TVJ Midday: Gov. Will Not Relent to Apprehend Criminals – December 5 2019

TVJ Midday: Gov. Will Not Relent to Apprehend Criminals – December 5 2019

good afternoon and Bashan brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom while
there’s been an increase in the number of murders committed across the island
the government is adamant that it will not be easing up until there’s a
significant reduction that’s according to prime minister
Andrew Holness who was speaking in West Mullan day yesterday here Stevie J is
Herman green with the details Prime Minister Andrew Holness says
intelligence showed that November would have recorded a spike in murders 127
murders were recorded in the month including in Arras know under a state of
emergency but still this assurance government in doing as its assessment
starting in November we do a monthly assessment recognize from our
intelligence and all that we could gather that the month of November could
likely be a difficult month he said that assessment was behind the deployment of
400 soldiers in certain areas including South st. Andrew East Kingston and st.
James mr. holiness says even though people are
questioning the effectiveness of the security measures given gruesome murders
in areas under a state of emergency the government will not relent in going
after criminals he however pointed to statistics which show murders declined
in areas under a state of emergency the prime minister says even though there is
political pressure to end the SOE ease he will not end the fight against crime
absolutely clear this Prime Minister and the government that I lead will not
relent against the criminals in this country so if there is any expectation
that if the SOE czar not renewed that it will be filled in for criminals they
have another thing coming we will put out all our effort SOE Zarn Oso is to
get those criminals he said the government will also continue to use
provisions under the law to target criminals and will not go after them in
any unlawful manner mr. Hall has also noted that come neck
year the crime fight will be strengthened with the procurement of new
vehicles next year you’re going to hear a massive announcement about the number
of cars brand new cars purpose-built police cars equipped with
all the tracking technology our lab computer on board inside here that will
come and it’s not just crime it is also public order
Herman Greene TVJ news in the meantime their renewed calls for more focus to be
placed on social intervention as the government to ramp up its fight against
crime the latest call comes from social anthropologist dr. Herbert Gale was
taken issue with the continuous focus on suppression rather than long-term
initiatives T V J’s or Shane masters has more despite much criticism about the
absurd crime the government has made it clear that it will be sticking with its
use of states of emergency as a major crime fighting strategy the measure is
in place in five parties and one Police Division murders have increased by
roughly 2% when compared to the corresponding period last year between
January 1 and November 30 2019 you know 1309 persons have been murdered social
anthropologist dr. Herbert gala comments efforts by the government he argues
however that some key components are missing there has to be a balance
people have to begin to say how much are we going to invest in suppression or
suppression is needed for the election just about it right
you have to cease fire for anything to work it can’t help people while there
should not each other so so so the tertiary is very necessary right very
necessary but it must be working in tandem right while your season fair
where we have our ceasefire Momo’s somebody has to be saying we have a plan
of redeployment National Security Minister dr. Horace Chang recently
disclosed that the government will be looking to implement more social
programs and develop the ones that already exists dr. Gill says before
these measures can be effective all stakeholder groups like the church
and a private sector must be involved in the crime fight he added that more focus
should be placed on education you have communities in Jamaica we have 50
percent of young men between 86 and 18 are out of school the recruitment they
saw to easy boss we have to get back to basics and again we have to make sure
the auto every dollar we have at least 30 cents of every dollar for long term
planning even 20 cents out of a dollar for redeployment and then the other 50
can be for everybody to be happy and to have a sense of bliss for the night or
shade masters TVJ news sub officer for the Lin stood police station inspector
Cassell’s is making an appeal to community members to pay attention to
at-risk youths especially boys he was speaking at a recent Lin State Police
community meeting where he highlighted the lack of attention towards young boys
we have the details in this report I need you to pay more attention that plea
from the sub Office of Aveline State Police the citizens inspector Cassell’s
says oftentimes at-risk youths particularly the males are the ones who
become perpetrators of crime which are all meals Spanish Stone has over hundred
in this division alone so you are seeing that it mean perpetrators of crimes are
we need to reach out to them expecially in the educational field therefore he’s
urging members of the community to positively engage youths boys too many
times the police are patrolling and our boys are hiding on the corners we need
to engage them in activities and it’s now time for a break but stay with us
more stories right after these messages welcome back thank you so much for
staying with us continuing the news now as the festive season approaches the
line’ stood police are in full operation mode sub officer for the division
inspector Cassell’s has confirmed that some of the measures
under the state of emergency declared in the area have been relaxed
inspector Cassell’s was speaking at a recent police community meeting we are
now back to the original closing and opening hours for the establishments
meaning if a club which is normally 11:00 or KFC normal at 11 they are no
back to the original times but we hope in the meantime we will not have an
increase in crime the state of emergency was the Clarence and Catherine in
September for 14 days over it was extended for three months until January
18 2020 in the meantime Deputy Superintendent Mackenzie says the police
will be taking a zero-tolerance approach towards vending in no vending zones DSP
Mackenzie said there will be increased police in the area we’ll be doing some
operational activities in around certain areas to minimize the congestion
especially in certain areas where we have persons that take the wares and
just put them everywhere and everywhere on the street
there are error that will be designated designated
errors for persons will be doing shopping and certainly we will be having
a zero tolerance where those incidents are concerned just to say that we don’t
really need the congestion I’ll call this afternoon for telecommunications
companies to make it easier and clearer for customers to know what they’re
signing up to the argument arose while lawmakers discussed the use of person’s
personal data including cell phone numbers by telecoms and the marketing
companies opposition spokesman and Technology Julian Robinson said at
present the information is essentially hidden from customers he wants this to
change nobody reads it but if you are forced to and I think we should force
companies to do so if data is going to be sir it’s going to be shared force
them to to be more prominent and more explicit about the permission to share
your data and not to paragraph hide it in 12 paragraphs in legalese rich nobody
reads under stick supports and then you finally are bombarded the lawmaker was
present at a Joint Select Committee sitting at Gordon House on Wednesday
where they were discussing the Data Protection Act and the proposed changes
to it opposition senator and businessman Mark Golding however warned his fellow
lawmakers to be wary of alterations they tried to make to the system you know
it’s not just the big man versus a consumer we’re talking about all
economic actors and most of them are not being big firms they’re struggling small
firms so we need I just wonder I understand that the purpose of this is
to protect consumers but you know at the same time we don’t want to disadvantage
our economy acting director general of the office of disaster preparedness and
emergency management on Pam Richard Thompson believes Jamaica will cope
better with future disasters he based his views on some recent changes to the
law which he said have made Jamaica more resilient mr. Thompson was speaking at
as a disaster risk management forum recently we would have
seen the passage offer of the building Ark in 2018 we would have seen the
passenger the person of the Disaster Risk Management Act in 2015 and we would
have seen all or we would have been placed in disaster risk management in in
the development agenda of Jamaica had been a part of the vision 2030 mandate
for the odd PEM chief many of the economic struggles facing Jamaica are
linked to devastating natural disasters particularly hurricanes over the last
two decades various events over the past 20 years would have would have had
impacts in in excess of of of about 120 billion Jamaican dollars significant for
small island developing states we are where we have to ensure that there is
economic growth and development so you realize that these event would have been
erode in the economic gains that the country would have would have been
making businessman Gary book butch Hendrickson says he’s impressed by the
drive of small business people whenever the festive season comes around over he
has called for entrepreneurs to step up their business platforms to become more
regulars year round he said one Avenue available to small
businesses now is the internet and they must take advantage of it
you can’t say the Christmas trees in today but maybe you were saying
something else where certain things you can do other seasonal basis you have to
we are here and of course if you really want to get
a deep extent of the asylum workers ID from a different angle
many people are I’m not unique in this believe me now you probably hear about
me too much but if they can get into the e-commerce platforms when there are many
of them on some them exist in Jamaica reg or some real rock stars are here
they will not have to worry about the market we will have to her about fill in
the orders panel first sports the connections of Triple Crown winner
supreme soul have been forced to find a replacement writer for his participation
in Sunday’s Caribbean classic over nine furlongs at Gulfstream Park in Florida
this was revealed to TV Jays sports by trainer Anthony Baba Nunez who departed
the island this morning for the us $300,000 event for three-year-old
thoroughbreds from Latin America and the Caribbean well unfortunately Tyler gaff
Luna has been booked on him for over two weeks now and yesterday at 5:00 p.m. we
were told by his agent that he had a stakes race – right back at aqueduct on
Sunday and he was very sorry he was apologetic and said you know for this
late notice his entry is tomorrow morning we did try and get other writers
such as Ricardo Santana and and and Manny Franco and those guys who were
also have rights in the race so we were basically settled on Jairo Rendon who is
a nice young writer at go stream Park was writing well won a race up until
Sunday gone and he’ll be able to catch a hundred and twelve pounds as we are
allotted a 10 pound allowance for having not won the Caribbean classic so we can
actually go as light as 108 but we will go with 112 pounds and Rendon meanwhile
Nunez says the preparation of the three older chestnut code has gone well since
he started exercise workouts on the track at Gulfstream Park two weeks ago his condition is immaculate it’s he’s
really enjoyed his time there the temperature is really cool especially in
the mornings it’s it’s in the late 50s to early 60s and he’s really enjoying
the weather and he’s cannot be any happier now the full
interview with trainer Nunez can be seen during this evening’s edition of eye on
sports starting at 8:35 p.m. so please join us for that later on and that’s the
midday news on Vashon brown join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on
behalf of the news sports and production teams have a wonderful afternoon

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  1. Prime minister we want rich investors in our country, not cheap Mexican investors, we need work if a country doesn't have work for the people in the country you will have criminals ?

  2. First the government need to fine resources of there funds money of the criminal break down the criminal income the dons of the community scammer dons in Montego Bay and Westmoreland each community an see what will happen,

  3. Gas gas pure gas how long Jamaica having this plague from donkey years and nothing change more people dying day in day out

  4. Put the idlers in the army who dout work who teef and murderers by force give dem a wage Evry muth

  5. Hello, it as to start from the top with the corruption, it's the big man them paying the gunman them. Them they go around killing people kids. Hello, Where is tall the taxpayer money for all the police car that the gov was to buy last year to this year.. Hello, Jamaica people wake up. Where is all the money went??? CORRUPT GOV-

  6. Its a little bit too late Andrew Holmes long time you fi come out and give the people some assurance. A through Election near you fake.

  7. Now, look at that brown suit, FAT. sit on there ass and send out man to do there work. Do not look far look now they live 5- 6 house 2-3 cars and there kids go to top schools. Where is all that money coming from???? Jamaica people open your eyes. Corrupt. Poor people can't by food and there pay is not going up. One more thing, the news is not putting the real news out. Just the good part. Corrupt.

  8. Yes that is what I was asking u for Mr Andrew holiness and what you to give the criminal a longer sentence too much cowboy holiday the criminal them getting get in young you must get out old i hope these new car can identify them on spot we need new identification so the police can know like in the US am watching you Mr Andrew holiness and you need to get read of Mr Chang he is too soft give us a woman minister of security like the ddp Mrs Paula she don't play with criminal

  9. When you have a thief for a priminister that is also tainted, How can he give advise the youth when him look so pretty doing evil to Jamaicans. The melanomas get The impression that life is an easy win, just kill a man. Get a rep, extortion with murder behind it. Look, even after miller killed One of their official's. The politicians continue to give him material support. Self defeating.

  10. We need some super max prison and a lot land space to hold these criminals more and more youth are living a life of crime . CREMENTARY MI SAY .. SOME OF THESE YOUTH ARE ALREADY MOST OF THEM ARE ALREADY LOST . WE NEED A PURGE

  11. Well PM do not bother with the SOE. Just let the poor people murder themselves. Shove them out of Kingston, montego bay and send them to no man's land so that you can bring in investors in the 1st, 2nd city.
    When they finish killing off themselves you can sell the land to the Chinese.
    Less poor people the better for the Jlp party. Looking in I can see poor people are not important. Neither are the insane, you are against them to be fed in the city.

  12. Is it the ground soldiers or the white collar instigators that must be targeted. …corrupt officials corrupt cops Don's what about these arent these the source of crime…

  13. all you people a chat pnp couldn't do anything to reduce crime remember peter buntin say only god can stop it .and look how long pnp have the country fa pnp in it for 18 years and couldn't do anything how the hell you expect a man in it for one term to do it pnp take everything and sell it all a the get rich and leave the country high and dry all the factors sellout all Jamaica companys sell there is nothing hear for the youths only thing is leaving the country and go make life…

  14. the vendors should get a loan come together and open a small shop which two people can have there space and product that they sell but its not the government fault this should be introduce by vendor management specialist and some of u kids need to get a Work Stop Choosing Violence get a education are work

  15. We The People Need to Start changing our community and mind Attitude To Help the Country Grow there is no place on earth that is not violent but put a stop to it has taken a toll on the country and left us with only Body to collect Voting is Everybody choice to make no one force u hands to vote people lack education know nothing much but to live try to save our self start coming together stop Dividing 2020

  16. I think is time for the prime minister to remember that we are party of action and not bag of mouth,, and the less he as to say about is plan for crime for next year is the better off he will be ,, for there is lot people involved in crime in Jamaica from all walks of lives ,,so he talks is plan they will have time to plan how to counterattack is plan,

  17. Dem Politricks boy full of bullshit bag a talking mf corruption is from within your cabinet clean that up then everything will trickle down ??‍♂️

  18. I've read through all the comments and have one thing to say , do people know how this criminal network works? It seem to be more complex that the army and police force. I'm not going to stop saying citizens have to play a big part.

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  21. Mr holness is say that he need to do a lot talking is no good action action speak louder than works he need to stop the gun coming in the country he need calll for amnesty,s on gun crested more jobs when one living in another country and see what is happen in jamaica the image is bad the car he,s talking about jamaica should have thought about it already some locial police station dont have that thay dont even have a computer system every thing have to right written by hand the police station needs to up gread thay looks like sny old slavery days nothing change some part looks so bad one cant belive its jamaica pulsation the blame is on you

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