Trump’s 247 Days Of Golf Costs Millions In Taxpayer Dollars | The Last Word | MSNBC

Trump’s 247 Days Of Golf Costs Millions In Taxpayer Dollars | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Trump’s 247 Days Of Golf Costs Millions In Taxpayer Dollars | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. When did Democrat media start worrying about taxpayer money, When Trump became President, Need to get over it and move on.
    Trump 2020!!.

  2. Trump talks about how many times President Obama played golf, he should speak for himself! That's all he ever does and I bet he's not good at it either! With all that weight that he carries, I'm surprised that he can even swing a golf club. Trump is a total loser and he needs to go! He has done nothing for this Country except divide!

  3. All at HIS resorts. Now Mnuchin is hiding it all for him. SS has not provided mandated reports to Congress since 2017.

  4. With his Thanksgiving vacation, President Donald Trump’s golf hobby has now cost Americans an estimated $115 million in travel and security expenses ― the equivalent of 287 years of the presidential salary he frequently boasts about not taking.

    Of that amount, many hundreds of thousands ― perhaps millions ― of dollars have gone into his own cash registers, as Secret Service agents, White House staff and other administration officials stay and eat at his hotels and golf courses.

  5. Just think of what all that golf money spent from taxpayer dollars could have provided our nation, children citizens through or for education, healthcare, infrastructure. I’m glad he’s having a great time. Let’s see if this guy could actually walk from one whole to another, I don’t even think he could find his own. Talk about out of shape and mentally unstable and a person who doesn’t give a hoot about anybody but himself, oh and his daughter and that’s sick and twisted. Our government on multiple sides has failed us as citizens of United States. We’re such a joke in the world. It’s not just his fault, it’s the fault in joint with the people in office and voters, all of us, we all need to take responsibility. This nightmare isn’t going to end Very well. God bless United States of America and our citizens. We are one and we can become again.

  6. Of course he plays golf? Lots of people do. Have you seen him working long hours a day, when did he take a vacation, take days off, weekends ? You sissies need to give the guy a break. Obama took how many vacations with now many sissies for how many weeks at a time?

  7. You can’t trust a guy who prays the Saudi Arabian government and gave $6.2 billion to Osama bin Laden’s cause three days after they attacked New York City on September 11, 2001. Trump is a terrorist financing air, the conservatives in the Republican Party shows a terrorist over Americans. That’s the only fact you need to remember in November, Donald Trump paid for death of Americans on September 11, 2001

  8. Donald Trump was able to stay in the White House, go to Doral, go to all of his golf courses and make deals with terrorists, made his promise to the American people he made deals with his Al-Qaeda brand, of course he’s getting paid for all the US military weapons going to Alcona because he owns the organization but this is what you get when you want the guy who was responsible for September 11!

  9. In 4 years there are 1461 days so even if he doesn’t go to play golf until the election he’s still averaging at least one day of golf every 6 days of his presidency

  10. $129,000,000… to date but who's counting. To be fair, you have to subtract the three years of $400K salary that he uses for tax deductions and publicity stunts and gives to organizations he's cut millions from.

  11. Let’s face it, folks! Trump is fleecing the American taxpayer for everything he can get, The golf is just one tiny area … the self-dealing is massive according to the report by the Oversight Committee. Shameful.

  12. The golf might be cover for the chance to make unmonitored calls to his boss using other people's mobiles. He can't do that in the White House.

  13. The MAGA / KAG cult doesn't care about Donald Trump's grifting! The children of the corn will always fall back on the " Donald Trump isn't accepting a presidential salary " line !

  14. If he can charge the US Tax payer for time spent while he is golfing inrooms, golf carts and other things at his resorts, what is his motivation to stay in the white house? Since he only seems to be motivated by money, this grifter, by his standards, is losing money by not golfing.

    Here is the math; He says he donates his salary of $4000,000. One trip to Mar-a-Lago costs $3.4M that a lot of that goes into his pocket. Seems pretty clear that he is fleecing us.

  15. He is unashamedly taking the United States for a ride. No one can do anything about it. One alternative : get SCOTUS to declare the Constitution invalid because it has gone past its use-by date and get the Chief Justice to declare Trump is installed as King of the US. All the angst in DC will be removed. Serene peace will prevail throughout the country. To continue in the present path is driving every intelligent person nuts. The dumb people have been nuts all along.

  16. At least Trump doesn't golf after speaking with bereaved relatives, then announcing how "heartbroken" he was at journalist James Foley's slaughter, only to jump in the old cart and head to the first tee.

  17. Notice he spends our money at his own businesses. Isn't there something about a president not being allowed to enrich himself using the office?

  18. Yet though he has gone to play 247 times, but only played half that number of times. What did he do the half of the time he didn't play golf?

  19. The answer is VERY SIMPLE. You place a limit on the amount of money that can be spent for leisure and you can't go to your own golf clubs…EVER!!!!!

  20. But 50% of the Republicans just DO NOT CARE and still think he is the best President ever. For a non American it really is unbelievable how gullible the Americans are. Mind boggling.

  21. Yes, Mr. Clean and the corporation of deplorable human filth big pharma sanitation. The shark suit corporate lawyer stink eye, of crabby sidewalk passing by. Metrosexual majesty it's bad selfy. And then there is the Female competition-wise, The overconfident corporate stinkeye of law school Status vs. the practiced Merit system of the Queen of England's department of domestic engineering. P&Q's "official stink eye" don'ts and do's. The Merit of England's dept of domestic "Good housekeeping" engineering and New York's on the hoof queen of corporate law school deplorable street sweeping sanitation, her big-money board room lawyer god status. Female status vs. female merit, the ruthless nature of the people skill set. This is in fact how most women choose to keep and express their competitive edge.

  22. I'm just taking us back to the fall of the pre-world war German republic. The Jewish human right's attorney and the razor-sharp shark suit of Mr. Clean's old money, the old money of the traditional human sanitation machine. Feudalism is a human sanitation machine praying to their feudalist god of money magic "Mr. Clean". So as to not have to muck about in so much "Bernie Bro" filth. On occasion, Mr. Clean has to clean the house of Rome. New York and the crabby sidewalk tactical error. Perhaps the Great and all-powerful Mr. Clean might turn this minor overconfident shark suite law school set back, to his delightfully Evil Entity of Clean advantage.

  23. Sorry , I can't stand listening to Tandan . She is a Democratic hack for the establishment . She sold out cheap a long time ago . The States is full of corrupt politicians , I am glad that I don't have to live there and have the frustration of dealing with the criminals that you have in your political system . You need another revolution to clean house in your legislatures , all of them are dirty . They have defrauded your population long enough , time for a change .

  24. Trunk has quite a gut in those pics . A real man s' man , a flabby , empty headed loser you got there for your supreme leader folks . Stupid people are easily lead . Not all conservatives are stupid , but most stupid people are conservative . Trunk proves it in spades .

  25. If you notice when he's on the golf course to he's not as tall when he's standing next to people I guess he didn't put lifts in those golf shoes..!!

  26. If he wants to build the Southern Border Wall so badly, he might consider reallocating funds from his 'golfing' budget….

  27. There needs to be a legal way for hardworking tax payers to Stop paying taxes until we get trump, and his henchmen out of the White House quandering, and splurging off of our TAX DOLLARS, so that we can Enjoy our own money.

  28. You’re deserve this traitor garbage coward liar and corrupt your vote him to play golf and he y happy 😆 to spend your money the poor family taxpayers money you’re not having enough from this garbage orange clown?

  29. Toddler has to play but not pay !
    we will continue walking on shells so he won't get angry, upset or throw a tantrum again

  30. What ??? Golf all the time ???
    I see him every day working. Unlike Obama on vacation and White House parties. On separate planes for him and Michele, not to forget.
    NSNBC stooped lowest this time. Definitely need some good beating with a broom.

  31. Literally, more money has been spent for Trump to go golfing than what was spent investigating his suspected criminal activity…


  33. pretty sad when the president has a bigger rack than the first lady. but surely 247 times can't be right? he PROMISED he wouldn't have time to golf… he would be too busy working for YOU, the American taxpayer (known in republican circles as the 'bank of the gullible) – trump has finally found a virtually bottomless pit of funds to play with.

  34. WOW! Trump hardly sleeps! He has gotten so much done compared to other presidents. I should never have watched a video from msnbc. Amazing!!!! I do enjoy reading the uninformed personal attacks by all the "tolerant" watchers though! TRUMP 2020!

  35. The market is a bubble inflated by debt and buybacks from corporate tax cuts, it has little to do with the real economy and will collapse. Trump is a filthy, lying crook and regardless of how capialists are profiting from this garbage his legacy will be the end of your very short-lived empire.

  36. what a fat disgusting turd, I mean I'm white but that's best we got to offer , jesus f. tap dancing christ that's disgusting

  37. He lives off of us!! He’s a sloth! Trump thinks he owns the country. He makes me sick, taking away food stamps from families that need them and golfing and eating like a pig while we pay for everything! He is such an insult to the American people!!!

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