U.S. Immigration Policy Hits Sad Milestones Under Miller | All In | MSNBC

U.S. Immigration Policy Hits Sad Milestones Under Miller | All In | MSNBC

100 Replies to “U.S. Immigration Policy Hits Sad Milestones Under Miller | All In | MSNBC

  1. You know people continually fail to recognize the forest for the trees } Stephen Miller is just one tree in a forest. Many of them fallen, many of them thriving, AND still.. many showing new shoots.

  2. He was a well known white nationalist at the time he was appointed. When he denigrated the poem on the statue of liberty he should have been removed for sure then. What wrong with these people?

  3. Everyone seems to shy away from mentioning this, a Jew being the architect of "Final Solution" to brown skin people. Ain't it peculiar or ironic, after what Nazis did the same thing to Jews.
    My brain is already fried over this modern day Joseph Goebbels, Miller does look like him too.

  4. Refusing to uphold immigration laws on the books is treasonous. Refusing to secure our southern border is even worse. Who do these democrat traitors really work for? It's certainly not the United States.

  5. these guys are slugs. slimy hateful slugs. i knew it wasn't about the 'illegals' i knew it was about brown people. all non white people. i'm not surprised to hear miller is a white 'supremacist'. trump finds the lowest, most hateful, criminal white male thugs to do his dirty work for him, to prepare the way for his aspirations of being a supreme leader who truly can 'do whatever i want!'. am i ever grateful to those who brought his impeachable offense to light-all of them. & those testifying. they should get their faces on postage stamps. & a collection set of 'those who saved our democracy'.

  6. America needs real Americans that hold real patriots like Lincoln, Washington, Kennedy, X, rose, ideas not fascist ideas from another country like Germany as American.. these far right fascist anti American terrorist should go back under a rock and remain there until they want to contribute to the America system. They are leaches on real Americans.

  7. If anyone who isn't a white racist votes for the republican party, they must not read the room….
    Or just don't care.

  8. Name 1 nation on the planet that wants to be invaded by a bunch of foreigners, there ain't 1. Don't act like a bunch of holy rollers. The democrats are hated for this. Try fixing the homeless situation in this country before you go inviting a bunch of strangers you know nothing about in. Seriously. (The police taught me this years ago)

  9. Stephen miller aint much of Nazi white supremacist …….. 90 % percent of the immigrants come non white countries 7% come from Europe ……….… wow , I cant believe the splc is full of ….

  10. Do white nationalist not get to speak up about their concerns of real
    crimes commited? Seems pretty un-american. NOW SAY maybe the white
    nationalist articles are straight fiction, THEN we have a problem. BUT
    if things are justin TRUdeau then I don't want it hidden like train
    footage that "would make people racist". That's not for you to censor or
    decide SHILLS.

  11. America was built by immigrants so these White Nationalist say that immigrants cannot assimilate but it's actually the opposite.. White Nationalist are the ones that cannot assimilate..

    This is a MELTING POT period and they want it to be all white.. If they want it all white then do what Trump said, LEAVE.. America has NEVER been that so it's WN that cannot assimilate not immigrants… This is 2019, 2020 and if you cannot understand that, you don't belong.. My family is Native American, Chippewa and Blackfoot and of course some European so you can't tell me to leave because this is MY land that was stolen…

    WN, if you don't want immigrants then why do you stay in a country your ancestors immigrated too?? Mexico is ATTACHED to what you say is YOUR COUNTRY but, their ancestors came when YOURS DID, 2yrs later.. Why hate a people that owned this land and then tell them they aren't welcomed? It's time to see the truth about the ACTUAL PEOPLE who cannot assimilate, white NATIONALIST/SUPPREMIST…

  12. Separating children from "parents" was not Trump's idea liar. I almost wish Clinton did get elected. With that open door policy. ISIS, Taliban, el Sidar, and of course MS 13. This country would be rubble and ankle deep in blood. Maybe a good thing though. At least what's left of the whiners wouldn't be taking every thing for granted.

  13. Stephen Miller is an active White Supremacist as evidenced in his racist email communications…someone like him shouldn't be involved with immigration policy.

  14. Stephen Miller absolutely needs to be kicked out! America has no chance to heal itself and then correct his racist white supremiste agenda, until he is pushed out.

  15. He looks like a Nazi. Next year be living in a compound in Idaho. If he makes it that far. White superiority takes a hit when he opens his mouth to reveal the split tongue. Free range racist. Hitler must die. Sorry.

  16. This man Miller is the reincarnation of Adolf Eichmann. His treatments of refugees, shoving them into cages, separating children from parents is not part of civilization as we fought wars for. Yet this A H should be charged and imprisoned.

  17. 70;000 people locked in a building with no access to food except for peanut butter but otherwise starving to death, with only feces and no toilet

  18. I’m really surprised that some organization like Mossad or even the CIA hasn’t taken Miller out. I think he overestimates his safety inside the administration.

  19. What's the problem with being a racist?
    All they do is drive around and around a track as fast as they can on Sundays.
    Where is the harm in that?
    Oh wait . . . I get it.  They only turn left, so they must be "Never Trumpers".

  20. Steven Miller needs a job at the border cages washing toilets and sleeping with tin foil blankets and hang up like a pinata from his feet .

  21. Yes, they detained more children than ever, because they started checking to see if the dna of the children matched the people that had kidnaped them.

  22. It is surprising how many people from racially charged backgrounds over react and become oppressors rather than victims. Miller just needs to lose his citizenship

  23. THIRTY PERCENT of all of those children do not have matching dna to their parents.https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/defense-national-security/dna-tests-reveal-30-of-suspected-fraudulent-migrant-families-were-unrelated
    The ones that are kept are the ones that fail to show signs of being related.

  24. REMEMBER HOW TRUMP SPENT the entire Obama administration being a racist to our first black American president and leading the "birther" movement?

    But see, they make a point of ALWAYS putting a bunch of token black people behind Trump at his rallies, so they can't possibly be racist!

  25. We have too many homeless people in America we cant afford too many more immigrants right now especially impoverished immigrants because its expensive to live in America

  26. Why is white nationalism always get promoted by the ugliest and vile looking species of the white race like fat slob Bannon, and scarecrow Miller ?

  27. Stephen Goebbels-Miller is the perfect partner to go with Been-a-dick Donald. KKK&K, combining white supremacy with the Kremlin's interests.

  28. A donkey knows its roots and people like Stephen Miller has a short memory. The klan hates the Jews, so who is Stephen Miller wants to please.A confused ignorant Jew without conscience and character.Shame on you


  30. miller is a JEW NAZI and needs a bullit in his head just like any nazi in this country…. oh and by the way… "GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY"

  31. The 1920 immigration laws restricted immigrants from Eastern Europe and many Irish and Italians as well. This race BS is a pathology for people like Miller and Spencer.


  33. I hope this psychopath gets what he deserves somewhere down the line for ruining innocent people's lives for something so vapid and pathetic as empty ideals of privilege and racial superiority.

    Preferably with someone sucker punching him clear across the room….but outing him so that he gets fired and incarcerated would be close enough for me.

  34. It's the oddest thing……I keep having flashbacks of some movie from long ago, every time I see stephen miller's face…..Like I've been caught in some kind of time warp, and these images……….they just flood my brain…..and the name Rocky. Rocky??? So strange….just, just so verrrrry strange.

  35. “I’m a proud black man" said the black man.

    "I'm a proud latina woman" said the latina woman.
    "Im a proud white man" said the racist.

  36. If I ever hear black Americans for Trump again it'll be way too soon one black administrator in his cabinet and a racist bigot he's taking advice from to become a even bigger racist bigot the only person Trump is for is himself his family other privileged elitist spoiled racist bigots like this POS Stephen Miller!!! They say he's been a POS since high school!

  37. Doesn't MSNBC have the lowest ratings in the history of cable TV?    What intelligent person watches these psychos lie night after night?  Pathetic joke.

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