TVJ Midday News: Concerns Over Attacks at School – February 21 2020

TVJ Midday News: Concerns Over Attacks at School – February 21 2020

good afternoon and Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom as
concerns continue about two violent attacks at schools the National
Association of Dean’s of discipline says the Minister of Education should look at
compensating educators when they’re injured on the job this comes on the
heels of two recent attacks one in which a teacher was threatened at the Gregor
Park Primary School in San Catherine and another in which a Dean of discipline
was punched in the face at the Urraco Base a high school in Santa Mary
president of the Association Samuel Smalling says Dean’s of discipline have
been injured on the job and have not been compensated this particular Dean
was injured in carrying out his legitimate duty and up to know there’s
no compensation that has been given to this Dean as he carried out his duty as
a Dean and trying to protect the students and in the process he was
injured and up to know no compensation he says the Minister of Education needs
to take a closer look at the matter so we need to look at how are we gonna
compensate Dean’s teachers who get injured are dying on the job what kind
of compensation the Ministry of Education and needs to put in place for
those persons who put their lives on the line in protecting our children and
protecting the members of staff and ensuring that we operate in a safe
environment 2 news on the political scene now as the race for Southeast
Claridon by-election heats up party supporters are being urged to ensure
Colonel Charles Jr gets a landslide victory that’s of course GOP supporters
form a member of parliament Rudyard Spencer addressed a political meeting in
the constituency this week the details from TV J’s Prince more
JLP supporters in South East Clarendon have been urged to give Pernod Charles
Jr a strong mandate calm arch to the former member of parliament Roger
Spencer said voters a figure that would be the largest amassed by a candidate in
recent elections in the seat he made the call at the Jamaica Labour Party meeting
in Savannah there in the parish the promises also keep coming from the
political platform the unemployed have been assured solutions are being sought
for them to turn in part in to be Center in the meantime the Jamaica Labour Party
candidate for South East Clarendon pernod Charles Jr claims that he’s
converting loyalists of the PNP to the GOP I want to work with you Charles Jr has also been on the ground
in the no vacant seat trying to shore up support ahead of the by-election on
March 2 he’s up against Derrick Lambert who is running as an independent for the
seat burns more TVJ news an operation is now underway following the seizure of
several million dollars worth of counterfeit goods by the police’s
counter terrorism and organised crime see talk unity yesterday in Montego Bay
San James several fake brands of shoes and bags were seized as sea talk
continued efforts to rid the streets of counterfeit goods see talk strikes again
head of the intellectual property unit at see talk assistant superintendent
Victor Barrett since the unit received intelligence that a Chinese national
operating a store on Barnett Street in Montego Bay was allegedly involved in
the sale of counterfeit goods and we reach inside his location we discovered
that they were several brands that were being used without authorization of the
brand holder of supreme of Nike yeah of Tommy Hilfiger yeah Gucci Louis Vuitton
ESP Barrett said the store operators would be arrested and charged in
connection with the items seized once the operation was complete he cautioned
members of the public who purchased counterfeit items that they are
facilitating a breach of the copyright law I would want to hope that our
citizens understand that support in you know the counterfeit activities it it it
breeds criminality it robs a country of needed revenue but to answer your
question simplified away I really think our citizens are not mindful of the
dangers and as such this this they see themselves as getting a bargain you know
so they work that’s why I continue to support retreat because the goods are
cheap however ASP Barrett noted that in some
cases merchants are selling fake items at the same value of the real product in
an effort to deceive consumers he is encouraging the public to be more
vigilant when purchasing items to our citizens
be mindful what you purchase look at the three P’s look at the place where you
buy them look at the packaging and look at the price and then you can make a
determination whether or not you’re getting value for money the items seized
were valued at about 7 million Jamaican dollars in recent months see talk has
carried out several operations season millions worth of counterfeit goods and
arresting several persons linked to the illegal trade anthony log tbj news and
it’s no time for a break here on the midday news we’ll be right back after
these messages welcome back continuing the news a
ballooning dispute between craft vendors in Falmouth Trelawney and operators of
the craft market is possibly threatening the tourism product well that belief
from stakeholders as the vendors and other business operators who say the
shops are being mismanaged to the detriment of the occupants here stevia
is Herman green the irate vendors at the Seaboard craft market in Falmouth
Trelawney pickets in the area in frustration as tenants of the facility
they claim the management is forcing them into poverty this is getting very
very very bad every day when we are hoping for better it is getting worse
they listed a number of issues at the Port Authority operated market that
hindered their earning potential firstly they say the small shops have no
ventilation and so is uninhabitable on a sunny day but it’s even worse when it’s
not sunny whenever the rain falls all the shops
are flooded out we have to be sweeping our water we have to be making drains
for them but there’s more the shops are not built
with doors and so when they leave it’s a free-for-all after ours no we are push
the coil now we shall go in our shop we have dug out a sleeping and the other
put our plugins my lures there’s no security are we at some time we coming
out condom with us you know McCallum I’m going over there muffled oh they say
there are also repeated robbery victims as thieves have been preying on them
despite the issues they say an exorbitant rental is charged monthly and
to make it worse they say visitors are not encouraged to stop by the facility
it is very bad most people cannot pay the rent because
for the month some of them and they make $11,000 and the rent is eleven thousand
citizens around the premises this morning if we continue to operate our
tourism industry as an oasis in a wilderness of poverty and disappear like
in a desert people are going to encroach on oasis for water and therefore if a
continue to do that right the tourism product is going to suffer through
irassman in addition to have in the contract between the vendors and the
Port Authority corrected falmouth counselor Garth Wilkinson says he has
been trying to have the issues addressed the a certain things like that simple
that we detect in the kravid does also the termination of the pedicab the
pedicab and also the tramcar the cool adi at the craft market that is
one thing that we are forget going if we can get that going
we would have already feel they put in at the craft market right in front of
the pier he says he’s also trying to have the
rental cost revised as for the security and other issues or news team tried to
get a response from the Port Authority representative but we were told that no
one was available Jamaica Labour Party general secretary dr. Horace Chan says
with a general election close to being called it would be a challenge for the
party to change its slate of constituents a caretaker
he was responding to Tuesday’s protests in San Tomas East where the GOP is
considering placing dr. Michelle Charles the residents who took to the streets
are opposed to dr. Charles as the caretaker as she’s not from the
constituency dr. Chang addressed to the matter she’s
a coordinator this year is election is pretty much Constitution said you can
watch this every 2021 but you know it’s system of democracy but know that the
six years here you depends on the leader of the party with example you know they
look at what’s happening to this era this was the proper time for Malaysia
and usually that happens there are different consensus so wish to examine
you know it’s different here they’re they’re candidates the objects I mean
those the earth system to what extent it is generated by those who want to
displace others over this is a genuine failure of the champion to impact the
community and we do that regularly but at this time cannot get into the mood of
switching candidates William when you wish to examine election its instability
is in terms of leadership somewhat damaging approaches here and there he
says no decision has been made whether dr. Charles will be the caretaker for
San Tomas East can offer sports repeated paltry scores in this season’s is a
grace shield competition have become a cause for concern for many but a TVJ
sports exploration of this issue has revealed that if there are several
elements contributing to schools struggling in the 2020 season no Renard
or brown reports on this a Jerome foster investigation when 2001 beaten finalists
Bridgeport High were scheduled out for a mere eight by Wilma’s boys in the
opening round of the grey shield competition the questions of standards
in schoolboy cricket resurfaced heavy defeats can hamper athletes
psychologically and for Bridgeport they have taken steps to address that those
scores were very difficult for us to motivate them as a management and
coaching staff however we got some outside help
we spoke to a few of the national senior players who address them
when we stopped at Sabina Park so there they didn’t didn’t take it as
demotivating right because they assist themselves and so weird they went wrong
the dwindle numbers in participation from students is one of the contributing
factors but for Penn Wood highs coach during Williams the problem is bigger
than just that attend the guys are are not fully focused as youngsters you know
trying to get these youngsters to to train on a regular basis is a tough one
sometimes they themselves after the appearance you know at school and so
they don’t get that time to really train and gel over a period of time both
coaches expressed the reasoning that many of their players were first-timers
but for Jamaica Cricket Association CEO Courtney Francis the standard of both
urban and rural competitions is of concern to the local governing body you
don’t you know expect that in attending at any level you might have lowest level
you’d expect that teams are going to be given better better better results it is
something that needs to be analyzed a bit um we it is concerned for create
development committee has it under review Francis adds that the problems
roll over into the nation’s youth squads when the guys are already national
program and their magical international program we have to be doing almost
everything at the start so these are the basic things they do not know there are
no field players in there are no Angus so we’re feeling the kids in varied
areas the feeling about the school did me like much we feeling them at the
fitness level Fame in Madrid guys at that and even with the Gazeta treating
no cricket is regarded as an expensive venture and the JC had offered packages
with playing gear to schools but those were deemed as too expensive
well it wasn’t feasible for us we think we thought we had a meeting with the
management team and based on where we were getting the other gears it was
cheaper from the other suppliers so compared to the package JC offered as a
matter of fact some of this who was refused to go to the the road
that the JC a was going I’m currently in this year there’s a program through eisa
we run number of schools would have paid Somali – is at a discounted rate we have
with our closing partner with a partner in Pakistan’s 2-nil and they now
currently put a kid back together to include guards parts but helmet balls so
it’s each kids as a certain amount of stuff in red and what we do what a
significantly discounted rate and normal school has of purchase both Bridgeport
and Penn would have been eliminated from the great shield with Bridgeport focused
on putting up a stern attest in the age group competitions Renata Brown for TVJ
sports and that’s the midday news I’m bhishan Brown join us at 7:00 for prime
time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams have a
wonderful afternoon and a great weekend

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