US reaches trade deal with Japan

US reaches trade deal with Japan

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  1. Hilarious with the fake love for Japan in the comment section. Your grandparents were calling them zipper heads and throwing them in internment camps just 60 years ago

  2. Are there any papers signed? No. Quit letting the Don the Con off with his fake accomplishments. Trump has completed & signed only one trade agreement thus far, the easiest one you could expect: with South Korea. Even the NAFTA 2.0 hasn’t been ratified. If Obama declared victories without doing anything but bragging in front of a gaggle of reporters, Faux News & its pseudo conservatives would’ve lynched him on the White House lawn.

  3. Let's not forget that this is the same government from ww2 and that still activity denies what happened in Naking and Japans other war crimes as well as barely reaches its citizens its role in the tragedy of ww2

  4. Won't that spark anger from China to very small Japan. He did agricultural trade. I wouldn't want to eat any meat coming from any place other then America, or Europe. Agricultural ranches?

  5. – And that's why he's our President. If China doesn't want to buy? We'll go to someone who DOES want to buy, and still make money! Too bad, China. You shouldn't go back on a deal once made. It could have been yours, and your people would have been well-fed. Now, it's in the hands of Japanese Chefs, who I think will make new tasty dishes for millions to enjoy! Do your thing, Japan! Keep sending us innovative technologies, tasty recipes and loads of anime! <3 Arigatou, Nippon!

  6. i would much rather deal with japan than china . we need to go away from china because china is trying to bully everyone . china cheat you at every turn .

  7. This. If Trump just sticks to policies he would have a lot more support. Stop the weird ranting and take care of business.

  8. “I’ve had two very productive calls from China”
    Trump, just before China told the world* it was not true.

    * except Fox News viewers

  9. When a fire blazes in the Amazon Rainforest no one bats an eye…

    But if Japan wants to buy our corn we are all ears !

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  11. Just over hear laughing at the trumptards with there usual foolish outburst…I want nothing in my house that's from china😂😂😂 idiots might as well live in there car…wait it's a camry

  12. I don't like Trump. I don't agree with Trump and I wont be voting for him next November. Will be voting for Andrew Yang instead. BUT I have to give credit here. This trade deal with Japan is great news and a I give props to Trump for this. This is a good move for the USA.

  13. Strangely enough the Chinese did not do anything to the United States (I am from the U.S.) The people who live in the United States did this to themselves, The Chinese Gov or the Chinese People are not holding a gun to anyone's head, the American public bought and payed for all the Chinese stuff they have, and they are still buying (Chinese) stuff Today 08/27/2019 no end in sight

  14. Why are republicans suddenly showing pro-Japanese thoughts? I thought they wanted to nuke Japan again. The Republican party changes faster than Madonna changes her outfits!

  15. this is great news for bitcoin 🙂 will the US farmers accept pay in bitcoin for all that corn.

  16. I like how everyone is saying genuinely nice things about Japan, it's people and NOT discussing that we nuked them so hard anime was born.

  17. Japan is our true friend, China is at war with us economically and has been for some time, it's time to call them out and keep them honest!

  18. The Japanese have been a good friend to the United States for a long time so I am glad we are doing business together. The prime minister rocks!

  19. I love how the European politicians are all busy on Twitter pushing a globalist narrative about Brazil while Trump and Abe are getting shite done.

  20. Honestly Japanese products are very good quality, americans knows whats good, people want stuff that will last long and still work.

  21. Let's be real. How is Japan's 130 million population's agricultural needs going to compare with China's 1.5 billion population's agricultural needs?
    This will benefit Japan more than it will benefit America. They use lots of Japanese cars. But no amount of US agricultural products Japan buys can equal what China buys. Not even a quarter of it.

  22. It's going to be made in Japan from now on. Get rid of the garbage made in China and trade with a quality market where we can reduce our deficit.

  23. The ability of Motegi and Lightheiser to reach agreement by the G7 should be highly valued, even if the details are deferred,

  24. The longer China stalls for the 2020 election, the harder it will be for them when President Trump wins again. China is becoming irrelevant.

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  26. That is good. Now Trump needs to hold true against Huawei and stop giving them extensions. As long as he is giving them extensions we don’t win.

  27. Abe is trying to make new human species by adding GMO corn into nuclear reactive cesium 137 contaminated Japanese people. Japanese people might end up having new appendices like wings in their back, maybe tail? Japan will attract a lot of tourism by creating Japan a wild zoo. Abe is really a genius like Mr. Trump.

  28. Fake News Alert … No deal has been reached as of yet . You heard the Japanese say that more negotiating needs to take place before signing an agreement in late September …

  29. Hi Abe. You. Close. To. Seat. With trump. Trump. Only. Can. DO TO YOU. You can do. This. You can do this. Than -you have to. Buy more from. U S
    I meant dont acting like you are Freeman
    Every time. Bad about. Moon. You have to. Buy more buy more.

  30. It's also the fact that there is massive counterfeiting in China that has been hurting Japanese business for years.

  31. 日本と話し合う前に中国をg7に入れて話し合えよwwなぜ中国を入れない!?中国は世界でかなり影響力のある国なのに

  32. Just to think all the other Presidents just let them have their way. This male knows how to make good deals for America 👍🏾

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