Tulsi Gabbard sounds off after ripping Kamala Harris at debate

Tulsi Gabbard sounds off after ripping Kamala Harris at debate

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  1. Undoubtedly Trump has no equal and is still the best person for President in 2020 as well. But the let down of the Kurds is utterly despicable. God forbid if Trump will not make it in 2020, please God, let it be Tulsi Gabbard. She is about the only Democrat Presidential hopeful that can be trusted with the Presidency.

  2. Wow… a straightforward Congresswoman. A Democrat. Gabbard is a Veteran, a soldier for life. A honorable woman. For all these reasons , leftist leaning socialist Dems will try their best silence her for she does NOT push their false narratives and leftist leaning ways. Sorry Hillary, you lose again. Shame. Vote for change. Vote to restore order to this Nation. Vote …

  3. Gotta agree with John that if the Dems cared about our country they would work with Our President and imagine what could happen. If the demwits was to win the election I do believe we are domed, as a Vietnam Era Vet, I hate to see it come to this, it will be a sad day, but I know President Trump will win again in 2020!!!!!!!

  4. This is a total take don't of the Champion, Tulsi the underdog got a 5 count to take out Kamala, she is out cold. In Boxing thats a knockout. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  5. Sorry But: women are ruled by their emotions and unable to make long term decisions; therefore a women is not fit to be the commander and chief.

  6. So low… her truth should be about herself. She carries many grudges! Anyway @mariannewilliamson is way better than all you

  7. I'm a Republican.. If Trump where not running?? IDK. I like her.. Its amazing how there going after her for thinking with head. Shes exposing all of them..

  8. That is what is referred to as an assasination. Two to the chest and one to the head and harris is no more. Love you tulsi and loved this epic slaughter of this wolf in sheep's clothing

  9. A democrat who is not derranged , didnt mention trump once , is this a dream ? Now hilary is trying to bring her down

  10. I pray to god Tulsi Gabbard gets the nomination I'm a Republican but she has my support. God speed and god bless Tulsi keep up the fight we are behind you.

  11. Oh Tulsi now I know why Clinton is calling you a Russia agent. Yes tell the truth. Them old school bitches play dirty. Harris don't know what to say. Clinton ain't there to tell her. Clinton and her cronies are traitors to our country. I mean the USA. Go away demon Hillary you are the agent with your deals to sell us out. Don't they have enough evidence to arrest her for the many crimes she has committed. Been accused of commiting.

  12. I am a conservative . Tulsi needs to change parties and run as President Trumps VP if they worked together they would be great for this nation .

  13. This is the problem with all snarky campaign attacks – basing it on the wrong assumption that an elected official is a superpower. They're not, neither is the president. They should evaluate the circumstance, respect opinions of others involved, follow a set of laws that exist, in addition to dealing with those that make it their job to undermine the official because of unholy motives (gop officials proudly announce themselves as such species). I'm sure Gabbord has holes in her career as well. I'm not for Kamala, but this was nothing but trump-smarts. That said, I liked what she said about physical fitness of senior candidates – president isn't a stuntman (Pete is obsessed with age, and takes differences of opinions personally – he has a long way to go too)

  14. Female Donald Trump. Would not be surprised she's being helped by Russia. When Fox agrees and likes you…..watch out.

  15. A great choice we have for the next President of the USA. Who ever wins between Tulsi and Donald, will be better for us all.

  16. Im a Proud forever ( I ),, once a Rep,, and also a Southern Dem for much of my Life and until the party's facelift and devolution into total corruption and dishonor. This Lady, Mrs Gabbard, is the only Dem I could currently support for any office. If Dems want to come home, and ever reclaim any respect,, and have a chance to win,, better Nominate this Gal. I don't agree with all in her platform, but she's the only Honorable choice to Pres Trump, for the Dems. I know many Dem, Rep, and I's that agree with my thoughts as well. Peace!

  17. I canโ€™t help but wonder. Since Hillary jump started Tulsiโ€™s popularity within the media, she might be running on behalf of Hillary. Face it. There is a lot of deception going on.

  18. Tulsi, whenever Kamala brings up her supposed stellar political record, you just bring up Willie Brown and let him tell you how good she is and when I say "GOOD" I assure you Willie will tell us a whole different way of "How To Get To The Top" and not know a thing about politics

  19. Wish Tulsi a Republican…don't agree with her politics but love her fighting spirit. Cannot say that same about many RINOS!

  20. As a conservative, I can genuinely say that Tulsi Gabbard is one hell of a candidate. Straight Forward, Honest, and Blunt. I give her my support.

  21. Tulsi is going to singlehandedly extend Trumps time in the White House. She is going to wipe out every democratic candidate. She is not a Russian asset. She is a Trump asset.

  22. Julianii was a tough Mayor because he had to be …she was a tough prosecutor because she had to be…… when a woman is tough she gets the most criticism…. Even form other women who would prob do the same thing …smh

  23. I think Gabbart is coming on top of the bunch,she is the only apparently normal person running for the nomination.

  24. Dems are glad to see Kamal getting exposed,ย  I know I am,ย ย  the elections always won by people who spend a fortune tricking people,ย  and harris would be yet another one of those

  25. I am a republican and would vote for Tulsi she is real straight up. She actually listens personally and is not different just passionate and convicted in her cause and belief which I resonate with. No different than Trump we saw the same dismissal for him as we are seeing with her. Many said Trump would never receive the party nomination and outright dismissed his chances as if no one should waste a vote on him.

  26. Wow. Look at Kamala's face. The truth hurts. She had no response. If she did she would have to keep up her lies. Now she is on a National stage. And is being called out on her record. I fully respect Tulsi for exposing Kamala as the bald face liar she is. A danger to this Republic. If not a Trump supporter I would be behind this lady. Tulsi needs to speak up about this illegitimate impeachment.

  27. Good on you Tulsi. It is always good to see and hear you pursue truth in the manner you are doing. You are so right that your country people need to know the truth about who they are voting for. As I have said before, keep up the good work.

  28. If the Dems had any smarts they would put her front and center. I myself don't mind Trump, but I can see myself voting for her.

  29. Harris cannot wait to get in the White House so she can start killing people. She is deeply angry and hostile. Obama probably was too. I would give anything for Tulsi to be the Dem candidate.

  30. Is this women American, surely not, she's articulate, smart, insightful, and just, these are qualities America needs and has not had for many many years, so naturally she will not win, instead American's will vote in some old war mongering greedy imbecile, and I'm not talking about Trump, you've been there and done that, you'll find someone just as bad but someone who has the media and the influential in their pocket. Oh dear, never mind, maybe one day America will wake up.

  31. Tulsy is a rare gem . She is the role model for real democrat. I wish we had more people like her in Congress. Then we could get our problems solved.

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