Tucker: Republicans shouldn’t get too confident about 2020

Tucker: Republicans shouldn’t get too confident about 2020

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  1. The federal reserve has been bailing out the banking system to the tune of 10s of billions of dollars every single day since September 17th. If they stop everything stops. But yeah socialism lol you mean socialism for the rich.

  2. Republicans aren't about personal freedoms, if they were they would support cannabis legalization and the end of cannabis prohibition.

  3. So we sacrificed and sacrificed in order for our kids to be debt-free after college and our reward from those who pretend to be for "personal responsibility" is…being forced to pay for others' irresponsibility. By the way, most college education is NOT necessary to get a good paying job (plumbing or computer programming) but is simply a way to subsidize indoctrination by liberal professors

  4. I really hope Trump wins. He's good for America and the western world. Good luck from Scotland. Trump 2020.

  5. I'm not overconfident….remember this is a country who elected Obaba twice and Hellary got more votes last time…no, I'm not overconfident.

  6. Dont get too confident now. You are up against a 400 year old female who lied her entire life about who she was vs Elizabeth Warren, the exact same thing.

  7. Since when does Trickle down economics increase wages for the middle class.? Since when does Republicans care about making sure the commoners or middle class have decent wages.

  8. LOL, the GOP should not be the slightest bit confident about 2020. Not only will trump not even be in the 2020 election, the Senate and House will go blue. It is only going to get worse for trump as more truth comes out. Democratic Socialism does work and always has worked. It is fascism, pushed by the GOP and neoliberals, that does not work and never has worked. And BTW, Tukkkie, people like you need to research Klinefelter's XXY Syndrome and Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome; and for many transgender it is simply an intersex condition of the brain, according to neurologists…and that's not including the 7 types of transgender variations that do not survive birth. Once again, Democrats are championing science, while republicans are floundering in ignorance.

  9. The good folks in the rust belt see the truth about the democrat party and its socialist leanings. Give them the due they deserve.

  10. As usual, Tucker's spot on. The cost of living is indeed rising with our incomes if not faster, and the closet-Mercantilists in both parties are happy about that. We need to make living a lot easier for common Americans. Every authority and institution expects individual Americans to bear greater responsibilities than other peoples because of how wealthy our country is, but security and ease of living have been taken away from common American families over the course of these past forty years. Government is derived from the consent of the governed, and it is our authorities' duty to ensure We the People are satisfied. Instead our elites have spent the past forty years trying to cultivate the American People into "human capital" (their term) suitable as fodder for their Mercantilist ambitions, to be cheap labor for their monopolist/oligopolist corporations and to be socially docile and predictable otherwise. They don't even want us to have genders anymore because they want interchangeable cogs. Our "representatives" are not conforming their policies to the Will of the People but are trying to instead conform the American People to their ambitions. Aside from the imminent rebuke from God awaiting these monsters, it would be good for our authorities to remember something else: President Trump ran on a Populist platform. We love Trump, but we hate the Republicans only a little bit less than we hate the Democrats, and we chose Trump over fifteen other Republicans because none of them were any good compared to him. The American People have tightened their belts for forty years now. No candidate telling us we have to sacrifice and wait longer, to "trust the ideology," for our security to return will succeed because they have already bled us dry and it's our turn to receive tangible benefits for living in the greatest country on earth. If they cannot or will not deliver to common Americans ease of living and quality of life as we expect and are constantly told we "have" in America, I hope and pray the Lord rewards these [email protected] of both parties with the fruit of their doings as He did to Jehoram! The Republicans are doing better with defending Trump from the bogus impeachment, but when have they ever talked about enforcing the anti-price-fixing laws, breaking up monopolies and oligopolies (it isn't just the tech companies abusing us), legislating to ensure trickle-down, legislating consumer protection and worker protection, lowering the cost of living, strengthening our families, making our lives easier, and other Populist policies that would profit common Americans? It looks like they're making a show in hopes that they run out Trump's eight years without legislating anything so when the next guy comes in, all Trump's executive orders are out the window like 0bama's and it's like we're back in the Bush II Era. It's like they're trying to run out the clock so they can get back to stoking their Globalist, Libertarian, Koch-Head, Mercantilist fetish and it can be business as usual with the abuses of the past forty years being the new normal and the American People reduced to human capital and the big companies as the "true" citizens. This isn't far from the same class of treason the Democrats have committed. May the Lord rebuke the corrupt politicians of both parties!

  11. I mean…they should keep their confidence at a moderate level

    Because Democrats might find a way to win because of the blue states

  12. Somebody needs to take out a political ad that is one solid minute of nothing but Biden's interview bragging that he did exactly what they are accusing Trump of doing. If these guys were genuine about their outrage where were they then? Why is it that they always want you to do as they say not as they do…hypocrites! There's a reconning coming, a great big wave. They have all lost total touch with Americans or are just delusional.

  13. Why is this MISLEADING Racist not saying anything about black south africans taking land forcefully from white South Africans ? Because it was all lies

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