TVJ Midday News: JLP Warns of more PNP Members Leaving – February 12 2020

grafton una inversión brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot we begin
this afternoon with news that nomination day activities are now taking place in
southeast Clarendon and I’ll give you more information about that later on but
we’ll tell you know that more are on the verge to leave that warning from the
Jamaica Labour Party following yesterday’s crossing of the floor by the
PNP counselor for the Trafalgar division Kerry Douglas and we have the details in
this report on Tuesday two-term counselor carrot douglas crossed the
floor to join the ruling Jamaica Labour Party JLP at the Kingston and Sid Adger
Municipal Corporation miss Douglas served the chief our garden under the
People’s National Party PNP while some members of the PNP were not pleased with
her decision the JLT on the other hand was elated head of communications for
the JLP Mathis amudha says the move is an indication of changes in the
political climate we’re happy to have her particularly happy when we hear the
reasons why she made the decision all of you are only for these markets tourism
research and otherwise sure what she is feeling is consistent with many other
young people in the country who may not have been politically aligned in the way
that she has a list in the past who you know would have been in the middle or
proverbial middle sort of feel about the party know so it is representative of
how young people feel in a news release Tuesday miss Douglas said she was
concerned that the PNP has not displayed enough commitment to national
development she also noted that the PNP was not listening to the people or
creating policies to meet their needs she said the party has instead become a
political organization which is primarily focused on winning elections
at any cost mr. Samudra is warning the PNP that more
of its members are on the verge of Allegiance what else’s car Douglas won’t
be the last member of the Divas National Party that crosses a floor within the
next couple words and I’ll leave you there political organization people are
coming over to a better vision turns more TVJ news now we go back to that
story know where nomination the activities are now taking place in
southeast Clarendon a by-election will be held in the constituency come March
to know this follows the resignation of Rudyard Spencer or reported when
Anderson is in Clarendon and no joins us live doing thank you so much Russian
good afternoon again to our viewers on television Jamaica so just by way of
scene setter we are on the vir Technical High School compound in South client and
a very sunny day perfect for outdoor activities like this by-election
exercise we’re listening to music being played in the background it’s really
beginning to develop into a real election atmosphere I’m going to be
joined by glass or brawn the director of Elections to give us a rundown on what
has happened so far he’s here with me now good afternoon thank you so much for
joining us on television Jamaica one person nominated thus far to participate
in a by-election who is he and what happened this morning
all right does you know the process started at 10 o’clock mr. Derek Lambert
has been nominated as an independent candidate and will be contesting him we
heard he had an issue this morning while being nominated what was that it was a
media issue I think he just wanted somebody to witness his signature but
eventually somebody turned up our case is a clear signature but everything else
was in order that being said what exactly do we need to get elected in a
biiig nominees now by election other than $15,000 fee are the processes
that you need to fill up the nomination form the form requires a signature of 10
are more electors in the constituency and yet that accompanied with your
$15,000 fee based on what you’ve gotten you’ve got so far what are we expecting
in terms of other nominees for today mr. the GOP candidate is expected to be
nominated between 12:00 and 1:00 so we are waiting for his arrival and it’s a
possibility based on what I’ve heard that there might be another person
little but I said the process closes at 2:00 p.m. and we are we 2 p.m. to come
thank you so much glass Paul Brown speaking with a glass bowl Brown
director of Elections so as I said earlier I’m at via Technical High School
I can tell you some of the things which also happened earlier this morning as we
heard just know Derrick Lambert he was nominated we spoke with him immediately
after it was nominated and I’ll we’ll take a listen at what arm at what he
said destiny of sotas Clarendon is in the hands of the people of South East
Clarendon and I would not I love an intent I’ll come over here today to
represent them if I never thought I would be a winner funny enough I don’t know him I I he’s
from I understand that he was in a constituents is not central that’s where
my parents my maternal grandparents are from Morgan’s I heard about it but on
recently I was told that that the politics up there is that they said they
don’t want any Charles on the Mogollon demote and the next thing we’re doing
yes there would be no need for that there would be no need for that because
I would do 100% whether she liked it or not behind the people’s National Party
150 percent I’m a PNP when I was four I will guarantee nothing this is politics
political much is totally different from the one you learn in school so again for
people in TV land who may not be familiar with the Derek Lambert Derek
Lambert contested the 2011 by-election and against rotated Spencer of the GOP
and he barely lost at the time he ran on the PMPs ticket amassing over 8,000
votes at a time incidentally when he came here today was accompanied by PNP
supporters well one pimpy supporter to be to be precise she witnessed some of
his paperwork and it is interesting that that happened because only last night
and again this morning at the People’s National Party which is not
participating in this by-election center releases to the media indicating that
they are not participating in the by-election and their supporters are not
supporting any independent candidate so that is something we have to keep an eye
on in terms of scene set of in terms of what is happening here at the via
Technical High School we have large contingents of security personnel
keeping an eye on what is happening so far no security breaches reported what
we expect for the rest of the day we expect that the Jamaica Labour Party’s
candidate per notch Arjuna will come down possibly another independent
candidate but I’ll be keeping an eye on what is happening and as soon as I get
it out with you guys it’s back to you the
studios thank you very much that was our reporter twin Anderson he’s reporting
live from southeast Clarendon where nomination day activities are noting he
taking place and we will have more on that story in primetime news at 7 now in
the meantime the People’s National Party says it has noted the nomination of
former party member derik Lambert in the by-election in Southeast Clarendon now
the party says it wishes the state categorically that mr. Lambert is not a
representative of the party and as you heard from doing a short while ago
mr. Lambert run on a PNP ticket in that constituency in 2011 the PNP says it is
sticking by the decision not to participate in the by-election PNP
general secretary Julian Robinson said the party’s decision is firm on the
grounds that the by-election is occasioned by political happenings
within the Jamaica Labour Party he adds that the people of Jamaica should not be
called upon to foot the bill amounting to near 30 million dollars to pay for a
contrived poll when general elections expecting to cost over 1 billion dollars
are due within months and we’ll have more stories for you we’ll take a break
right here on the met a news welcome back continuing the news now
your community is not at risk that’s the word from health minister dr.
Christopher Tufton two residents of vineyard town in st. Andrew the
residents are adamant that visum Joseph’s Hospital in the community
should not be used as a quarantine facility for the coronavirus but in an
address but in addressing their concerns at a town-hall meeting last night
dr. Tufton said every precaution is being taken to protect residents from
contracting the virus from persons in quarantine with the protocols that we
are following I am very comfortable that quarantining does not mean a risk to the
community and I’m very comfortable with the doctors and nurses and the hospital
infrastructure to do it and do it properly so that only persons who are
vulnerable are the people who require him who would have been born by virtue
of coming I am also comfortable and also want to
say to you that this is a facility it may not house anybody because numbers
are declining coming from China or we still have to have a facility just in
case Jamaicans are turning from China will be
quarantined for 14 days he said this on Joseph’s Hospital is one of three
quarantine facilities so far and added that any patient in quarantine who
develops a high fever will be moved to an isolation facility at the National
chest hospital or the University Hospital of the West Indies in the
meantime the police are also issuing words of assurance we will be asked to secure this facility
to police it on a 24-hour basis so we the police are even more exposed than
they are and we are ready to work with our country head of operations for era
for SEMA Superintendent of Police Steve McGregor was among the demonstrators he
explained that while Chinese nationals coming from China have been turned away
returning Jamaican nationals cannot be denied entry and because we want to be
certain what status they are as it relates to their L this is the facility
to the closest equipped facility to the airport that were uses not because they
wanted to put it in veneto is because of the location at a town hall meeting
discussing the matter health officials also sought to calm fears SSP McGregor
is praising the health ministry for the move a stunning revelation this
afternoon following a motor vehicle crash which left three people
hospitalized the police believe the incident which took place along jobs
Lane along the jobs Lane main road in Spanish Dawn’s and Catherine may be a
case of attempted murder here Stevie J’s or Shane masters with that report it was
a near-death experience at least for the occupants of these two cars about 7
o’clock Wednesday morning both vehicles were travelling in the same direction
along the jobs lane main road in Spanish zones in Catherine when the accident
occurred it’s understood that part of the accident the occupants of her
vehicles were at the Spanish tone police station to launch a report about a case
of domestic violence after leaving the station
eyewitnesses say the brown car slammed into the back of the gray car three
times before both drivers lost control of the vehicles just saw two cars coming
from the opposite direction where they make contact with each other and
actually came after me any word over on the joy of that
I’m living basically and car was airborne coming towards me where you
know if I take of myself still after that I noticed that there was some
conflict going on both with some of those who actually you know involved in
the accident although there were no fatalities three persons were injured
well Jen come on actually alighted from one of the week and he was pulling out
somebody injured and trying to you know inflict some blues or whatever we
actually ought to intervene hunting and after that can I get the who was injured
he was urging come on that was was I think was unconscious and render some
assistance you know and police was called in and the fire brigade and
paramedics or new center has learned that the police are treating the matter
as an attempted murder and it will be investigated by the Criminal
Investigation Branch CI be ashamed masters TVJ news and channel 4 sports
the soap the slow progress of the proposed upgrade works for the track at
the Montego Bay Sports Complex is making it difficult for the Milo Western relays
to meet its objectives according to meet organizer Ray Harvey
more in this report the truck at the Montego Bay Sports Complex has been in
disrepair for two years now meaning that meets like the Milo Western relays one
of the oldest on the local calendar has had to be relocated for its last two
stagings according to meet organizer Ray Harvey
he has been assured that upgrade work will begin shortly at the facility but
he’s worried about how slowly things seemed to be moving the last thing I
heard was from a minister which was in sometime in September when
she said she would leave no stone unturned to make sure we have a track
for next year I have no doubt that she intends to live up to a word but I’m a
little nervous because nothing seems to have started yet
Harvey who was speaking at that is most recent staging of the Milo
Western release which was held at the GC foster College says a relocation is
defeating the original purpose of the meet one of the most important functions
of the Milo Western release is to save the teams in the West the experience of
having to come to Kingston for a first-class meet no they don’t have to
come to Kingston anyhow it is it is not what we set out to do we set out to
create development for track and field in western Jamaica we are going to
continue to try and do that but it’s difficult very very difficult without a
stadium in Sports Minister Olivia Grange did offer this response
speaking at Sunday’s statue unveiling for Olympic champion Asafa Powell we are
in the process we have actually already done an estimate we are now in budget a
budget period and the funds are being secured to do Katherine all and so it
will be done we’re gonna make every effort for it to be on target for next
year and that’s the midday news on Vashon brawn join us at 7:00 for prime
time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams have a
wonderful afternoon

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