Tucker: Left using language of total war – and it’s scary

Tucker: Left using language of total war – and it’s scary

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  1. Just give liberals their own states and conservative's will keep the others states this will help to prevent a civil war we don't need the liberals

  2. It is Time for the President to start the arrests, declare national emergency and Let Americans, “real Americans” ..take care of this

  3. The day is fast approaching….the left will push the wrong button and the right will rise up and rid this country of its socialist ilk.

  4. Carlson: "The Left only believes THEIR views are protected. Your views are hate speech."

    Also Carlson: "We need to stop the Left from saying what they're saying. It's hate speech."

  5. Are you aware the the right has been talking about a civil war since President Obama was in office? Alex Jones literally set a date a couple months ago.

  6. Many Democrats are so caught up in their own bong fogged world that the war will be over before they realize why their electric is shut off.

  7. Maxine stagnet waters, has nothing to offer anybody, she is a waste of money, time, she just sits around getting her money for nothing. On top of this, she encourages violent, dysfunctional, immature, backwards, unruly, and counter-productive. There needs to be a 2 or 1 term limits for all politicians, senators, and reps. Her poor constituents brains must be battered to not how a criminally insane old crook, has done nothing for her district and its people, except tell lies, make false promises, and run it all to the ground. Hopefully she will leave soon, but sadly she will leave a mess of human wreckage, under her watch, she let go rotten or by the way side will stealing TAX ayers hard earned dollars…rotten old coot !

  8. California has been brainwashed by Liberal concentrate kool-aid. They must be isolated or they will spread their contagion.

  9. She is a Looney-Tunes communist agitator with the mentality of a 4 year old. Mad Max is too COWARDLY to personally face people and commit these aggressive acts herself. Conservative Patriots must start striking back at them, it is our only defense for the communist B.S….stop enabling this crap.

  10. I support the message here 100%… this is out of hand… the road to civil war and the left will not fare well… but to be fair… I'd put sessions face on a wanted poster. But that's the war on drugs… not the civil war that's brewing. Sessions needs to be removed. This is essential if you want re election donny… hope you catch this… may the allfather guide this administration. But may they see reason and toss out the enemy of freedom hidden in their ranks. This is necessary… to win the young vote. Too many of us have lost friends to the adverse effects of the war on drugs. If you want all the gods on your side. Set free the plants. All of them. Kratom. Cannabis. Psilocybin. We will make this religious if you dont let up.

  11. There is a reason why Archie called Rob Reiner a meathead! He's just an overaged hippie
    love child sorrowful that Height and Ashberry in San Francisco is only a shadow of what it once was.
    As much as I try I can't even imagine what his eyes see as he gazes upon the world. If we both were looking at a car HE would see a pink elephant. Too many drugs from the 60s and 70s.

  12. I do hope the democrats and more so the left, especially the crowd around Maxine Waters, will note escalate unto pure violence.

  13. Tucker, you called it right. On Sat Oct 27, a rabid anti-Trump zealot went in to a synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed 8 people,wounding another 6, 4 of whom were cops. So far the wannabe Marxists have been operating in a consequence free environment. That will need to change if they're to be stopped.

  14. Call me crazy, but somehow the actual terrorism from the right (which, like the left, is not a unified group, obviously) is way more concerning than the left's language.

  15. Gee! I had it wrong!. I thought it was Trump who was making enemies of everyone but his fans, Trump who called for a build-up of thermonuclear weapons. Just shows how stupid I've been in evaluating the state and direction of things.

    I should never be in the position of presenting my opinions to the public. How I distort things!

  16. The world population has exploded. Not our problem. Unskilled non English speaking baby making machines are not an asset to OUR country.

  17. The world is watching, our enemies are gloating, the left is complicit. Our country will fall, balkanized, divided into different nations, the left is complicit. They the left will eventually get what they want, but when the enemy is here they will be the targets of the new authoritarianism. The left will regret it!

  18. sounds like psychological warfare and harrasment…shameful maxine goes against civil rights when you harrass people and commit crimes.

  19. It is not possible to negotiate with
    the unreasonable.
    You've no choice.
    Unless you go to your knees, these mentally ill will need to be

  20. Open the FEMA camps for the left tards and imprison these fools to make a headcount so to protect the red white and blue

  21. Not condoning it, but what do you expect when they tried being peaceful and saw how useless it is. People are starting to see past the wool on their eyes. Will cause violence from the right left and middle. Those titles only serve to divide us. Cause are real enemy is the one telling the left to blame the right. And telling the right to blame the left

  22. We are indeed witnessing an end of this country. We have wasted two years of an appointed 250 year lifetime that is appointed by God Almighty. We have only 8 years left and I have a feeling we will waste them as well on useless things. It is time to come Home to the Lord Jesus and get our Hearts Right. We need to have Clean Hearts that are made Pure by the Precious Cleansing of the Blood of Jesus. Hold your families and your friendships close to your Hearts because the Violence of People will Continue to Increase. Especially when people disagree.

  23. This is the perfect time to go in and remove Saudi Arabia's regime, then
    the Military-Industrial Complex can be cheaply sustained for 2 more

  24. Ironic that later after this video was posted those mobs showed up at Tucker's house and terrorized his wife and children.

  25. You go Tucker Carlson. Tell the American People the TREASONOUS ACTS of their elected officials. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! People check out the National Liberty Alliance.

  26. the alt-left need to slow their row because the masculine males have all the guns. so if the left is feeling froggy, well JUMP!!! Remember its masculinity that stopped us from speaking german. So we will stop this too, know that. ✌

  27. You know it takes a strong minded and smart Man to run this country and do it well but, to do it under all the microscopes our President has just goes to so you what a great man he really is! Thank you Mr. President we do have your back Sir. TRUMP 2020

  28. Maxine is a piece of dementia crap! These people have gone off the deep end on the direct instruction of this George Jefferson in the government! Now it's her turn! She needs to get the SAMETreatment! She's a criminal acting out criminally!

  29. As A political Activist ??❤️?? Living Hell ? Cleveland Ghetto USA Liberal Land of Lawlessness ‼️ Pro Democracy And Capitalism Go Red Team ????‼️

  30. Publicize businesses that allow harrassment of conservatives and boycot them. Money loss is all they understand, so if their allowance of this continues, their revenues will plunge and this will stop-only way tob get this stopped. we must act now to stop this wrong illegal political bullying. Harriet Seibert

  31. Waters should be in prison. Inciting violence is against the law and is not protected by 1A. When will she be prosecuted?

  32. A second American civil war, while it would be tragic, it would be a weekend event. Those screaming the loudest now will be running the fastest when lead starts flying.

  33. Tell it to our fathers made the rules of the land.the Democratics are tearing up every thing our FORE fathers died for I'm not proud the way they are acting

  34. These type of action by the Democratics will be there down fall at the poles they are all nuts they need to get there heads checked

  35. I agree with you Tucker. We have
    to grow a backbone and we need to tell them no, no, no and need to arrest all people who call for killing of the President and or his supporters. It must stop or we will
    have a civil war on our hands.

  36. Rightwingers and conservatives have always eaten their dinner at home. It just that most people do not realize this. And in this modern-day most restaurants. Employ foreigners and leftwingers who can not work elsewhere. Thus… restaurants and night clubs are a hotbed of activity and tensions. Basically a hornet's nest. And also consider that with restaurants staffing lefties. It is also a gathering place for lefties. CMN

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