Tulsi Gabbard speaks out on $50M lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

Tulsi Gabbard speaks out on $50M lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

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  1. Clinton's actions are why she could never be President. She's had no personality and will throw any one including another woman under the bus. She needs to STAY in Ireland and keep her mouth shut. She has a phobia about imaginary Russians .lol lol lol

  2. You know she plans on running, She already started her dirty tactics. So she doesn't have to waste her time going around campaigning conversing with super predators!!!

  3. White pantsuit AGAIN? What is wrong with her? Is that the only set of clothes that she has? Tulsi thinks she is someone special because she was in the army reserves? That is her only talking point. "I served, I served! Yeah you and a million others Tulsi. You don't see the others talking 100% of the time about it. That is because they aren't hungry for recognition like you are. Give it up.

  4. Thanks Hillary you did s great job in Benghazi and Libya….Hillary is a snake and she thinks she’s above the law…

  5. I find it odd that Hillary knows how Russians use technology to hack into the elections yet she could not keep her own server protected

  6. 50 mil is a LOT of defamation… I say we women who are conservative/Republican should all get a lawsuit agains Michelle O'Bama who said that women who voted for Trump were not listening to "our own voice' – WHO'S WITH ME??

  7. Steve, Steve, Steve,…. the 50 million is the cash persuader used to get her to shut up.  I'm not sure why you keep hammering out on the 50 mil and its dollar to dollar justification.  I'm not even a Tulsi fan but I believe if Hillary wants to make such outrageous statements, she better be ready to back them up, or pay into the blunder fund.  Nothing says "Don't do that again" like 50 mil.

  8. As much as I despise HRC, she has the absolute right to express her opinion based on speculation.
    The lawsuits over non-economic loss indicates total suppression of free speech, not to mention that these lawsuits are very corrupting and it also dangerously promotes ad hoc law as well as BAR imperialism to the extreme degree.

  9. As much as I despise HRC, she has the absolute right to express her opinion based on speculation.
    The lawsuits over non-economic loss indicates total suppression of free speech, not to mention that these lawsuits are very corrupting and it also dangerously promotes ad hoc law as well as BAR imperialism to the extreme degree.

  10. Hillary is really knowledgeable on Russian affairs! It takes a Russian asset to recognize a Russian asset and she recognizes them all!

  11. Tulsi if you really are a Patriot or a member of the United States military especially the Army national guard or the Army reserves you be a Republican. I never met one Democrat when I was in the Army. You don't reflect or represent us. You being a Democrat is insulting to the uniform….. And your just like all the other Democrats you hate this Country. If you really loved this Country you become a Republican and you fight the Dem's.

  12. Hillary Clinton sells medical grade uranium to Russia that can also be used as wepons grade uranium…and she wants to attack others of being a Russian asset…what w hypocrite. Her and her husband need to be charged with crimes of treason agenst the United States of America.

  13. Ms Gabbard is a veteran a soldier and an American, Clinton is a lawyer a liar and did not stand up for American soldiers, Clinton should be in prison.

  14. I think Trump and Tulsi are the 2 AMERICAN favorites. I see nobody else unless Mayo Pete makes a big comeback…and Bernie of ourse. Not AOC, that's for sure. Bidens, Warren…

  15. Hillarious again…! Using the same old arguments…. anyone not standing with Hillarious is influenced, bought, placed + controlled by Russians…. Helllooo!? Hillary – go and retire, old woman! You have nothing to give that helps your Country!

  16. So much talk no action..

    Bet my bottom dollar all the speeches of the Dems are written by Hollywood script writers

    At least the Don walks the talk. It’s evident in what he has accomplished fighting for the blue collar worker

    Good luck DT, i hope you win again in November

    Greetings from the Southern Tip of Africa

  17. This lady says she loves her country? Oh yeah? Really? Then why is she a "Democrat" … the party of infanticide and Christ-hating, Marxist socialists? Sorry Tulsi, but I'm not buying your definition of "love".

  18. Why is he stuck on the amount of money. Just look at some of the payouts for past case's. The point of the law suit is too let Hillary know her type of tactics will not stand.

  19. Tulsi is "opposition" inside the same party??? LOL If Hillary thought Tulsi was important she would have gotten rid of her by now….

  20. Remember, whatever she accuses other people of- is her projecting her own self out. What she says of others is true- of her.

  21. Tulsi Gabbard 2020! Shameful fox kept interrupting her but glad aired her! Useless questions avoiding her key points. Fox has no free speech!!

  22. In a normal American party, anyone attacked and smeared by Clinton would go off the charts in the polls, but of course we’re talking about the Democrat Party here.

  23. Hillary and the Dems have an obsession with Russia. I’m starting to think they are the Russian assets since they seem to know everything that’s going on with the kremlins

  24. Tulsi Gabbard needs to shut the hell up. She's desperate to stay relevant. All she does is grandstand. She doesn't do anything. I'll never vote democrat ever again anyways.

  25. Anyone else think she'd be good (healthy) competition against Trump? Sadly, the Dems are far too corrupt to let someone, who's not under their thumb, have a fair shake.

  26. ❌Crooked Hillary Clinton losing to President Trump is among my top 10 favorite things that happened in the USA 🇺🇸

  27. Yes go on Tulsi Gabbard – sooner or later the US needs a real 3rd party: Jil STEIN, Tulsi GABBARD, CORTEZ… SANDERS finally – find a new concept, negotiate it, and go on and on…

  28. Good cuz this psychopath with kurus disease. Paid some tools to rig voting booths. Faked charity to steal money. Hillary is sick. She should be at home with her ankle bracelet baking cookies

  29. Tulsi you would be a fine Republican. You are a part of the most crazy party. Do you think DNC would ever support you, or even be fair to you? Change party, and be a part of making a real difference.

  30. Mrs. Hilary Clinton should appear "promptly" in court to defend herself. If she can. Hasn't Mrs. Clinton been proved to have done enough things to remove her from government. jh PS: Who is a news person to ask if an amount of court awards. jh

  31. I'm not a Tulsi Gabbard fan by any means, but could you imagine having to listen to Hillary Clinton on a daily basis, had she been elected POTUS? The suicide rate in this country would quadruple.

  32. I would vote for Tulsi Gabbard. I feel Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders are actually honest about what they believe. Clinton, Biden, and Warren seem like lairs, and Bernie Sanders has some crazy ideas. Tulsi is the best candidate from the DNC. If the DNC gives me Biden, Warren, or Sanders to choose from then I'm voting for Trump.

  33. Hillary is a sorry loser just like Trump the Narcissist and Tulsi the Cult girl.
    America can do better than any of these three opportunist.

  34. I was all on board with Tulsi, I even donated to her campaign twice but once she got on this Hilly Clinton smear thing she focused on that more than anything else.

  35. I do not understand how one can, rightfully, criticize the policy of endless wars, then enlist to go and fight them. Included is the endless war in Afghanistan to guard our opium sources.

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