Tucker: Beto O’Rourke thinks America is immoral

Tucker: Beto O’Rourke thinks America is immoral

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  1. not only does he want to decriminalize thousands or millions of criminals, he wants to criminalize millions of citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights. And not only that, he wants to order thousands of police officers into what will turn into a civil war over taking guns that were purchased legally. the AKs and ARs that were sold are not the weapons of war that he claims they are, they are stylized semi-automatic rifles. there is little difference between them and other semi-automatic rifles. If he is allowed to get away with confiscating AKs and ARs, then he will take the next step and take away all semi-automatic rifles and handguns because hey, we all allowed him to take away these ones because they were dangerous so they must all be dangerous because they are all so similar. And don't forget he tried to circumvent the system by calling on multi national, unaccountable credit card companies to not process any transaction that involved purchasing a firearm.

  2. Remove the guns from Americans yet vote for war against other countries. Who are these people cheering for him, vaccinated sleepers.

  3. Beto you can jump off the mountain but just because you think all Americans are bad, unworthy doesnt mean I'm jumping off with. Anything I've I done sinful, I ask my father God for forgivness. I have faith when I do die it will be my time and will once again be with my brothers and sisters, along with Jesus and father God, creater of all

  4. Why do athiest leftists try to sound like evangelists? From the message; "You've dinner, repent!" Right down to his cadence of speech and mannerisms. Find your own identity. Jeez

  5. And I'll say this anyone who thinks white people have more privilege then minoritys is racist. When people say that thay r saying white people r better/superior. The definition of a white supremacist.

  6. Also people who say that think only white people can be American and think all minoritys r the same as ligal alians

  7. The second amendment was meant to promote the keeping of "WEAPONS OF WAR" as a deterrent against what the liberals are doing right now! We need guns to fight a run away government such as the democrats are trying to institute at this time! We don't need hunting rifles! We need weapons of war, as deadly as the traitors have! "Shall not be infringed" has no expiration date, nor does it give the city, count nor state, in which you reside the authority to absolve that right! It was meant to give citizens lethal force and comparable weapons with which to defend themselves against the government should it become necessary, and it looks more like we will need them sooner than later!

  8. Have you ever seen anybody talk with their hands moving so much….but never seems to say anything. Who ever convinced this guy should get into politics should be SLAPPED.

  9. What a surprise another myriad of lies and racist rhetoric with unconstitutional firearm registry propaganda while urging an emotional response to hopefully insight a violent response. It's legalization of thousands of unwanted illegal mexicans that will be the final straw for a full on hot conflict in our nation. It's time to unite and stop typing comments and ban together to form a tremendous movement. It's the only thing that can remove the idiotic tyranny infecting every political office in our country. A group once existed called The Sons of Liberty, they were the steadfast source of inspiration and righteous defense against oppressive malignancy during the stamp act

  10. Why is no one revolting yet …. Does no one care any more what these people do ??? he got applause and hooping when he said he will take guns , i just don't get it !

  11. to Beto says this is an Awful place, but people drowned trying to sneak over our Borders , Beto is a Pathological Liar !

  12. we got one of them Congressman down and dead today thank God thank you Jesus. they say it always goes in threes I sure know who the other two I wish would be next

  13. Slaves built the country? What were all those 200 million Europeans doing during that time?
    Beto is so virtuous and near perfect, despite his criminal record…Coming for our guns with whose army?? joke ..10 million illegal foreigners are not foreign interference in our elections??

  14. Yep, you Democrats really hate the fact that Republicans ended your ownership of black Americans. Sounds like he wants to do away with our constitution and rule our country his own way , like a Dictator.

  15. The United States did not exist in 1619. The people who lived in Jamestown were Citizens of England.there were no citizens of the United States until 1776. One hundred and fifty years later.

    All rifles in the United States killed 300 people last year. Beto wants us all to be sheep. Helpless prey animals so that the mass killers will be safe when they use their “ illegal weapons to commit mass miser unmolested until the police arrive.

    The police has no obligation to protect individuals. Their obligation is to protect the residents as a whole of there jurisdictions.

  16. President Trump will not Be Running Against Beto O’Rourke the Silly Dork ! And he is crazy if he thinks Mexicans Are Afraid Of Being Shot with An AR-15 ! The Mexicans I Know if They thought they were going to be shot would get a gun and say let’s play Pendayho ! Mexican Men Are Not Like you Beto O’Rourke You Silly Dork ! Mexican Men Are Macho ! Beto O’Rourke Is A Punk And a Dork !

  17. I’m not American. This is a living, breathing shitstain. The fact that ANY Americans admire this fool is a major concern.


  19. So, this moron believes that the United States of America was founded on August 20th, 1619? I didn't know that the US was founded because the first African slave was brought here. Oh, but don't mind the colonies that were already here before that, or the fact that the US was actually founded on July 4th, 1776. Y'know, Independence Day?

    Funny how he lectures America on morals when he himself has none, nor does his party.
    Don't even get me started on everything else that he got wrong.

  20. It not possible to imagine this kind of "man-child" in any managerial position, much less the President!!! Just the fact that BUTO is this close is scary!!!

  21. The great actor Morgan Freeman once said it best, "The way you stop racism is, quit talking about it." Francis O'Rourke hammers it into us that we are all racist and evil. That we cannot live our lives without subjugating others. He loops the narrative of hate and divisiveness over and over until some actually join him in this belief on his endless treadmill of hate. Most of us are better than that. We learn from our terrible mistakes and he gives us no credit for that.

  22. Beto is a No Bet – loser loser loser – major loser & BETO how much $$$ is going to come up missing from your supporters

  23. Coming from a millionaire/billionaire that commits crimes and gets off scott free because his daddy was a West Texas Judge.

  24. And as soon as the confiscation is done it’s. Oh wait most murders are committed with hand guns well…..We need those too.

  25. Beto o'Rourke is officially going to be the supreme director of the United states citizens. This guy is insane. Please don't give him any more air time. Nobody wants this but crazy people who should be in a sanitarium.

  26. ahh SHUT YOUR MOUTH. But if you’re going to talk about Slavery, go back to Africa and understand the Black Tribal leaders SOLD their own people into slavery and yes, these Black Africans were forced into Slavery in the USA but finally someone came to their senses and offered the 14th Amendment to declare these Black Slaves and their offspring as American Citizens as if born here of legitimate American parents. O’Rourke, you are inciting riots and should be arrested.

  27. Democraps have nothing but negativity. We need to reject all democraps and their stupidity.

    Bictho, you don't have a clue about slaver. It's America that lead the world to abolish slavery.

  28. Even a mandatory buyback will not work!! And, even so is against the 2nd. Amendment and the constitution as a whole. WE PATRIOTS can't lay down like dogs to get beat on more, but must bite back hard, fast, and with all teeth showing!! I LOVE MY COUNTRY!! MY COUNTRY, Not his!!

  29. Beto is historically illiterate! He is an brainwashed idiot! He knows nothing about climate change or anything else he is talking about!

  30. An anti American running for president. I don't even care for Trump, but at least he is for America. Beto stands for everything I'm against.

  31. Bought back? Government didn't sell them to the gun owners. Gun shop owners did. Plus government wouldn't pass the backround check.

  32. I want to know who is giving this complete jackass the money to run for Prez ? But his supporters are dumber than he is so I guess that's how pencil neck does it

  33. I don't really like the government knowing I own a gun. Why do they need to? People who registered their guns legally have still lost their mind and killed people needlessly. I am a law abiding citizen with a sane mind. I think I'll build an AR-15 and tell robert to STFU. This dude is such a tool. I am NOT for making illegal citizens legal. Sorry but they have to go. It's not so much that we have too many people here, it's that we have too many STUPID people here.

  34. To believe all the stupid garbage Californians voted for him that moved here to Texas. Unbelievable and unacceptable

  35. In a recent interview in Austin Texas, beto said he was contemplating commission of another felony: animal cruelty. This degenerate said he would torture a kitten to get campaign contributions.

  36. Flood the country with immigrants just so you can get their vote and let us deal with the problems because there will be no due process if we do it your way. Beto is delusional to say the least..

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