on what the information we have we will have another press conference
with our city leaders at the Emergency Operations Center on Threadgill we will
announce that on Twitter so that everybody not only our local media but
our national media will be aware of that that date and time is to be determined
because the on the investigation is still ongoing that’s about all the
information I have right now but I will take any questions
and I don’t have the location of where the shooter was apprehended that that
information I don’t have I don’t know if it’s inside or outside I have no
information of where he was where he’s from can you confirm that more than 10
people have died I don’t have the numbers I know that people have died and
I know that there are a number of people injured I don’t have those numbers right
now online before this shooting I don’t have any information of a manifesto can
you confirm that there’s only one shooter as far as we understand at this
moment in time we have one person in custody we believe he’s he is the sole
shooter but that could change like I said earlier when this started we did
have multiple reports of multiple shootings so we are sorting that out but
at this time we only have one person in custody but the investigation is ongoing
the thirty-third still ongoing we we have cleared the mall area we for
victims and suspects we have secured Walmart and we do know that that there
is secure of suspects and we’re tending to the victims at Walmart those areas
are still being secured but and will not be released as of yet but we do find
that those areas are secure at this mall my the reports are that most of the
victims we believe are from Walmart but I can’t 100% confirm that right now are
there any next Mexican nationals who were asleep I don’t have the I don’t
have the demographics of anybody that was injured or killed I don’t have that
information but you know it I know there is a fatality so that would be one yes
it’s been a call for blood donations can you talk more about that oh you know I I
know that the Red Cross is on scene or working with our EOC I don’t have that
information but I would assume with any kind of mass casualties that blood would
be in demand so I’ll if I have that information when I get that information
I would definitely put it out so you said there the suspect was white white
not Hispanic what I have is a white male in his 20s went out alerting all of El
Paso County and City diesel still a threat to the city in the county
or as of right now we don’t believe there’s a threat but we are continuing
the investigation thank you there were two male suspects we have one detained
at this time what do you tell expensive that’s the robber silo in espanol no
motive we are still investigating the motive so we don’t have that at this
time how prepared are you for this kind of incident here and El Paso most of the
time as far as the police department all the federal agencies a law enforcement
state and local we trained for these types of scenarios nobody can be 100%
prepared for anything that happens we do routinely train I think we do work well
with each other and we have a coordinated effort today so I don’t
think there’s any agency in the in the country that’s prepared for something
like this but we do prepare for it and work our do our best to make sure that
these situations are I don’t have the make and model of the weapon the only
report that I have from initial reports is that it was a rifle or the make and
model of that rifle I have no I don’t that confirmed at this moment there we had multiple reports during the
active shooter situation we had reports and other malls and other locations we
have verified at this time that those reports were false
we have no separate shootings or reports of shootings the the only active
location that we believe shootings occurred where at the Walmart and
possibly cell Vista mall but that is to be determined anywhere outside of that
is it has been confirmed that those incidents that were reported to us are
false there was a reports of other malls
during the time they’re false the only active investigation we have right now
is at Walmart and celebrates the mall what do you mean when they say terrorist
activity I don’t know I didn’t say that oh I can’t confirm on the motives or or
the location or any basis for the shooting right now expect the perfect
I don’t know and like I said earlier we we want to make sure that we give an
accurate count we know that a lot of people were separated during the chaos
and we don’t want people we don’t want to worry people unnecessarily so we want
to be very sure that the count that we give you of injured and dead are
accurate and also we are prepared that we are prepared to deal with those
family members when we do make notification like I said earlier we had
to deal with people that transported themselves on their own they could have
gone to area hospitals that takes time to confirm that they are part of this
incident so we are not going to have that until later on possibly today maybe
even tomorrow now about the past the shooting start and have it in
continued you know all the reports that I have are based of 9-1-1 call so that
it’s not very reliable we did get reports initially from Walmart and then
secondarily at the mall now whether one happened before the other I couldn’t
confirm any of the duration is up let me just let me just cut this sound off
Murray let me just tell you something they’re not lying they’re just not
giving the information out because family members haven’t been notified
this guy is limited in what he could say because it’s an active investigation so
if you want to stick around on my channel I’m just asking you nicely right
now that propaganda about them lying I don’t appreciate it because all our law
enforcement are not here to lie to the public and if you feel that way I don’t
think this is probably a place for you honestly I know for a fact that our men
and women of law enforcement of putting out the information as they get it and
they are not in the business of blabbing out because you want to know about it
what who the victims were how many they were before they’re done with an active
investigation if you can’t appreciate the process that the men and women of
law enforcement go through to effectively conduct a professional
investigation then this is not for you okay let me just continue back here with
this please don’t put comments like that in my child individuals were not actively working
but we’re in the area when the call went out so I couldn’t give you the estimate
of how quickly we showed up on I have no idea I don’t have that
information where there are security personnel
I don’t believe that there’s any armed but III couldn’t confirm that either know that I don’t have I don’t have
estimates on round counts right now maybe update
I do I can’t confirm that oh no law-enforcement personnel did fired
their weapons during this incident the person that was taken in to cut city was
taken into custody without incident and no law enforcement personnel fired their
weapons all I can say is that it happened
without incident so I can assume that the person dropped this one is there an
altercation between the officers without incident means that there was problems
possibly little to minimal force when they took the unfortunate Long Island
girl no but you seem like a wonderful guy MacArthur elementary school
everybody that’s been evacuated we’re taking it we’re taking them using some
Metro buses to that location so that they can meet with family members hey
Rob’s truck is going back I’m sure there I’m sure there were
injuries in the panic I don’t have specific information hotels are homes related to this not
that I’m aware of anything anything else okay we’re gonna
try to give you as much information as we can
the next tactical brief like I said we call it and tactical briefs from the
scene here should there are main press conference with city officials come out
I’ll be posting that on Twitter with the location and that that’s to be
determined any other tactical brief or anything else that I come up with or we
are able to release to you I will put it on Twitter and let you know exactly when
we’re gonna have that it’ll be at this location any questions no it’s El Paso
Police Department Twitter page that’s the most accurate information they were
putting out that’s what we’re funneling everything I can’t confirm I know at least one
person is that I know that children are dead I don’t know the demographics of
the people injured or dead revista Espanola conference from the El
Paso Police Department the very latest information on this mass shooting that
happened at one people all right guys so I’m gonna break away and go back to the
live feed here with me again I’m just gonna I’m just gonna say this again and
I don’t want to dwell on this if anybody that’s in here on my lives
that might be new coming in if you feel that the police lied to the public and
are not giving out proper information this is not the channel for you I don’t
think that you should be here I don’t think this is a good channel for you
because I’m not going to agree with you on that if your comments are
misconstrued in any way then that’s another situation all total in total but
I’m just here to tell you that these press conferences that police official
who was a high-ranking El Paso police official he is handcuffed in what he can
release because out of respect for the victims and the family we don’t even
know the names or the if notification was made to these family members who
were killed so please understand that he can’t just blab out what you want to
hear I know we all want to hear about what’s going on you want to hear about
where this guy was taken down but if he gives that information away he’s gonna
compromise their investigation don’t forget we have a perpetrator who’s in
custody who’s not dead who we want to speak to
we don’t want information to get out to his friends or anybody that might have
been co-conspirators involved in this place had to drop a hook here in Atlanta
Georgia Pepsi heavy load I got you I got your
Ralph’s no worries let me just explain so if there’s
co-conspirators people who helped him concoct this this attack up we don’t
want to tip them off because they’re outstanding people they’re not in
custody if they’re not in custody we don’t want them to know what we know
so unfortunately the public can’t get everything that they want to get right
away without incident means the perpetrator was taken into custody
without incident meaning he wasn’t shot he wasn’t beaten he wasn’t resisting
arrest he was taken into custody without any further incident meaning further
activity so that’s what he meant by that all right I have to close this up guys
because I got to get along with my Saturday my wife is waiting for me and
she’s calmly waiting on the sidelines we’re going to be doing our Saturday
night stuff so I’m gonna bid you guys a fond adieu
prayers thoughts love and strength to the people of El Paso to the men and
women of the law enforcement to the first responders the EMTs the nurses the
doctors the paramedics and everybody involved the victims the families the
survivors the people who had to endure this horrific tragedy again another
horrific tragedy mass shooting on our hands here in Oh Paso Texas in the
heartland of America in Texas so I pray for peace throughout the world I pray
for peace for all my friends here on YouTube so thank you so much for being
in here love and respect from duty Ron look for
me on a live update in regards to this incident tonight Eastern Time 11:00 p.m.
love and respect from duty Ron thank you to all my moderators and all my good
friends in here thank you for the support love and respect

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  2. I could be wrong however about an hour or so before hearing this I had made a comment on a post that we're in what I believe and term I used is a "social war", social for society, fellow brother's and sister's against each other. I've never witnessed such atrocities like this before in my life. Each generation has had it's issues, violence and wars however this a different kind of issue, something has to give or it's going to keep getting worse in which I stated in post an hour prior to this. This is devastating, I can't find the word's to even describe what I'm feeling. My heart breaks literally in two for this Country, I don't know if there's anymore room for my heart to break and I'm also very infuriated, what is it going to take for society to get it together, it's like a lot of mind's are somewhere else, maybe too much digital game device land for the young one's, parent's not guiding their children cause they're online themselves too much, absent parent, don't know. My rant is over. My deepest condolences, sincerest prayers and love is with all the victims, families, friend's, first responders, police officer's and medical staff.

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