Unlimited $0.50 USD! Earn REAL CASH by reading news!

Unlimited $0.50 USD! Earn REAL CASH by reading news!

And here with my Paypal account can you see? In history, received 2 Parko Tech payments which I withdrew $0.10 USD using this app. Again, i requested another payment and not less than 24 hours i already received it on my Paypal. I can say that this app is legit and we can use AUTO CLICKER as well. Hello, this is Aiza Mercado and how are you guys? Todays video, I will be sharing you a legit application where we can earn Paypal Money. And what to do here is just by reading news or articles. Shout out to all people who commented “Shout out” I will all flash the request on my screen. Before we start, please do like this video and if this is your first time on my Youtube Channel, consider SUBSCRIBING. and turn on the notification bell. Lets start, this app is called “BuzzBreak”. If you wanted to download this application just check out the video description for the link and where to register. After installing, let try now to open Upon start up, “You received a bonus from us”. $0.005 Next, just click claim And you must use your facebook to log in. Already signed up and “Welcome to Buzzbreak”. Have fun reading news and earning cash. How to earn here is to always click the gift box. “You just earned 200 points” Thats the first start up points they will give and says “earn another 75 points for another 4 claim” theres a 30 seconds countdown to claim again click again the gift and i just earn 75 points as i said earlier, we need to read articles actually, it does not matter the main earnings here is to click the GIFT button. You dont really need to read what i like is that we can use Auto clicker. Stay tuned coz i will be sharing the tips and tricks in auto clicker. claim again the gift received 75 points and we wait again for 30 seconds. we can click it again “you just earned 75 points”. We claimed it 4 times now and next claim to earn 200 points is to enter a referral code. You can guys enter my referral code and the good news, my comment section is open so you can comment your referral codes and it will use by others as their referral code bonus. My referral code: B00025987 click confirm. Congrats! You have received 200 points! Thats how easy to use this spp BuzzBreak and how we can earn points from here. Talking about their cashout its via Paypal. And here, you can enter your Paypal account details. How to set up your Paypal account? (i) button will appear so you can watch how to setup your paypal account. Click cash out Then enter your paypal email What i like about this app is that the minimum cash out here is just $0.20 Select $0.02, $0.10 and $0.50 About the referral bonus you can invite your friends too You will earn 500 points when your friends join your referral code. The most awaited part, how to use the auto clicker The app i will be using is “Automatic Clicker” check the description or the Automatic Clicker link. Once opened the app, Welcome texts will appear and click start. Turn on the Automatic clicker on your phone settings then just return to the app. In automatic clicker, you can choose between single target or multi target click now the multi target settings just the the delay settings for “35 seconds” then save click now the Start Multi Target something will appear then just go back to Buzzbreak app. Click now the “+” and place the target you wanted to be clicked. place the number 1 on the GIFT BUTTON. Click the play button and it will start auto click. There you go I just earned 5 points without clicking it by myself we can wait now we can now go and take a rest (chill) and let the auto clicker works for you. Just set the delay to 35 seconds, its exact (dont worry) Earned another 5 points points and thats how easy to use the auto clicker. Alright! Enough of that and we go now for proof of payment. And here with my Paypal account In history, received 2 Parko Tech payments which I withdrew $0.10 USD using this app and again, i requested another payment and not less than 24 hours i already received it on my Paypal You received $0.50 USD from the user Parko Tech, Inc. I can say that this app is legit and we can use AUTO CLICKER as well. This is how we can use BuzzBreak and how to earn Paypal Money from it. I hope this video helped you how we can earn extra income online. and if this video helped you hit the like button Also, do not forget to SUBSCRIBE now to my Youtube and Telegram Channel. This is Aiza Mercado again and see you on my next video! Goodbye future millionares! Whoop!

100 Replies to “Unlimited $0.50 USD! Earn REAL CASH by reading news!

  1. Ate ganda ano po equivalent ng 0.50 something? Salamat po gagamitin kopo yung refferal cose nyo salamat kung mapansin

  2. Hehe kaka sign in ko lang po dito sa buzz break tenks po sis @Aiza big help po ito for for financial needs ko sa school ☺️
    Btw here's my code:

    Tenk you po in advance ☺️

  3. Legit app na namimigay ng (points for LOAD) na pwedeng pang top-up sa ML.. No need na ng cash

    just download the App at top-up kana..

    Follow these simple steps

    STEP 1= Download the app (SNIPPETMEDIA) in app store or play store

    STEP 2 = Register kalang at mag Log in

    STEP 3 =Punta sa Profile mo

    STEP 4 =Click MY WALLET

    STEP 5 =click mo ung ENTER INVITATION CODE

    STEP 6 =lagay mo to sa blank ( 2522953 )

    And magkakaroon ka na ng pang top-up ☺

  4. Ate I need your help. 49hrs na wala padin yung reward ko sa buzzbreak tas trinay ko i contact pero the app does not exist etc. Hayssayang points

  5. Thankyou miss Aiza for letting us use your comment box for advertising our referral code. Heres my referral code B01204390

  6. Hi ano po ba yung ibang auto clicker na pwde sa buzz break? Hndi po kasi ako nkka dl ng ni recommend nyo po.

  7. B01304605 thanks sa gagamit ng referral code ko. God bless! 😊 thanks Aiza sa mga videos mo. Marami kaming nakikinabang. 💕

  8. B01336474 my referral code. Thanks in advance. E huhug ko yung mag enter ng referral code ko. Mag iwan lng ng bakas.

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