Tucker: No one is above the law except Democrats

Tucker: No one is above the law except Democrats

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  1. Democrats are the most untruthful crocked sneaky politicians and no one says anything! Come on Mr Durham do the job everyone else has missed. Horowitz said there was no bias than he goes on and lists all the thinks done wrong. Sorry he is as much against Trump as the Democrats.

  2. Wait, what do you mean the law doesn't apply to homeless people? Are you saying people who can't afford to live in apartments should be arrested? That's pretty authoritarian, even for you guys. Also, the reason the Dems keep saying the President isn't above the law is because Trump literally doesn't know this. He thinks he is the King of the land and what he says goes and he should never be questioned, and that the role of the media is to do propaganda for him like Fox News

  3. Wow, how Tucker in the same breath can demonize Obama for investigating Trumps corruption, and also how Trump did nothing wrong, using his power of office to force Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden I'll never know. You're partisan hackery is showing

  4. Putin and his people are rolling on the floor laughing so hard they're puking. Americas reputation is in tatters, we're the laughing stock of the world. We the people seriously need to clean house in DC. Me and other normal citizens have nothing in common with the creatures there.

  5. Notice how Schiff emphasises "our' oath, not "the oath". They are taking orders from their 'higher power. Brennan admitted that!

  6. Fox News is a known fake news site. This has been acknowledged by various TRUSTED sources and is mostly known for it's false information and clear bias. That's why when I look into the comment section I find comic relief. And that, brings a smile to my lips. Since a fool is rather endearing to watch when it doesn't affect your country.

  7. If no one is above the law Every one of you that said it should be in jail then go ahead put yourself in jail you all are a disgrace you're a disgrace Yourselves an you are not Americans you do not like our country God-bless America

  8. Surprised Tucker or Fox News haven't brought up that time Obama wiretapped and spied on them and AP since they dared to ask questions. Or that time Obama was auditing republican senate and congressional rivals. Not to mention selling secrets to pocket the profit for him and Hillary's self, or fast and furious scandal, you know silly things like that.

  9. A house or country divided cannot stand. When America falls remember this. Instead of uniting the country they are dividing it right down the middle. The war between democrats & republicans. You think it's a coincidence? "UNITED WE STAND"? What a joke! You're all being played but you're too stupid to realize or understand it.

  10. They keep saying he's guilty and a traitor but haven't found a single crime yet. What he's really guilty of is being white/rich and hurting people's feelings.

  11. Northam, Clinton, Obama all used lies and deceit to advance their globalist idealogy. They also break laws but are not arrested cuz they are democrats who decide which laws to ignore and are protected by fellow democrats.

  12. How is it possible to have so many stupid democrats in power? Find a day job and try to create some value. And Nancy, stop drinking please.

  13. imo if the Democrats were capable of putting forward a normal, sane candidate and platform, they would win easily. There is no evidence of that happening though. Like all 'centre' left parties around the world, they are completely captured by inner city virtue signalling flops.

  14. I'm just spitballing here, but anyone who pushed Russiagate down on our throats, really shouldn't be accusing others of being conspiracy theorists.

  15. These idiots… what an act! They're so deluded from lying so much they fail to recognize who they are… just look at the blank stares, dead pan, pissed off look as if they are having to hide a dark secret from the American public about their corruption that the President is uncovering. The Ramsey's were better liars.

  16. I will be glad when this circus is over. It is a disgrace that anger over losing the presidential race has been allowed to come to this.

  17. The reason the Dems are pissed off at Trump, and trying to impeach him, is because he destroyed the DNC's main Presidential candidate, Biden, because he asked about the Ukraine corruption story.

  18. The baseless Impeachment of Trump is an, ACT OF BEING ABOVE THE LAW, by the Dems, because it is COMPLETELY DEVOID OF DUE PROCESS RIGHTS for the Republican Representatives! This alone is sufficient reason for the Senate to throw the Impeachment out of Congress!

  19. President Carlson has a nice ring to it. If ever run you will have my vote. Nadler, Nancy and Schifty and pals are a shameful, national disgrace. When punk rockers vote republican you know the dems are really screwing up. Thanks for putting it straight Tucker.


  21. Those whom protest a particular thing or crime the most- are usually the ones most likely to have committed t or are guilty of that self same crime

  22. Removing a bad President is the RIGHT thing to do, regardless of the political fallout. Comes 2020 we'll see if America understands that.

  23. Nadler needs to go to prison for using our system as a personal whipping stick against someone from his past that he doesn’t like! When will this be addressed?

  24. We're truly blessed to have Tucker on the front lines telling truth to the public. Despite leftist protesters being sent to his family's home, he goes out every night and defies the leftist in popular culture and the media. Thank you Tucker. We're with you.

  25. Just think of what could have gotten done with all the time and money the democrats have wasted, its time to get rid of the democrats and everyone else that are wasting time and resources.

  26. Dems accusing Trump of what they have done and are doing . That's right out of Saul alinskys
    " rules for radicals " which is the bible of the left.

  27. And ain't that the TRUTH!  if not, then why hasn't OBAMA been criminally charged for spying on President Trump; not to mention Hilary Clinton for treason!

  28. High crimes and misdemeanors does not imply "serious crimes" but crimes or misdemeanors committed by a person in high office… Not that it matters, I don't believe the impeachment is justified personally but it's important to understand because Tucker seemed to imply something else… The articles of impeachment do not actually require a legal crime to be committed, moral crimes are sufficient …

  29. @ – Daddy Dragon UK needs help to defend US Citizen imprisoned in UK 16 Dec 2019 for calling UK MP a traitor! (Anna Soubry is a Traitor – assisting in handing over of UK power to foreign powers.)

  30. Yeah Hunter Biden is fishy but asking a foreign president to investigate a political rival is also fishy so I don’t see your point?

  31. ‘You don’t have to live in Kentucky to vote against Mitch McConnell.'
    OUST the passive aggressive, snake in the grass McConnell from his role as its majority leader.
    Btw, Tucker Carlson has low-set and malformed ears. It's a deviation. ?


  33. Schiff comes from a long line of bankers. His interests are not rooted in American values or the constitution. What a farce.

  34. I am still wondering how can the power Unger be so great to lead people to desperately look for it and be back on that spot that leads them to be more arrogant and elitist …This is not about wanting a better country, its about Money and power to have their miserable life full of protected Mobs and daily luxury !…Power unger its worst then greed ..

  35. Do they have a secrete email loop where they send out the next speed quote…. the walls are closing in, bombshell, the beginning of the end, no one is above the law… this weeks quick quip is….

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