UK Speaker blocks Boris Johnson’s bid for new Brexit vote

UK Speaker blocks Boris Johnson’s bid for new Brexit vote

100 Replies to “UK Speaker blocks Boris Johnson’s bid for new Brexit vote

  1. Don't know why the British people that voted for the exit don't take to the streets to protest the stalling that is going on. Parliament not be aloud to go home till the will of the people is done.

  2. Buds, no matter how hard you work for progress, the left will act like children just to have there way. Deport them all to an island, see how long they survive.

  3. It's the same insane left mob here in UK as in America. Trumped up charges falling apart. Panick is setting in as they all run out of excuses!! The Demons are exposed. Now Drain the Swamp.

  4. Fake UK prime minister. Fake US president. Both unelected by the people. That’s the world we live in and they call it democracy.

  5. Boris, please wait until you get the Brexit the PEOPLE want, not what the elites are willing to compromise for. Get OUT 100%!!

  6. Democracy working at its worst… 3.5 years down the road and the politicians can’t get there act together, and the country is not divided…? it’s the politicians who are divided…the ones which take the money and the ones which are honest and don’t…?

  7. If this “Deal” passes it will be a disgrace.
    It’s not Brexit!!!!
    Let us leave cleanly from the EU. After all it been 1200 days!

  8. No surprise here, Brexit is never going to happen unless UK make the decision to take it up the tail pipe.

  9. The real powers that be want you Brits nicely under thumb. To bad the people cant do A DAMNED THING ABOUT IT. morons let them take your weapons hundreds of years ago and two world wars plus all of this corruption globally have not taught you fools a thing. Reap what you sow, fools. Yep, im american. We are having similar problems…but 100 million armed capable people will get our way.


  11. I’m afraid Boris deal is also a terrible deal. The longer we have had to look at it the worst it looks. Now people like me who want to leave are angry very angry. Don’t be fooled into thinking all leavers support Boris deal. It certainly is not what we want.

  12. Let's just have another referendum as hillary Benn suggests as it's been 4 years since the last one, let's just have a referendum every 4 years and negotiate a new deal until everyone is happy. Anyone asking for another referendum should be sacked especially Jo swinson another scheming socialite

  13. Crazy. The people voted twice for brexit and their representatives didn’t get it done. What kind of democratic nation is that country ?

  14. That man is true to his job and true to his convictions he did what he was ordered to do which was to send out that letter then did what his is conscious and his conviction told him to do which was to poopoo the previous letter and signed it.

    He is clearly trying to do the will of the people even the queen is trying to do the will of the people it's Parliament that's trying to get in the way

  15. CHINA does not like the brexit to be successful, XI JINPING has a lot of money in stake here, a lot will be revealed after 2020, can't wait.

  16. Just like America. The people vote for something, and the Government doesn't deliver on their Constituents wishes. I didn't know NAFTA had a "Flip Flop" provision in it.

  17. UK elites not taking the vote of the people seriously. If the UK had its own Yellow Vest Movement you won’t hear about it just like the one in France.

  18. There is an ongoing fight in the West between the globalist tyrants, and national populists.

    The globalists [ Including the Deep State ] will stop at nothing, including war, to defeat patriots and take over governance of Western culture. I suggest you pick a side now. I know I have mine..

  19. Praise God for the Electoral College and the 2nd Amendment. The power is in the hands of the American people. Vote Trump 2020

  20. All of the reporting on Brexit is done by the globalists using their globalist-speak. Trying to find a neutral source on this subject is very difficult because Google lists all the globalist sources first in their search results.

  21. he still doesnt get that brexit is a BAD idea…. his demand to the UK is take brexit, or don't not take brexit. that's not really a choice….

  22. It’s almost as if the people need a way to stand up to a tyrannical government… what ever could that be?… oh yeah, guns. You people signed your ability away to defend your God given rights.

  23. Here in the US, we are having the same problem, which I don't understand! As in England , why on Earth are these people in office not doing what the people want and demand! Is it losing status? Power?money ? Or just plain stupidity? All these so called leaders need to be held accountable for their actions!

  24. Why ask for something and then say it is a bad idea to grant it in another letter?
    Imagine doing business with these people.

  25. Brexit is just a British EUrotrash scam! Globalists socialists are in control, not democracy or freedom. Time to open American Flood gates and let free Europeans exit to America!

  26. The London circus never fails to surprise… It will be fun to watch the English kneeling in Brussels begging to join the EU! Of course, it will be refused! But for the fun to be great, we'll organise a referendum…

  27. Everywhere you look the will of the people is been blockedsuppressed. All tale tell signs of a swamp monster giving it's dying fight back. The people have spoken and it is only a matter of time all this circus will come to end just like all the the tyrants that have come and gone in our history. The collective will is what determines the outcome of our future. And that is for a better world of prosperity and abundance for all, and it shall be.

  28. A UN speaker blocked a country from voting to leave? There's definitely a something in the woodpile! No Deal Brexit MUST happen!

  29. What's going to happen is they will leave the EU in name only they will STILL be shackled to it and in a worse position than before…

  30. This is why the UK cant get ahead. They have their own swamp. Johnson needs to dismiss Parliment untill brexit is settled.
    The EU hates having to deal with a bunch of fickle politicians, just like everyone else, they want to deal with one man, instead of an entire bureaucracy. Its just common sense to lead from the front. Give everyone what they want ffs.

  31. And the reason why is because in uk you have the same problem you have hear weird bizarre freakish psychotic political pepole that have spooky agandas that would freak you out if you Olney new about them pray for turmp and borris turmp 2020baby

  32. That brexit boris tried to push through would have made the UK a slave state. They would have had to ask to do anything with their people and lands. Down with the E.U.

  33. 'The deal' has been voted down, The May Deal that was almost identical was voted down twice. Westminster only votes on the same motions once unless there are substantial alterations. Speaker, Bercow, appeased the quitters first time round and acquiesced to Johnson's for a third vote.
    Now the people whining, moaning and screaming about loss of democracy are the ones who also refuse the people of the UK a second referendum based on what Brexit actually will be rather than the unicorn promises and lies made ahead of the first.

  34. Thinks it's important to note that the amendment was Introduced by a member not his own party, now the opposition and it was voted for partisan

  35. If MPs were to vote in line with the way their constituencies voted, Boris would win a majority of 100.

    There it is, the chasm between Parliament and People laid bare in all its shameful contempt for democracy.

  36. Boris Johnson is beginning to lose control of the Brexit situation and he knows it. He has got to get something — anything – accomplished already! He must show the British people that he has SOMETHING in hand. The deadline is less than ten days away. He better squash these dissenters and fast because his enemies are already smelling blood in the water. His position as PM is at stake now.

  37. The UK just needs to send the EU a declaration of independence. They can even copy some of the good stuff from ours.

  38. This is one of the reasons why I hate any nation that practice STUPID parliamentary system of governance,

    Because it's so stupid and frustrating system,
    Especially in 21st century,

    Prime minister does not have any immediate supreme power to act without stupid parliament votes,
    Even during any ongoing war or something tragedy,

    What a stupid and ridiculous system of governance?,
    I mean, situations was never even like this in any COMMUNIST states,
    So can someone tells me now, what exactly makes this kind of stupid parliamentary system of government in UK different from what was happening in any COMMUNIST states?.

  39. We know Britian will leave the EU after this court but can we let Germany leave the EU to stop poop coming in to Germany.

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