Tucker: Media proclaims FBI is innocent

Tucker: Media proclaims FBI is innocent

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  1. the thing that I do not understand is that even though the truth comes out nobody is ever held accountable and brought to Justice !!!!!!!

  2. The FBI and DOJ hatched the plot and did the inside fix whilst the media completed the job by peddling the story to the general public. Without the media being complicit in this plot this coup would have not gotten this far.

  3. The media is a joke! Excluding real reporting. Example: if you watch headlines about the facebook slam on Obama kids you would think the staffer who did that left because she was so outraged her boss did that. The truth is she was immediately fired for such a stupid thing to have done, and with a good swift kick in the butt on the way out the door. UNBELIEVABLE

  4. Let's see. I guess it's ok to do whatever you want to get or manufacture dirt on an opponent in an election in the United States as long as it is domestic not foreign the interference is allowed. But didn't they request the aid of a foreign entity in not one but many cases? ? Let's all scratch our heads on that one.

  5. Fake MSM ORGANIZATIONS will go down with ship (FBI). From now on, no one will believe anything they say. They will gradually cease to exist, fade into the history books. Just think America, no more jim acosta. Their dead, dead.

  6. So Fox News does not like it when the FBI does its job? They were investigating. It's what they do. It's such a big part of their job, it is part of their name. The Steele dossier was initiated by republicans to get dirt on trump who was a candidate vying for the republican nomination for president. When it became clear trump was gonna be the candidate the republicans abandoned the project. The democrats picked it up at that point.

  7. Tucker is wrong. Comey thinks he'll never be punished. But oh, yes, he will. The hounds have been released. Comey, Brennan, and all the rest of them are about to be visited on by those released hounds Barr and Durham. I CANNOT WAIT

  8. This what Goverment have done to good clever business men worldwide
    Watching the backs of their school mates
    Screwing people their financial gain

  9. Tucker's final words are why I just cannot get too animated about any of this: no one of significance, regardless of their iniquity and violation of the law, ever gets punished in Washington, DC.

    Many seem to be waiting with bated breath for Mr. Durham's findings, but so what? Brennan and Comey won't be fined or in any legal trouble. You know Barack Obama had some part in this; he'll never be inconvenienced a day in his life.

  10. Though I don’t think these MSM clowns are nearly as clever as they’d like to think, they are not so stupid as to believe what they are earnestly proclaiming! We are to believe that Hillary was fine screwing Bernie over to get the nomination, but ran a general election campaign that was beyond reproach?

  11. Surprise, surprise Tuck? Trump working for Russia? No, Trump wants Russia to work for him and on the way has become a pawn, a Jumping Jack of Putin's. The Steele dossier absurd? Tuck, how can you call anybody a liar with a president who is one big lie?

  12. Thousands of news outlets around the world are wrong but Tucker Carlson is right – hmm what are the odds? The
    report actually refutes the main accusations Fox has been making; it found that the Russia probe wasn't motivated by political bias and there was no 'deep state' conspiracy. But in the doublethink, newspeak Orwellain world of Fox News, 2+2=5.

  13. He may be given over to a reprobate mind, to believe a lie and be damned. That can happen, because "God will in no wise clear the guilty!"

  14. I think the Dems have unknowingly shot themselves in the foot with their blind hatred and lust for power. They could have simply accepted Trump's election, let him govern for 4 to 8 years, and prepared a Dem candidate that could possibly win as our Republic process goes. Bite your tongue, suck it up and just wait things out for another opportunity to battle again another day.

    Instead, they have fought tooth and nail from the get-go to remove, obstruct and discredit Trump and his voters at every turn. It doesn't matter how surging is economy, job count rising, minority employment expanding, national security stabilizing, military growing, or foreign policy improving the Dems and mainstream media have taken every measure to discredit Trump and take credit for themselves. Their radical ideas have been pushed forward in a frantic frenzy that only one individual has driven. Trump took hold and brought out the worst in them.

    At every turn things backfired. For example, the 'Me too Movement' originally started as a Dem narrative to frame Trump unfortunately caused many of their own to come under fire. Another example, the two-year Russian collusion narrative that fizzled out with Mueller testifying as a fuddy duddy witness not remembering anything in his report.

    The entire Trump Presidency has been raised to historic proportions where only legends can flourish. One hundred years from now he will be remembered. And that's the main point… no matter how he will be remembered… he will be remembered! And the Dems can credit themselves in their fervent hatred for constructing the historical pedestal on which Trump will relish in his glory. He could have easily been forgotten as Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter and many others have with his policies disappearing in the pages of time, but with this much hate for one individual it will be impossible for historians, political analysts, authors, and scholars not to forever ponder on such a phenomenon. Only Nixon and Kennedy have similar places in the recent books of history.

    And as a political force, this contention may inspire other members of his family to cross over from business to politics. This is very sad… very sad.
    Oh, the regret. But the Dems are too blind to see their folly for the moment. Only the pages of history will tell.

  15. It's because they have been under the thumb of democrats for 16 sold years of CORUPT democrat rule. And this was obviously the norm….so the USA has had a total 16 years of the FBI AND CIA not being watched of regulated

  16. Great show! You simplify this seditious and civil rights nightmare very quickly!
    I’m thrilled you pointed out Brennan’s megalomaniacal hutzpa. There are so many bad actors in this, huh? IG reports are a HUGE WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS!! So much time wasted NOT getting any Grand Jury indictments under this IG system.

  17. The dems are trying to impeach the president on the grounds that the president is not above the law if that is the case then why has there been no sign of Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Obama, and all of that gang even more Biden and his son in any court are they suggesting that the ruling elite except the people's president are above common law and the rest of us are not. ?????

  18. Unfortunately lots of people just read headlines and nothing else. For the FBI to be “exonerated,” one has to believe that they are totally incompetent and stupid instead of biased. While they may be both of those things, it is inconceivable that they were not politically motivated and biased. How can there be “no exculpatory evidence” when people like Lisa Page who exchanged nearly 400 text messages with an FBI agent with whom she was having an affair. That’s not evidence? Was the investigation conducted by asking the FBI if they were biased and the FBI crossing their fingers and saying no?

  19. Every report I have seen from CNN , MSMBC etc has been fair, pointing out the faults of the FBI… but this guy is just spinning

  20. Perhaps most of you guys are unaware that J.Comey was a (mmm, how should I say this) purveyor of youthful people (that'll do). He has a weird love of Howdy Doody, the red haired puppet and prefers his youthful fellows to dress as Howdy doody.

  21. By allowing the Awan brothers to hack their servers, the Dems have destroyed both parties, our politicians are puppets of criminals .

  22. Course the media's gonna deny that the ABC agencies are innocent because they're the ones that tell them what they can and cannot do. Look it up project monarch all the news agencies are guilty of it including Fox

  23. DOJs IG report says that Russia investigation was warranted, trump is being impeached because he obstructed that investigation. Now ask yourself why would he obstruct such an investigation, if he was innocent. The Muller report lays out the evidence for obstruction. We have also been shown the extent that the Trump administration will go to in order to hide his misdeeds. Sending his personal lawyer to Ukraine to make off record demands to foreign countries. You don't have to be a Democrat or a stable genius to see the trail, you just have to be literate. I will never vote for someone this crooked again.

  24. Where oh Where has my little Comey Gone,  Oh Where, Oh Where can He Be?  His Butt sniffing Days with Brennan and Clapper are Gone, Oh Where, Oh Where can He Be?    It's My FISA, Its NOW or Never, We aren't going to Live Forever, We Just Want Justice, while we are Alive!!  This is a Song for the Broken Hearted.  A Silent Prayer for Faith Departed.

  25. Weve seen that 2017 clip of Gowdy questioning Brennan, UNDER OATH, many times…but it always strikes me, the look on the 2 guys faces behind trey.. obviously a successful prosecutor like trey KNOWS the answers to the questions he asks…and it's clear those guys behind him did too. I especially like the darker dudes expression..very subtle yet CLEARLY aware of the gravity of brennan's false response.

  26. 5:07 – It would have been a dereliction of duty to NOT investigated the Trump campaign, eh..? ? Well, Trump did NOT arrange a quid pro quo of any kind with President Zelensky of Ukraine (the transcripts are freely available), but even if he had, it would have been a dereliction of duty for him to NOT look into Joe Biden's corrupt dealings with Ukraine and China!

    The frightening lack of self-awareness of the modern left is absolutely staggering! ?

  27. Horowitz pulled the same sham as Comey. He gave facts and offered an opinion opposite of what the

    evidence of those facts are. These people souls have been brought on the congressional exchange market.

  28. Tucker you dumbass. Everything you said that they accused these guys of is exactly what Biden and his son did with Ukraine. You Shill.

  29. 1:32 "Mouth breathers" HAHAHA-HA-HAHAHAAAAAA!
    Visceral, sickening, literal, AND SO VERY ACCURATE!
    I wish I didn't know EXACTLY what you were talking about…

  30. Carter Page is CIA. Stop being fools. He was the window into the campaign and went to Russia in July 2016 to give into the collusion narrative & help the FBI the get a warrant on him. He wanted them to get that warrant. It gives all the electronic communications.

  31. What more evidence do intelligent People need to prove the MSM stations are intentionally lying to mislead the People for an unspoken agenda of unspoken masters?
    It is a fact that during his testimony to Congress, Inspector General, Micahel Horowitz, confirmed that the FBI lied to Congress about spying on the Trump Campaign, saying that, during the campaign, the FBI sent agents to the Trump Campaign ostensibly to brief them on threats of Russian interference but actually, the FBI sent one agent to spy on what then candidate Donald Trump and General Michael Flynn were saying. That IS spying . It does not matter how you spin it. It is a definitional truth.
    Let me repeat that.
    IG Horowitz testified under oath that his investigation found that the FBI admittedly spied on a presidential candidate of an opposing political party during the campaign . The last time that occurred it was at the behest of then President Nixon, and many people went to jail, and the perpetrators of the spying were punished of sorts. Of course in this instance, Obama cannot be impeached and removed from office because he is no longer a sitting President. But the agency and the agents who participated in this crime are steadily being removed from office and we trust indictments are forthcoming in the summer of 2020. Has ANYONE read or heard about this testimony from Horowitz's ANYWHERE in or on the news agencies of the MSM? No. What are we hearing instead? Tucker tells us. Or just read the title.
    The Mainstream Media is an enemy of the People. Make no mistake about it. And they are doubling down, tripling down, quadrupling down in the most obvious and transparent of ways. If you do not already realize the significance of that truth . . . the implications of this fact . . . then you need to sit down and think it through. Then prepare yourself for the future to which this harbinger points.

  32. It is bizarre when the media and Democrats are making excuses for the FBI violating people's rights and abusing their power… and a GOP AG being a vocal advocate for civil liberties and due process. But here we are.

  33. Russia may have been trying to hurt Hillary Clinton's Presidency and not Donald Trump's because they already knew the CIA and FBI were already at work on that. Who's done more to erode our faith in our institutions? Russia? Or the crooked FBI, partisan Democrats and the media spinning politically convenient lies?

  34. People need to realise those we elect to lead us think they were elected to control us.
    One day we will rise and remove them.

  35. Collusion with Russia was a FACT before the 2016 election.
    There is plenty of evidence the Clinton campaign colluded with a British agent and the Russians. Our media will never tell you this. No matter how much evidence there is.

  36. CIA was accusing their own asset of being a Russian agent so they could run this coup with cover from their talking heads on cable networks. That's despicable!

  37. Hillary Clinton was Working For Russia ! Hillary Clinton And Obama Sold Russia 20 Percent Of America’s Uranium To Russia ! So why would Russia Want President Trump to become President ? The Answer is President Trump is Russia worst Enemy ! And That’s A Fact !

  38. Where is Roberts? Fisa is his responsibility. The real hero is admiral who exposed surveillance. Obama administration tried to fire him for it. The unmasking and allowing outside players to use NSA database is criminal.

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