Tucker: Media praises ‘the Adam Schiff show’

Tucker: Media praises ‘the Adam Schiff show’

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  1. Exactly, when did American citizens vote to give Ukraine and or any other country our hard earned tax dollars. When we have homeless people in America. We need to stand up for what we want Trump to do.

  2. Any media that is praising the SCHIFF SHOW is fake news! Believe me, I know. Everyone knows. You're not dumb. I'm not dumb. We all know. It's great to know, let me tell ya.

  3. One by one, the rats in and around the “WH administration”’ will turn on each other. Trump is a criminal to the core, and he jeopardizes the country’s national security by running his own little private errands w/ tax payer money.

  4. Yes Tucker, Yes I have seen a more dishonest puff piece… almost every time I watch your show. Seriously, I hope Trump pays you for consistently defending every single thing he does. You and FOX are a joke, are you Trump worshipers or Americans?!?

  5. I love how he doesn’t address that everyone has said there was a reoccurring quid pro quo.. trump pressures Ukraine, was then found out so he THEN released the aid and THEN call Sondland to say no quid pro quo.. and then guys like “conspiracy theory” Carlson just floats bs to the loyal viewers

  6. The presidential election is President Trump's to lose. The only chance for a demonic pres. is election and voter fraud.

  7. The democrats and the liberal media are so pathetic! If I was a Democrat, I would just become corrupt and get a good job. This country needs to string these people up!

  8. Obvious the Schiff agenda is take down our leader because we the voters didn't do what he wanted. He wants to erase our free election for his party's benefit. Sick of this traitor of our constitution. Impeach the traitor Schiff I say.

  9. The American public WILL have the last word and probably the last laugh when they go to the polls about a year from now. Wonder if Adam and his cronies have thought about that little scenario? Getting kicked out by their true employers? Handed their walking papers. Given their pink slips. Shown the door. Escorted to the outside. Booted. Canned. Fired. On the streets. Outdoors. Forced to retire, etc.

  10. For any Republican who isn't brainwashed and is capable of independent thinking, watch Chris Hayes' video about "3 ways Trump is putting Americans last". Then, if you're still skeptical, research fact-based evidence from credible sources about anything he says in that video (don't take his word for it).
    For anyone else, don't bother. Facts, evidence, ethics or right and wrong won't change your mind.

  11. The Australian media is no better that yours Tucker, ours seem to get their talking points straight from CNN et al., published without critical examination of any kind. Even domestic stories all support an agenda, usually a left wing one. We are sick of it too.

  12. Liddle Adam – "It's my hearing and I get to make the rules… I am better than you!" – someone didn't follow his lead… bangs his gavel and leaves with it.

  13. Your media is funny, they all learn the same word the same day and keep repeating it like broken records. At least they are in sync… but that itself should make alarm bells ring in everyone's head.

  14. Mr tucker please stop helping treasonous TRUMP and the RUSSIANS in there efforts to divide and crush this nation , everything leads back to PUTIN trying to rebuild the USSR AND SMASH THE USA

  15. Nancy is probably pissed! Lol She is yelling, “I told ALL of you that we shouldn’t do this! Look, no one even cared about our Democratic debate, we put all the attention on Trump of us failing to Impeach him! I TOLD YOU!” ? ? ?

  16. I am convinced he is a terrible actor and he is on Drugs most likely meth or coke , explains the bug eyes crazy look and general nut case.

  17. absolute garbage. Schiff is a disgrace. But even more is the disgusting media, deciding not to do their job, but instead try to take out an elected president. Paid off by Soros and elites, and attacking those they don't like. That is not what our republic was founded on. They know this is propaganda, yet they go on. Worse, they project the exact proof on Dems to Trump (with no proof). Spin and twist and the whole time, not doing 1 day of the jobs they were elected to do. What did they run on – take power back and investigate to TRY TO FIND evidence? I hope Americans are smarter and independent thinkers to take out all the corruption in our govt. Take away CNNs access and get the press removed and replaced with real, unbiased media that can show full stories. And get Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler out of govt. Where is their money coming from – investigate them the exact same way they investigated Trump. Time for Hunter Biden and his dad to face the truth, either way. DO YOUR JOB, MEDIA!

  18. This is why I watch your show! Thank you for calling it what it is-Propaganda..or as I refer to it- Pervasive Programing of Public Perception by Purposefully using Propaganda Platforms (Partisan Lies). This is so disruptive for the American people why isn't this a crime? It should be .

  19. Schiff correctly points out how wrong it was for Republicans to ignore our intelligence services and Tucker thinks he should have been cracking jokes about it.
    No, Tucker. Espionage attacks on the U.S. by Russia are serious business you twit

  20. I don't often agree with the main stream media but this time they got it right. Kudos. Adam Schiff is a fun loving GOOF! Who says politicians are out of touch with the people?

  21. I'm in Canada why would my small city newpaper and local nightly news use the word "bombshell" when they reporting the news????? Disturbing.

  22. the left has proven they don't know anything about guns and now have proven they don't know much about bombs either. lmfao


  24. Great job Tucker you just made a great point since the Democrats have wasted so much of trumps time but now when he gets reelected the first thing he should do is make it to the president can run for three terms or maybe FOUR TERMS ,TRUMP 2020, 2024,2028

  25. Trump blocked Mulvany,Pompeo etc tot testify,So the democrats done very good job with the witnesses that talked quite good abouth the bribery.

  26. Democrats are breeding like rats. Its the dumbing down of our culture. Been happening for years. This is the result. Dumbo craps.

  27. When 2016 rolled around we all said "facts dont care about your feelings". CNN is still running off of feelings 3 years later

  28. Only natural for criminals to hate the law that’s after them. If a president has gone rouge and may need to be impeached, it’s someone’s job.
    You all hate democrats, but this is their job. Would you be happier if the peace corps or the Boy Scouts ran the inquiry? You can keep using words like unfair, or sham, but you can never, and have not used the words “illegal” or “ unconstitutional “ because it’s totally valid and by the book. Do the crime do the time. Our forefathers would not have made exceptions, they would have hanged George Washington if he turned traitor.

  29. So funny the comments….the trump cult has perfected the art of projection, putting all of trumps perverted activities onto Adam Shiff
    “ looks like the brother of a pervert” they don’t even notice how they stretch it beyond breaking….example of how if you embrace lies , You can’t help but become a liar.

  30. Hey fox fans. If fox news wants to have never trumpers on the show, then we can boycott fox. We all know who to vote for in 2020.

  31. Commenters bantering back and forth in agreement that the democrats are ……what? Mean? Poopy heads?
    The commenters here are 20 somethings. I can tell because they talk like the young teens of my generation.

  32. The Tucker only has loyalty to his pocket book. He doesn't care about the ordinary people of the United States. Just like Trump does not care about the people of the United States of America. Instead listening to fox media, people should be listening to who wins when Russia brain washes Americans on Russian propaganda.

  33. America does not need to see the tax returns of a billionaire who became a public servant

    America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who becomes millionaires while being public servants

  34. When the Schiff hits the fan, the Democrats will end-up covered with it and it will stink far more than usual! His lies and under-handed handling of multiple attempts to unseat a good and legally elected President is nothing short of treason. Hopefully he will end-up in the cesspool where he belongs.

  35. Ow that the Republican senators have been exposed as being willing to flat out lie to the American people, even after being caught in those lies, I would have to conclude that it is the defense that is a sham. I’m not seeing any liars on the other side. Your commenters have resorted to attacking the way people look. Which, I will give them, is more thoughtful than usual

  36. Tucker and his gang of liars ought to be found guilty of treason for the constant assault of lies on the idiot trump supporting americans ….what a bunch of FOOLS that believe Fox and trump nonsense……y'all are killing your own country……..but the entertainment value this trump debacle is giving us the rest of the world is PRICELESS

  37. I hope trump and Biden cancel each other out . We need a real populist. Bernie. Many voted for trump when he pretended to be a populist….I think there’s still a few coal miners that think trump cares about jobs , but most know the truth, and his followers that stay , do so for only one thing and you all know what it is…..just answer the question privately that you refuse to let me in on: Why do you support trump? If there is anything left besides hate please , do tell

  38. Better then that??? Adam Schiff just become the new Eric Honecker former DDR Because this are noting more then STACI Methods
    From DDR An when USA Become DDR?? At or Under OBAMAS Watch??? 30 years ago the Iron curtain went down and Now-one pay attentions??
    Was it just Scorpions Wind of Changes 1989 Pink Floyd Double Album The Wall 1979 Did mankind learn something from the past or just being
    Ignorant??? Like this fars with, on our Elected President Trump???

  39. Republicans are so over. Sondland is a hero. You guy's have made the fatal mistake of thinking everyone is as as gullible as you. 2020. Tick tock……?

  40. Everyone, Open your eyes, read the youtube comment sections of cnn and msnbc and truly witness the evil side of what we are facing. Those people really want America to fail and crash into a prolonged Depression, just  so they can gloat and say, "Told you so"

  41. what's crazy is to watch Tucker describe what we are going to see and then it turns out to be the opposite. Thats what losers do. What are Fox people going to do after the GOP is totally destroyed?

  42. Wheres Rudy?
    Where's Rodger Stone?
    Where's popadopolous?
    Where's Gates?
    Where's Flynn?
    Where's Manafort?
    Where's Cohen?
    Where's Waldo?

  43. If impeachment fails it’s not the fault of the democrats, it’s a failure of the American people to “keep the republic”
    If the republicans continue to lie at the inquiry ( there’s no debate, proven lies), then how can they call it a sham? Even if it were a sham, honesty would be the defense. So, ask yourself how this would go if the Republicans told the truth. How would it go if they stayed true to their oath of office and protected the constitution?
    All this talk about money in politics….try this instead: make it unlawful, with swift consequences, for anyone in government, or candidate, to lie to the American people about demonstrable facts….since y’all are allergic to facts, we will have to go with what we currently accept as fact collectively….for example trump said “Obama is the founder of Isis. “ That should not be allowed because it blends opinion with a lie ; “ founder” is a real thing, provable but not disprovable- little green men could also be founder….
    Trump could say Obama’s actions helped facilitate the founding of Isis – there- pure opinion, you can argue till the cows come home.

  44. Let's see, cnn, msnbc, NY times, Washington Post. All staffed with professional fact based research and reporting. Fox "news", reporting from rumors, made up allegations name calling and juvenile whataboutisms. Nothing to back anything up. Polls don't lie. Trump is in the toilet. What's that smell??… Oh I recognize it! It's fear and panic all over the right wing world. Even if McConnell tries to sabotage the Senate vote, Trump is gone in 2020. Senate too. And I would bet quite a few Trump lemmings in the house. Enjoy Hell. Bye.

  45. Is there any truth to the Schiff connection to Black Rock Holdings and Garret Templeton Investments ? Apparently these companies were laundering money for Burisma ,while Schiff is a shareholder of, as well as receiving donations from, these companies. If there is, you guys should be all over this !

  46. Speaking of, What about that article discussing his many attempts at filmmaking? Is this part of the new script Adam?

  47. No one farts better than Donald J Trump our Dear Leader, if Donald J Trump had farted during an interview it would have sounded like the best trumpet solo ever played!! Build the wall!!! Who's gonna pay for it? MEXICO!!! The tax cuts will pay for themselves!!! 6% GDP Growth!!

  48. No they haven’t heard a bombshell yet! Wait until President Trump has his turn and he along with Rudy Giuliani and several other people drop the mother of all bombs on them!

  49. Fake news main stream media narrative resonating the exact same lines accoss all networks sounds more like forced propaganda feeding to the public. Fake news main stream media, we are better than this bias garbage you keep spinning.

  50. Thank you Schiff. After endless years of calling people shitheads, we realize we were pronouncing it wrong. Fricken shiffhead!

  51. Schiff for brains was about to cry because he was starting to realize he's nothing more than a nutjob loser who couldn't even convince a skeleton it's dead!!!

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