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tonight as Washington fusses over the
Russia hoax for a third year in a row a lot of other things are happening that
don’t get the attention they deserve for example the big tech companies have
launched their fiercest attack yet on your right as an American to follow your
conscience and to say what you believe unlike earlier generations of
authoritarians the tech muggles don’t say any of this out loud they’re not
honorable enough to state their intentions clearly instead they drape
censorship in the soothing banality of HR department cliches listen here to
Mark Zuckerberg explained that the death of free speech in America is actually a
really positive thing that we all need to get behind we’re taking a more
proactive role and making sure that all of our partners and developers use our
services for good we’re very focused on making sure there are recommendations
and discovery surfaces aren’t highlighting groups where people are
repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful content and we’re working hard
to completely remove groups if they exist primarily due to violate our
policies or or do things that are dangerous who knew fascism could be so
trippy groups that do things that are dangerous what exactly does that mean
dangerous like hurting other people or dangerous as in saying things that Mark
Zuckerberg doesn’t like or considers bad for business well yesterday we found out
Facebook released its latest enemies list Alex Jones Milo Ian Oppel is Paul
Joseph Watson Louis Farrakhan Laura boomer all of them were designated
dangerous individuals and banned from Facebook and from its subsidiary
Instagram Alex Jones’s company in fours was banned as well and described as a
dangerous organization didn’t explain exactly how how dangerous is Infowars
well Facebook believes it’s so dangerous that you can be banned from using the
platform Facebook just for sharing its content unless you simultaneously
denounce it let that penetrate for just one moment think about it just for a
second Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions
he’s prescribing which political opinions you’re allowed to have which
conversations all of us in this country can have about America keep in mind that
nobody voted for Mark Zuckerberg he’s 34 years old
he’s completely cut off from reality he’s worth seventy two billion dollars
and yet he can single-handedly make our First Amendment irrelevant after two
hundred and fifty years here’s the most amazing thing of all our media think
that’s great now journalists are supposed to defend
free speech you would think that was their job since they make a living from
it but when corporate America issues an order when Mark Zuckerberg says jump
their question is how high mr. Zuckerberg listen to them celebrate Mark
Zuckerberg and sell you out completely why are they doing this now well it’s a
good question as to why they waited this long but so Alex Jones has been banned
from Facebook for a long period of time but now they banned him they banned his
like little underling Paul Joseph Watson out they keep them off the platform
that’s great for now but it doesn’t roll back the clock you
have also excesses in the First Amendment and the Second Amendment right
now you know I don’t think that the fourth of the forefathers said well you
can say yeah you know all sorts of hateful things and spread it around the
world literally spread it through the internet I have no issue with it at all
I want they shut down I want them silence I want them muted I think they
are horrible for our society I want them shut down
I want them silenced I want them muted but don’t worry
these people aren’t terrifying or anything don’t kid yourself it’s not
just Alex Jones they want silence muted shut down
recently the Poynter Institute which is a nonprofit that’s supposed to support
journalism put out a list of what they called unreliable news outlets can you
imagine unreliable self awareness and short supply in the journalism business
but pointer crafted this list with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center
she can imagine who made the list the Washington free beacon the Daily Caller
the daily signal the Washington Examiner basically everyone who’s not CNN or
MSNBC or precisely aligned with their politics pointer called for advertisers
to blacklist and therefore bankrupt these news outlets crush them their
fellow progressives applauded as far as they’re concerned this is total war well
we’re watching out in real time is this country become unfree
the question is who exactly is defending us in all of this us who might dissent
from Mark Zuckerberg view or think that NBC News maybe doesn’t tell the whole
truth all the time or don’t trust Mark Zuckerberg to control what we think what
about us who’s standing up for us where are leaders in Congress where’s the
White House nowhere as long as big tech is in hassling them
personally indirectly as long as their accounts remain open they don’t seem to
care they’re fools well any of these people get reelected in a country where
left-wing tech companies control the terms of political debate can you really
win a presidential election if Google opposes you no you can’t not a chance
not right now without free speech there is no democracy so I don’t think
anyone’s kind of pretending anymore that this is just about Alex Jones or Paul
Joseph Watson or people you’ve only sort of heard of or you know Laura Loomer or
whatever this is about anybody who dissents from the corporate view of what
should be talked about they’re crushed so why is no-one defending the majority
of Americans against this threat to our speech that’s an extremely good question
you know there actually is one person one very prominent person out there who
is calling for mass civil disobedience and brace yourself
it’s Snoop Dogg who judge ordered all of his followers to start sharing Louis
Farrakhan videos and footage on Facebook and Instagram
good for him I agree meanwhile you have a Republican class you have a sort of
fence sitting milquetoast conservatives who are so terrified of having their own
precious accounts taken away that they will not send up for these people they
refuse to stand up for these people they’re frightened and I’m sorry to say
that these sensors are coming for them next it is you know yeah and it is in
arguable that especially Paul Joseph Watson and Mark Miley innopolis is
Facebook and Instagram accounts were not in violation of any Terms of Service
this they’ve been extremely tame on social media I followed both the
accounts and it’s it’s a the the designation that Facebook gave them
underneath their community guidelines as being quote dangerous that wasn’t just
an adjective that they pulled out of No it’s actually a designation they give
specifically to serial killers mass murderers terrorist organizations and
human traffickers now Paul Jake Justin Watson is it an interesting situation
because he’s a British citizen in the United Kingdom the United Kingdom has
much stricter libel laws so he could have a very strong lawsuit against
Facebook in this country the libel laws are not very strong namely because our
our First Amendment is supposed to be or supposed to be so strong so you might
not have much of a lawsuit front there but you’re right that there’s really no
one standing up one of the most interesting things is that Facebook
released a press sent a press release out before they had even banned these
accounts they set a press release out to journalists and whoops realized that the
accounts were still active asthma sent the press release so why if we actually
still had journalists real journalists in this country and we don’t need more
because they’ve all been kicked off Facebook they would be asking what’s
going on who are these people collude exactly who are they communicating with
why do they have to make this into a media stunt whereas if they were merely
banning people for violations of Terms of Service they would have just done it
and not made it into a production exactly and why are the media cheering
on this totalitarian impulse to crush people you disagree with it’s terrifying
Javik more you are a voice for free speech thank you thank you
well last August radio host Jesse Kelly came on the show and predicted that he
eventually would be censured by the tech companies you said look I don’t agree
with Alex Jones his views but that’s not the point
the point as you articulated was if you can silence this guy because you don’t
like what he says why can’t they silence you or me that’s though that is the
point Tucker and they’re coming for you and literally in November just for
coming on so that they are coming it’s not just Alex Jones let’s you know let’s
let’s not lie to ourselves but I wonder if the Republican officeholders who are
standing by and allowing this stuff to go completely unchallenged understand
that they’re not going to get reelected if you don’t have freedom of speech in
this country it will be impossible for them to win the next election do they
get that they don’t get that and they’re complicit in it their silence
makes them complicit in it Tucker because the social media companies are
banking on weeks find Republican politicians standing by and doing
nothing as they pick off all what they think are the weak members of the herd
and that’s all this is just clipping out the outside members of the herd while
they surround it and get ready to eat us all that is exactly I mean what will it
take will it take I mean what’s 2020 going to look like if people are not
allowed to express views that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t agree with us
seriously it’s gonna take politicians losing their job and frankly it should
take media people losing their job what we need is a media outcry and as you
pointed out the beginning of the show they’re sitting there clapping like a
bunch of seals every time this happens but conservatives have to wake up and
realize you cannot only rely on social media now they hate you they want you
removed if you rely only on social media as a conservative for your career you’re
going to be wiped out soon your career won’t be worth as much as the price of a
WNBA ticket it’s gotten to the point where I am cheering on snoopeh dog
whoever that is who’s defending Louis Farrakhan who I have never even
considered defending Louis Farrakhan I’m not defending him now I’m defending the
First Amendment to the Bill of Rights so like why is it only Snoop Dog who’s
doing this I am defending him Tucker yes yeah it was Louis Farrakhan’s a
worthless scumbag I’m not denying that but he’s somebody who should be allowed
to speak and who shouldn’t be afraid of hearing him speak why would we be afraid
for somebody we don’t like to speak he can compare his ideas with my ideas and
let the best man win and it’s not as if he’s inciting some
massive movement now he’s not politically relevant Louis Farrakhan’s
political views are worth as much as his favorite kosher foods cookbook you just
asked the deep the deep question that underlies all of this which is why are
they afraid why are they afraid to hear views that they disagree with what do
you think the answer is well but because that’s what totalitarians do tucker and
let’s not let’s not act like the left in today’s America is Pol Pot or something
like that but the history of the left the history
of every form of the left involves censorship in an America that
means shutting down people so their voices can’t be heard and in the most
extreme cases in history it means kicking down your door in the middle of
the night and hauling you off to a political prison so you can’t speak
anymore they they need us to not speak but we don’t have a great solution
either Tucker the government can’t step in you saw Dianne Feinstein a couple
days ago do you want that person in charge of Facebook I’m pretty sure she
died three times now adhering well but I would like Facebook to be stripped of it
the protections that the US Congress granted it immunity from lawsuits on the
promise that it was a platform not a news organization here they are editing
content I don’t know why they have that I don’t have that exemption if I libel
you on this show you can sue me you can sue Fox News you can’t sue Facebook
because they have a special exemption why do they have that they have that
because they have a bunch of money to lobby Congress and that is been one
thing well it’s the truth and it’s the one thing they absolutely should change
it’s what they’re scared of they are they are publishers they’re not
platforms anymore they’re trying to remove voices and call everybody a Nazi
well that shouldn’t be allowed and somebody with some gut should step up in
Congress amen I’m someone well Jesse thank you very
much good to talk to you good brother Ryan Amerige worked at Facebook he was
an engineer there he left the company in October last October and he came on this
show to explain why I’m leaving because of this content policy direction which
you know trying to draw lines around what’s acceptable and what’s offensive
or too offensive I know I think it’s dangerous and it’s impractical in Juris
let the last time we spoke about Facebook’s behavior Facebook yesterday
described the people it was censoring and any of their supporters it would be
censoring as quote dangerous who’s more dangerous would you say people with
heterodox opinions or an out of control tech company that shuts down speech I
mean I definitely say the outer control tech company is more dangerous I think
there’s a limit to what you want to do about that and you’ve got to be really
principled about the way you think about reacting to that right yeah I think
Facebook is a lot more dangerous so I guess I’m just fascinated by the
unwillingness of anyone to say that out loud I mean you’re one
of the relatively few people we’ve had on the show to explain it as clearly as
you do why is that why are we so slow to recognize this threat to speech I mean I
think part of it is this is just a really complicated situation I mean part
of what people don’t realize is that you know this is an unprecedented situation
like people at Facebook they don’t really know what they’re doing like they
know no one’s ever run a platform that’s got two and a half billion people on it
Congress doesn’t know how to deal with this people don’t know how to respond to
it like this is it’s just completely unprecedented and so you know for me
that’s why it gets back to you like we’ve got to be really principled when
when our intuition fails us we’ve got to be really principled than thinking about
what is our role as users in the veracity of our own knowledge what is
the role of government in protecting our rights and and I think Facebook ought to
be doing a lot more to think about what its role is in the distribution and the
creation of a market of ideas and I mean that’s why I resigned because I think
that they’re doing a poor job of that and they’re heading absolutely in the
wrong direction they don’t seem to perceive threats like real threats to
for like for example they seem to find Alex Jones a greater threat than the
fascist government of China how could one seem no I’m serious how how could
they reach that conclusion I mean I I don’t think I have any answer any answer
to that question you know I think it on one side the demographics of the company
lend itself to just having an incredibly left-leaning perspective not because
there’s some sort of explicit bias and they’re trying for that to be the case
but just the demographics of the company mean that they don’t even have non
left-leaning perspective in the room when they’re making these decisions I
mean I think that was a big part of it which is why I wrote the note that I did
that people who don’t share those perspectives need to be encouraged to
speak out about them when they disagree with where the company is going right I
mean you wrote a powerful plea for diversity and were ignored with
that to the list of deep ironies of 2019 Brighton thank you for coming on I hope
you’ll come back absolutely thanks for having me Tucker Thanks
well a lot of things that are obvious are the ones that are denied in fact
more vehemently denied they are the more obvious they tend to be add to that list
the fact that the federal government the Obama administration did in fact spy on
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign the truth is coming out in stages some

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