UK Immigration Breaking News 17th May 2017

UK Immigration Breaking News 17th May 2017

Labour manifesto says freedom of movement will end,
promises fair immigration rules. The Labour Party yesterday published its manifesto ahead
of next month’s general election. It runs to a hefty 128 pages and can be downloaded
below. On immigration, the manifesto acknowledges that Brexit means freedom of movement will
end, and says a Labour government will develop and implement fair immigration rules. IMMIGRATION. Labour offers fair rules and reasonable management
of migration. In trade negotiations our priorities favour growth, jobs and prosperity. We make
no apologies for putting these aims before bogus immigration targets. Freedom of movement will end when we leave
the European Union. Britain’s immigration system will change, but Labour will not scapegoat
migrants nor blame them for economic failures. Labour will develop and implement fair immigration
rules. We will not discriminate between people of different races or creeds. We will end
indefinite detentions and distinguish between migrant labour and family attachment and will
continue to support the work of the Forced Marriage Unit. We will replace income thresholds
with a prohibition on recourse to public funds. New rules will be equally informed by negotiations
with the EU and other partners, including the Commonwealth. Whatever our trade arrangements, we will need
new migration management systems, transparent and fair to everybody. Working with businesses,
trade unions, devolved governments and others to identify specific labour and skill shortages. Working together we will institute a new system
which is based on our economic needs, balancing controls and existing entitlements. This may
include employer sponsorship, work permits, visa regulations or a tailored mix of all
these which works for the many, not the few. Labour will protect those already working
here, whatever their ethnicity. Our National Education Service will raise the level of
skills and training. We will take decisive actions to end the exploitation of migrant
labour undercutting workers’ pay and conditions. Labour will crack down on unscrupulous employers.
We will stop overseas-only recruitment practices, strengthen safety-at-work inspections and
increase prosecutions of employers evading the minimum wage. Working with trade unions, we will end workplace
exploitation. Labour values the economic and social contributions
of immigrants. Both public and private sector employers depend on immigrants. We will not
denigrate those workers. We value their contributions, including their tax contributions. For areas where immigration has placed a strain
on public services we will reinstate the Migrant Impact Fund and boost it with a contributory
element from the investments required for High Net Worth Individual Visas. Labour will
restore the rights of migrant domestic workers, and end this form of modern slavery. Labour will ease the underlying pressures
in any areas struggling to cope with seven years of austerity by our programme of investments.
We will not cut public services and pretend the cuts are a consequence of immigration. Refugees are not migrants. They have been
forced from their homes, by war, famine or other disasters. Unlike the Tories, we will
uphold the proud British tradition of honouring the spirit of international law and our moral
obligations by taking our fair share of refugees. The current arrangements for housing and dispersing
refugees are not fit for purpose. They are not fair to refugees or to our communities.
We will review these arrangements. Labour welcomes international students who
benefit and strengthen our education sector, generating more than £25 billion for the
British economy and significantly boosting regional jobs and local businesses. They are
not permanent residents and we will not include them in immigration numbers, but we will crack
down on fake colleges.

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  1. UK is still governed by the east India trading company which means it does not play by the rules. Just look at the past and see how it did not play fair. The whole kingdom is collapsing because of this. It is not wise investing in the UK specially as the Brexit is about to kick in. property will devalue and the debt will only get bigger. eventually collapsing and taking all investments with it. Don't invest in the UK it is not just risky it is dangerous. You will lose ur money. Beware

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