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  1. I like how he holds a paper that says a huge number on it with the words "did not vote" underneath it. Like…that was probably the amount of people who didn't want to vote for nutella flavored lays chips for all we know.

  2. numb nuts is wearing a hat to hide the huge hole where he might have at one time had a brain and any common sense.

  3. Don't have stupid jerk offs on your show Tucker , He has an IQ of no more than 40 and with the straw hat about 35!

  4. Tucker should just cut these bottom dwellers off ! How embarrassing can the liberals look? Ver much and they don't know they are simply the minorities still!

  5. The Mexican president said to set go over to America and it's going to be called a Mexican invasion why because there is so much corruption and they, being the DEEP STATE wanted the borders open everywhere so they could take control over everybody!!! TO CONTROL THE WORLD!!! OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP WONT LET IT HAPPEN!!!!

  6. Honors the truth these people need to be investigated to the fullest FBI needs to be doing better jobs or immigration whoever is doing this they are playing us like a f**** fiddle

  7. Now you going to tell me that these people don't have property and land even cattle now you tell me this they pay up to 35 to 40,000 to get here but they don't have any money and they need Asylum but yet they have more property back in the country come on people do your jobs

  8. Check this little quick story Spring Texas half donation boxes to donate your stuff for people in need but yet these people have figured out a way to get the stuff in the goods before they make it to the warehouse and resell it at their little store was there not paying taxes for

  9. Part 2 husband drives a 18 wheeler lives in Conroe across a church where all of these immigrants are gathering that supposedly have receive Asylum from our government already he gets paid to bring him here his wife sells them clothes which is stolen clothes because they're stealing it from donation foundations all of this is illegal set something already to people but they don't do anything about it

  10. I read these comments and what to argue with a lot of you idiots but … I won't stoop that low down the comment section

  11. they all avoid answering straight questions because it is a stalling tactic that they use to simply burn up the air time and get their message across

  12. This whole movement is just an excuse for a bunch of people who want to take what's not there's that begin with moralistically yes this land belongs to the native Americans it always has and it always will and personally myself I hope that one day we have a native American president but as reality stands we are two separate separate countries you are Mexico they are the United States of America and you need to follow the rules like every other country

  13. American troops are in Honduras because they were asked by honduras's government to be there to support them

  14. He constantly answers questions with a this is a common tactic to avoid having to give a simple yes or no to anything because they want to create an environment where yes-or-no has to be explained 10 miles it's just to confuse the public and to buy time and to burn up air time they are what we called diversionary and many group leaders use these such as Omar choudhri from Britain who was a clear supporter of isis and pretty much anybody who is who was in support of little groups like this they always danced around the topic

  15. AND, Spain raided South America and wiped out most all of it's indigenous peoples. This dude is a COMPLETE FUKIN IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Debating an apprentice janitor who doesn't have the common courtesy to remove his hat in the house and stop interrupting the host…. Conclusion: Moron!

  17. Ahhhh the old "white people took these lands from Indians argument. Bad choice to try to make a point on. It's like saying " we are going to do the same thing."

  18. Mister Hernandez… It's pronounced "SPECIFICALLY"!.Not "PACIFICALLY"…And "NO"!!! one cannot vote in Mexico if you are not a citizen.For ANYTHING. TRUMP 2020!

  19. Let their own government take care of them not USA government. Don’t know why USA is sending money to help other country’s, that’s should stop to safe taxes!dollars from USA citizens.

  20. Answer: if an American is illegal in another country he will be locked up and be required to pay a fine before he is released.

  21. I love it when someone named Hernandez says United States was stolen from his ancestors. When the name Hernandez comes from Spain.


  23. Why don’t we close all the border, all except the border to California let these liberals take care of them . Put a wall around California. Let the ones with brains out the rest stay . Problem solved.

  24. Yes it was native land but got conquered and now we have British rule and then fought again to make United States of America. Then purchased this land as well. These democrats and Latin people really don't know the history of this land when they bring up those talking points.

  25. We invited Europeans to come here. We invited anyone to come here in 1919. This is 2019. Things in 2119 might be different too.

  26. he's referring to things like:
    the banana wars
    coca cola mafia
    the contras
    mass murdered tribes to make rubber tires

  27. As a nation we should protect it first and OUR citizens. At my house I lock my front door ALWAYS. Not because I hate everyone outside of my house and think they're criminals but to PROTECT MY FAMILY. Jesus what's so hard to understand about that.

  28. I love that 99% of the people that posted these comments do not have a profile pic. Probably because they KNOW that what they are saying is wrong and don't wanna anyone to recognize them as the batshit crazy person they really are

  29. I’d say immigrants who apply legally and are serious about following laws, paying taxes and contributing to society should be admitted.

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