UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

[MUSIC PLAYING] -10 years ago, Shaun Smith was
fighting a war against a rival drug gang. To win, he introduced urban
terrorism to the British underworld. Victims were firebombed with
homemade napalm, attacked with grenades, and sprayed up
with machine guns. In retaliation, his enemies
tried to blow Shaun up with a car bomb, the biggest explosion
on mainland Britain between the fall of
the IRA in ’77. Shaun Smith was known
as an enforcer. Today, after five years in
prison, he is trying to modify those skills by working as a
debt collector in the straight [INAUDIBLE] economy. -I only do it with
a fucking smile. -Often Shaun’s debts fall into
the gray area between the legitimate economy and the
underworld, a lucrative market potentially worth 150
billion in Britian. This is a typical debt for
Shaun, a dispute between a businessman and a gangster
over 300,000 pounds. To recover the debt, Shaun has
brought backup and a dog unit. But just in case things gets
out of control, off camera there is a notorious gangster
with a history of firearms and extreme violence. -Sexual abuse is an unspeakable
taboo in the underworld. However, male rape is commonly
used as a weapon by gangsters to enforce a debt. This is a less well known form
of underworld violence, which acts as a powerful propaganda
tool, over and above the physical and mental suffering
it causes. -The lads know they’ve got off
lightly with a telling off, because a slap is nothing
compared to the extremist tendencies Shaun was capable
of in the past. -Shaun Smith was an extremist
who specialized in spreading terror for no rational gain. But the hidden costs of
this guerrilla war haunts him to this day. -Since filming this, Shaun hit
the jackpot, landing the biggest deal of his career,
a one million pound debt in Portugal. Payoff was a much needed
all-expenses holiday in the sun. After all, going straight hadn’t
turned out to be the quiet life he’d once
dreamt of. Nat is still working
with his brother. He’s clean, and no longer
self-harming. He’s also busy training for his
pro boxing comeback, his last shot at the title. Tony is still on the run. His family fears if he comes
back, he may go on the missing list forever. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 Replies to “UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

  1. This guy is hosting bare knuckle boxing in Manchester, Nov 2nd

  2. This guy's a fuckin liar. Shaun Smith didn't collect shit for anyone. Pretty much just bullies everyone, and taxes people the first dumbass number that comes to his mind. FUCK SHAUN SMITH!

  3. All compound things are subject to decay dissolution and death, All life is suffering… Suffering will always find you just except it..his exceptence happened in the container.

  4. hate ur fukn subs. i speak english, not UK but i understand. ha ha annyiing as shit cuz u got me reading them.. BLOODY HELL!

  5. Scariest debut collector???????? about a scary as a soggy paper bag. He’s nothing in today’s game. Would be eaten alive like a hamburger

  6. I cant believe he's the scariest debt collector.Wouldn't scare me.I'd be laughing at him and others like him. Nothing scarrier than an amgry mom.

  7. “Hold your head up! We’re square now.”

    Damn, I respect that. They got knocked around, but here in the states, someone would just shoot for that kind of thing. $1000 is nothing when you got someone like that behind ya.

  8. I can't help but smile. Humanity oozes from the most unexpected people. All the hate, aggression etc and there is still innocence and humanity on show all the time. Just caught up in a crazy world.

  9. what can i say walking your dog 10 am on a rounabout shot dead,, also shot dead ,outside your own front door shot dead ,sat at traffic lights in a convertable in, stockport head blown off .you know who im on about ,it doesnt pay .to wind the wrong people up . dont get involved .

  10. And what do we see steroid fucking bastards that only fight with 2 a 3 mates …. fuck off a gun wil let your muscle run away pussy s

  11. Son of a bitch come to chechenya and whe See what I do white you I swear to good I beaheding you little pice of shit hahaha your face look are wy my asshole Rat face

  12. Bruh I think you need to go back to hospital with that gash, that butterfly bandage was the only thing keeping that shit closed…

  13. 19:38 Reminds me of how my old man used to handle his sons when we’re lying or being disrespectful. Smash! Crash! Bash! followed by “This is just a preview of what’s coming next!” ?Of course I can laugh about it now?

  14. I had this poo the other day and as i was flushing it down It called me an ugly bastard. Before I knew it it was gone down in the drains

    it really annoyed me

  15. This "Shaun" is one of the stupidest guys I've ever seen… He says, the collector guy who raped the other guy "wasn't evil" then two seconds later he said the guy who was raped committed suicide…!?
    How the fuck can a guy only be "wicked, but not evil" if he was capable of doing that…???

    What a fuckin tool you are Shaun, knob.

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