Trump’s Cuts To National Security Staff Could Hurt U.S. Coronavirus Response | NBC News NOW

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  1. This isn't the first time that a neocon nutter administration ignored a disease outbreak. Bats**t crazy Raygun ignored the AIDS outbreak and let it become endemic in this country…and a global pandemic around the world.

  2. Those guys were in charge of looting America in the national security council. The swamp is far and wide and deep trump 2020. Guess you don't care that taxpayers aid money was going back into the pockets of the deep state swamp Dwellers. How come you don't look at Hunter Biden huh? Because you're covering up their crimes iNBC fake news!

  3. Such an asinine move by the imbecile "running" the country. This is in line for cutting experienced staff in order to replace them with inexperienced idiots who display "loyalty" to him by humiliating themselves and bend the knee— just like in a Mafia organization. Cannot wait for this creep to leave office.

  4. The cuts this NBC nut job is talking about has NOT been approved yet and are NOT even in effect. Great way to go NBC spreading FAKE NEWS AGAIN.

  5. Obama created critical infrastructure and planning for an epidemic like this – Trump destroyed it because Obama created it. LOCK HIM UP BEFORE HE KILLS US ALL

  6. National Security is always at risk, this is nothing new, don't care who is the President at anyone time, We are not going to let Our guard down! 👁️👁️

  7. Trump America has destroyed the EU! Trump America Destroys People's Values! Resigned myself to it, but will continue to fight for VALUES in Europe!

  8. More fear mongering & politicizing corona virus. Shame. NBC continues to ruin this Nation. They're horrible for the elctorate.

  9. It's no secret that Trump hates it whenever anyone tries to tell him the truth. That's why he has fired all of the most qualified and experienced people within his cabinet and administration.  He's now left with an unqualified staff of C and D list sycophants, grifters, nincompoops, scallywags, and the most unprincipled neophytes ever assembled. These yes men will say and do anything in order to avoid the wrath of the orange bully's ire. Not only will they avoid telling him the truth, they will refrain from correcting him whenever he makes false and dangerous declarations about the coronavirus.

    They will instead focus on telling him what he wants to hear. And what he wants to hear are lies and false narratives that match the alternative facts in his head. Whenever Trump says "the square peg goes into the round hole" he wants them to agree with him. And if you tell him that he's wrong, and that the square peg doesn't go into the round hole, he will accuse you of being a never Trumper, and of plotting against him.

    Trump: "One day this Coronavirus will dissappear. Like a miracle, it's going to just dissappear. I use to suffer from debilitating bone spurs. I'm talking tremendous bone spurs. And then one day, POOF….those bone spurs just disappeared.  Poof… more bone spurs. Bye bye bone spurs."

  10. It's ok. The power of prayer. Pence and his bible bashers are on it. Going to pray everyone to death. The Evangelical way.

  11. Whistleblower how the media spins. When YouTube saw those News clips showing the return of the Americans everyone said in comments why aren’t they wearing masks etc. Even the Americans returning posted saying they were shocked at how casual everyone was. I guess News isn’t News till it’s the News😳

  12. The only person on this planet that can combat the Coronavirus is the vice president of the United States Mike Pence! If he can't do it no one can!!!! Lol….!!!!

  13. get him and his clowns out . His incompetence will cause life’s , no time for this , we need leadership not muppets running this crisis

  14. The Wall Street Journal: Trump Proposes $4.8 Trillion Budget, With Cuts To Safety Nets

    Mr. Trump’s plan also calls for a 6.5% funding cut for the National Institutes of Health, the primary driver of U.S. medical research. That includes a $430 million cut to the budget of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is seeking to produce a vaccine that could stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus and has a parallel program to test therapeutic products that could fight the outbreak. Separately, the administration has notified Capitol Hill that it might reprogram $136 million in funds from fiscal year 2020 to address the virus, the administration official said, though no decision has been made on whether the money is needed. (Davidson and Restuccia, 2/10)

    The New York Times: Trump’s $4.8 Trillion Budget Would Cut Safety Net Programs And Boost Defense

    President Trump released a $4.8 trillion budget proposal on Monday that includes a familiar list of deep cuts to student loan assistance, affordable housing efforts, food stamps and Medicaid, reflecting Mr. Trump’s election-year effort to continue shrinking the federal safety net. (Tankersley, Sanger-Katz, Rappeport and Cochrane, 2/10)

    The Associated Press: Mystery $844B Pot In Trump Budget Signals Medicaid Cuts

    The budget does telegraph that the administration is taking aim at Medicaid. The $600 billion federal-state program covers more than 70 million low-income people, ranging from newborns to elderly nursing home residents. A passage in a dense tome called “Analytical Perspectives” accompanying the budget calls for “ending the financial bias that currently favors able-bodied working-age adults over the truly vulnerable” in Medicaid. Translation: Repeal “Obamacare's" generous federal matching for states that expand their programs to cover low-income adults. A senior administration official briefing reporters on the budget said it would allow states that want more flexibility in Medicaid to accept their federal share as a lump sum. For states staying with traditional Medicaid, the program would grow by 3% on average instead of 5%. Such limits, rejected by Congress in the past, lead to program cuts that compound over time. (Alonso-Zaldivar, 2/10)

    The Washington Post: Trump Budget Cuts Funding For Health, Science, Environment Agencies

    The budget request would trim funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by almost 16 percent. HHS officials said they want the CDC to focus on its core mission of preventing and controlling infectious diseases and on other emerging public health issues, such as opioid abuse. Officials propose to take the money that would normally go to fund individual disease prevention activities and funnel it into a single block grant to states. The budget says chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes have common risk factors, and thus consolidating funds “can help magnify the public health impact.” Although the budget reduces overall funding for global health, from $571 million to $532 million in 2021, officials carved out an extra $50 million for global health security, which are measures aimed at disease detection and emergencies. That bump comes at the expense of international HIV/AIDS programs, which is being cut by about $58 million. (Achenbach, McGinley, Goldstein and Guarino, 2/10)

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